A human body is designed to be active and if for some reason you lead a sedentary lifestyle it can lead to many illnesses. Even though most of us know the importance of physical activity and regular exercise, yet many of us are unable to indulge in regular exercise due to many reasons. It can be because of a lack of time to go to a gym or lack of money to spend on a gym membership. Irrespective of the reason it leads to the accumulation of body fat. To help such people here are some weight loss exercises that can be done at home:

Exercise and Weight Loss

Before you get into the exercises that can help in weight loss it is essential to know why exercise is important for reducing weight. One of the essentials to reduce the extra flab is to burn calories. The best way to burn those calories is through exercise. As per stats, if a person can burn 3500 calories a week it can help in shedding about 500 gms. So if you have a target of losing 2 kgs it can be done in a month. But provided you follow the right weight loss diet too. Both exercise and diet are essential in your workout program as only following a diet plan will lead to loss of muscle mass which is not recommended. On the other hand, exercise with no proper diet does not work either. When exercise and proper diet are followed it helps to reduce body weight, improves metabolic health, and overall fitness. Many times you may be feeling that the exercises to get lean that you are doing are not giving you results, it is working in the background reducing body fat and building muscles. So don't give up!

Weight Loss Exercises at Home

The exercises and workouts that are mentioned below will help in burning fat, losing weight, and also change body composition. The weight loss workouts are of high-intensity and burn calories in a short span of time.

1. Interval Training

This is one of the most recommended weight loss workouts by trainers to achieve weight loss goals. Interval training is any exercise that increases the heart rate and then slows it down repeatedly. It means you go hard for a small interval of time followed by a rest period and then go for it hard again. The high-intensity interval training, HIIT comes in many styles and can be done with pieces of equipment like indoor cycling, treadmill, etc or without any. By doing something like indoor cycling, it serves the dual purpose of cardio and strength training. When choosing HIIT exercises ensure that you choose something that uses various muscles in the body as that translates to more weight loss. Also, make sure to choose an activity that uses more energy so that it helps burn more calories.

2. Weight Training

Weight training is used not only to build your body and make it bulky but is also used to slim down as it increases metabolism and burns fat. Are you now wondering if you have to skip this as you don't have any weights to use? No, you don't have to give this up! While using weights may be beneficial to build strength and sculpting the body, for many people using their own body weight is enough. Exercises like rotational jacks, wall planks, step-ups, mountain climbers, squat jumps, burpees, side hops, pull-ups, and push ups of various kinds are helpful as weight training and lean muscle exercises.

3. Boxing

It is also another form of HIIT. This form of exercise not only helps you to lose weight but also makes you feel good after a workout. A point to remember in this workout is that the power for the punch should come from the core and not from the arm. If you are thinking of including boxing in your weight loss workout then it is best to check out some videos online. Try videos that are for beginners and then move up to the more advanced versions. That helps in keeping the intensity level high without which you will not get the benefits of boxing. One can also check out kickboxing as it is also a fun workout to have which can make you sweat it out.

4. Tabata

If your excuse for not doing regular exercise is lack of time then its time to find some other excuse as there is Tabata! This workout can be completed in 5 minutes and is of high-intensity. There are a set of exercises that are done for 20 seconds giving you everything followed by a rest of 10 seconds. These can be repeated for as many times as you can or a minimum of 8 to get the benefits. The heart rate spikes in those few minutes and your fat starts to burn. Since the body quickly adapts to this workout, you will have to increase the intensity or volume to continue losing weight. Some of the exercises that provide high impact are squat jumps, mountain climbers, jump rope, and squats. Do each of these for 20 seconds and workout as hard and fast as you can and take 10 seconds rest. Repeat for 8 rounds and rest for a minute.

5. Zumba

If exercise is not your thing but you still hope to lose weight then dance can be one of the weight loss programs. Zumba is a fitness format that incorporates dance into the exercise routine. It helps to burn calories and also loosen the muscles. Additionally, the dance format aids in relieving stress, boosting strength, and increasing energy. The movements are intense, will have many dance routines, and hence can sculpt the body too. The upbeat music that goes with this exercise makes this a fun workout especially when it is done in a group.

6. Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga is popular across the world as an exercise format for relieving stress, but did you know it can help in weight loss too? Yes, there are many weight loss yoga exercises that not only burn fat but also provide many other health benefits too. It can teach you mindfulness, help you resist unhealthy food, and also understand your body better. If done properly a person can burn about 150 calories doing a 30-minute session of yoga. One of the popular and basic yoga asanas is the Surya Namaskar. It is a full-body workout that helps in weight loss. It comprises a series of 12 different poses which strengthens the muscles. It also helps to improve breathing, reduce anxiety and stress.

7. Ab Exercises

The mid-waist is the area where the maximum fat gets accumulated. Despite losing weight the stubborn fat around the midriff is hard to get rid of. One of the best weight loss tips experts recommend is to do the ab exercises. It not only helps you to tone the muscles, but it also helps to make it look flat. Some of the most effective ab exercises are crunches, boat pose, lower belly leg reach, squats, and planks. Exercise and a proper diet are like the two wheels of a cycle and one cannot hope to achieve healthy success by doing only one. A combination of a good set of weight loss exercises and a healthy meal plan is required to achieve your goals of weight loss at home.

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