Beetroot is consumed in different ways but it is not given much importance to this vegetable in our kitchens. It is highly important when consumed intact or as beets juice. A popular dish is beetroot halwa which is normally served as a dessert in most households. The uses of beetroot are many and it is an extremely nutritious ingredient to be added to beetroot dishes. It is a great alternative to unhealthy snacks popular among kids and parents use it to feed healthy food to their kids. Beetroot is a rich source of micronutrients such as sodium, magnesium, vitamins and also rich in antioxidants. It is purple in colour and gives this colour to most dishes prepared using beetroot. Beet is consumed by people in the form of salads and juices. Beetroot recipes are a lot in numbers and can be prepared easily by both teenagers and adults.

Health Benefits of Beetroot

  • It is a rich source of vitamin C and it helps in improving the immunity of the body.
  • It improves digestion and overall blood quality.
  • It lowers blood pressure due to the presence of nitrates in beetroot.
  • The body converts these nitrates to nitric oxide. In this process, the blood-filled vessels expand.
  • It helps in lowering the blood pressure which in turn reduces hearth related risks or risk of stroke.
  • The fibre and antioxidants present in beetroots help to flush out toxic substances from the body.
  • It keeps digestive health at an optimal level.
  • The presence of minerals in beetroots such as copper, boron and magnesium help bones develop normally and boost bone metabolism.
  • Beet is rich in iron and an essential component of red blood cells.
  • It improves the iron level in the body and considered to be extremely beneficial for people suffering from anaemia.
  • The betalains inhibit specific signal pathways that play a role in inflammatory diseases.
  • High in antioxidants and vitamin C, beetroots are a natural way to ensure the glow on your skin.
  • The liver benefits from consuming beetroot as it has calcium, betaine, vitamins, iron and antioxidants.
  • Beet is low in calories and high in water content. Moreover, they are extremely rich in nutrients and fibres.
  • People on detoxification drink beet juice and it helps tremendously in weight loss as well.
  • It acts as a boost up to increase the overall stamina of the body. It is recommended for athletes and players in sports to improve their performance.
  • It comprises a significant amount of boron that helps in boosting the production of sexual hormones.
  • Beetroot is considered to be excellent aphrodisiacs too.
  • It is considered to be a rich source for improving eyesight.
  • Beetroot has recently been classified as a "superfood" due to the red pigment in the food.

Beetroot benefits for Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts

Consumption of beetroot affects the running-related performance of healthy adults in a positive manner. Therefore, in addition to the multitude of health benefits of whole beets vegetables, nitrate-rich whole beets vegetables also improve exercise capacity. Sports such as rowing and swimming that are high in endurance, beetroot helps the body to recover fast. Even marathon runners drink beet juice to enhance their performance in high-level competitions. Beetroot recipes are suggested by a nutritionist in creative ways so that athletes can consume it. From a practical perspective, 200 g of baked beets, or an equivalent nitrate dose from other beets vegetables, should be consumed 60 minutes before exercise.Beetroot appears to be a powerful dietary source of health-promoting agents that holds potential as therapeutic treatment for several pathological disorders. It improves mental health as well. During sports camps, nutritionist gives beetroot juice to athletes for enhancing their performance. It is strongly advised all over the world due to its nutritive value. Just like cranberry and pomegranate juices, beet juice is among the most popular juices to strengthen performance in sports.

Beetroot recipes

Beetroot Tikki or cutlet: It is prepared using beetroot, potatoes, roasted peanuts and some spices as per taste preferences. It is a healthy appetizer suited for all types of occasions. This is one of the most popular beetroot recipes.Beetroot Carrot Sandwich: This is prepared using carrot, beetroot, cream cheese spread and mayonnaise. This is again one of the famous beet recipes. Beetroot and chickpea stir fry: It is made using chickpeas and beetroot and considered to be extremely nutritious. Beetroot Paratha Recipe: It is a delicious recipe that uses beetroot puree and can be served with beetroot chapati and pickle of choice. Beetroot Kurma Instant Pot Pressure Cooker: It is a beetroot curry cooked along with spicy korma on a low flame in a pressure cooker. It can be supplemented with coconut, cashews and other dry fruits as per choice. In many households, beetroot is added to biryani to make it healthier. Beetroot Pulao or pot beetroot rice: This is cooked in pulao style with beetroot and peas. It is a popular beet recipe. Beetroot Raita Recipe: It is an easy recipe made using yoghurt, grated raw beetroot and spices. Beetroot Halwa: Prepared using full-fat milk, sugar, cardamom powder, nuts and grated beetroot. Beetroot halwa is prepared in most households as a desert. Beetroot Salad: The usual vegetables of a salad such as a cucumber, tomatoes, capsicum, carrots to be supplemented with beetroot to make it healthier. This is especially popular among kids. Beetroot salad is recommended for diabetic patients by doctors. Beetroot Soup: Beetroot soup recipe is extremely simple and requires beetroot, carrots, onions and tomatoes. Beetroot soup is an appetizer and consumed pre-dinner time. It is a wholesome meal for kids and then enjoys beetroot soup.

Smoked trout, apple puree, beetroot and walnuts

It is a combination of smoked trout, with granny smith apple pure, beetroot and walnuts.Smoked trout is combined with green apples and further, there is beetroot and walnuts added to the dish. The overall texture of the dish comes out extremely well. There can also be some whipped milk or curd added to the recipe to improve its consistency. The apples to be added to the recipe must be of good quality so that the taste of the dish is maintained. The dish can be prepared using any sorts of apples of good quality. In the making process, the apples and beetroot must be peeled properly and washed in a way that they don't turn black. Method:

  1. Start by making the apple pure. Peel the apples cut them into tiny pieces and put them a pot that covers them with water. The cutting and chopping of beetroot and apples have to be done properly for good taste. The dish is to be cooked in a low-medium flame for about 15 minutes until the apples are properly cooked. Next, add sugar and butter to the dish until it becomes smooth. The consistency can be adjusted accordingly.
  2. In your serving glass or plate, add a layer of the apple pure and place 3 beetroot slices on top. Season the beetroot with just some drops of olive oil.
  3. Cut the trout is small pieces and add it over the beetroots. Spread the celery pieces and walnuts on top. More dry fruits can be added as per preference.
  4. Finish the bite with a few drops of lemon juice and the dill tops. It is one of the best beetroot recipes and extremely healthy and nutritious. Moreover, this dish is famous among kids.

Cooking beetroot is extremely simple and it can be made in households on a regular basis. It is also cost sufficient and can be purchased easily from nearby markets. Beetroot falls under the vegetable category and is readily available in the market. However, it is also consumed as a sweet dish by some such as in the form of beetroot halwa.Cooking beetroot has a lot of benefits and tastes great, however, it is recommended to eat beetroot raw. Raw beetroot delivers more dietary nitrate.

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