Exercising consistently offers countless benefits including a healthy immune system, improved bone health and reduced risks of cardiovascular and other lifestyle-related diseases. Exercise often takes a backseat because of ever-increasing responsibilities and demanding work schedules. Eventually, we give excuses for not being able to make it to a gym. However, here is the good news! You don't really need to hit the gym. You can very well exercise at home. Home workouts are here to your rescue and the best part is that they don't require a ton of equipment. Home workout exercises are great for building strength, lean muscle and weight training at home. There are great home workout plans that offer different exercises to build stamina, home exercises to lose weight, home workout for men, home workout for women, exercise for kids at home and much more to choose from. Whatever be your intended fitness goal, here are some of the best home workout and weight loss exercises that require minimum or no equipment and they surely produce tremendous results if performed regularly. Get ready to shed the extra kilos while having some fun with powerful exercises that you can perform at home. Tip: Never forget to warm up for at least 5-7 min before you start with the main movements. It is really important to warm up enough before jumping to main movements to prevent injuries. Warming up helps loosen the joints and muscles. Start with stretching or on-the-spot jog to get your heartbeat up and your entire body charged up for an invigorating home workout.

Chest workout at home:

We have all been there aspiring to have a strong toned chest that goes beyond aesthetics. Chest muscles are one of the most powerful muscles in your upper body and play an important role in everyday activities. To strengthen these muscles, the classic push-up and all its variations are tried and tested exercises when it comes to chest workout at home. They are among the best exercises at home to improve chest strength. Regular push-ups: A bodyweight exercise, regular push-ups are great to start with when you exercise at home. They are also a staple in any full-body workout at home. Incline push-ups: These push-ups are a good home workout to target lower the lower areas of your chest while using your body weight. Plyometric push-ups: Ever heard of clap push-ups? Yes. You guessed it right. They are an extension of plyometric push-ups. The powerful plyometric push-ups will have your muscles on fire and get you a chiseled chest if performed regularly.

Ab workouts at home:

Ab workouts have a definite place in most home workout routines. Besides helping you build those six-pack abs, these abs home workout keep your core strong and help support the rest of your body while you exercise at home. Here are some ab workouts at home that you can try without any equipment. Bicycle crunch: An effective home workout engages your abs at all levels as well as the obliques. Hence, try this no-equipment, beginner-friendly workout as a part of your home workout routine to strengthen your core. Side hip bridge: This workout engages the obliques and hips with this home workout and also works on your abs effectively. Reverse crunch: To try this variation of the basic crunch, start by lying down on your back with legs lifted off the ground and toes pointed out. Push your arms down and pull your knees towards the chest to lift the hips off the mat. Don't forget to keep the core engaged while you try this effective home workout.

Leg workouts at home:

Your legs help you walk, jog, run, bike and basically go places! Hence, you need those legs to be strong and powerful to churn out an effective home workout as well. Ditch sitting idle and try these leg workouts at home to strengthen those legs that do so much for you. Lunges: Start by keeping a straight upper body, relaxed shoulders and the core engaged. Put one of your legs forward, lower your hips and bend your knees till your upper leg forms a 90-degree angle. Keep the front knee ahead of the ankle and the other knee bent but not exactly touching the floor. Come back straight and repeat the same step with the other leg. Dynamic squats: Stand straight with your shoulders apart and your feet hip-width apart. Drop the hips down parallel with the knees behind, and the ankle and hip in line to keep the knees from folding inward. Use your body weight to jump up quickly and land back softly on the start position. Mountain Climber: Start this home workout in a push-up position while keeping your back neutral and engaging your core. Drive your left foot forward towards the chest and repeat the same with the right foot for a complete rep.

Back workouts at home:

A strong back and shoulders are not only important for lifting heavy weights but these muscles keep you maintain the right posture. These muscles are essential to target when you exercise at home. Here are some effective back workouts at home and some powerful shoulder workout at home to build a strong upper body. Bent-over row: Stand steady and grab a barbell with an overhand grip. Bend your knees slightly and tighten your core. Bend over at the waist while keeping a tight lower back. Bend over until your torso is at a 45-degree angle and pull the barbell up towards your chest. Bird dog row: With a tight core and belly button pointed directly towards the ground, pull the kettlebell up. Keep your shoulders down and pull by bringing your elbow back. Lower the kettlebell downwards once it reaches your side. Repeat a few times to get an effective shoulder workout at home. Renegade row: With a dumbbell in each hand, get into a press-up position. With a steady body, raise a dumbbell with support from the other arm. Row the weight upwards until your arm is a bit higher than the torso. Slowly lower it down to the start position and repeat.

Full-body workout at home:

Full-body workouts at home have huge benefits. They improve cardiorespiratory strength, activate different muscle groups, elevate the heart rate and boost brain function. A fiery total-body burn home workout helps burn more calories. Here are some exercises for beginners that one can perform regularly as a full-body workout by repeating a few sets of each exercise. Burpees: Burpees are basically squat thrusts with an additional stand between reps. Burpees are the go-to full-body exercise used in strength training for an intense workout. Skier abs: A full-body workout that makes use of several muscle groups simultaneously. Work your abs, increase aerobic fitness and burn more calories while keeping the heart rate high by doing some skier abs regularly. Reverse lunge and kick: These variations of lunges will make you burn calories from your quads within seconds while increasing the heart rate. Push-up shoulder taps: A full-body strength exercise that focuses on the arms and chest while strengthening the core. Incorporate the move in your full body home workout to work on the upper body and develop the strength and balance you need for achieving your fitness goals. It's time to get moving. Gather the determination, prepare out a workout plan, get some spare time dedicated for exercising and get started from the comfort of your home. Whether you are looking for a home workout for men, home workout for women, or exercises for kids at home, all you need is the right set of exercises to perform regularly. These home exercises to lose weight form the basis of a good workout plan that forms your full-body exercise routine. Choose from different exercises that target different areas of your body to achieve your fitness goals holistically. Eat clean, shed calories and stay fit!

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January 12, 2022

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