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Pack a Punch: Fitness Boxing for Toned Arms

We use our arms for pretty much everything and pretty much all the time. And for boxers, strong arms and shoulders are an asset. In this blog, we focus on how cult.fit’s Fitness Boxing can help you work those muscles and get strong toned arms.

Metabolism - Separating myths from facts

When speaking about weight loss (or gain), ‘metabolism’ is a word that often comes up. But how much do we really know about it? How exactly does it play a role in weight management? And how else does it affect our body? We spoke to an expert to understand the concept of metabolism better. Let’s get started.
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The abs-olute guide to burning belly fat!

A flat stomach is something that’s on almost everyone’s fitness list. And often, people resort to misguided and unsustainable means to achieve it. But that doesn’t have to be the case ⁠— because Shwetambari Shetty is here to give you a low-down on belly fat.

Calling All Women - Here’s Why Fitness Boxing Is For You!

Boxing has long been termed a ‘men’s sport’, misconstrued as one that’s meant to bulk up muscles. Our trainer, Gurmanprit Kaur, is here to bust myths - telling you all the reasons why it makes for a great sport and fitness routine for women as well!

Boxing at cult.fit: All you need to know

A common misunderstanding about Fitness Boxing is that it’s an aggressive workout which involves fighting, and is only for people who want to learn boxing. Boxing coach Mujtaba Kamal is here to bust some myths and help us understand the difference between actual boxing and fitness boxing.
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The Truth About Spot Reduction

We all have our problems areas - belly, arms, thighs, etc and often look to do targeted exercises to burn that stubborn fat. But, does spot reduction really work? Let's separate the myths from the facts.

Walk This Whey: Everything You Need to Know About Protein Powders

If you're considering building muscle or even losing weight chances are you've already thought about consuming protein supplements. Here’s a guide that’ll answer all your supplement-related questions.
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Fat Loss On Your Mind? Everything You Need To Know About Body Fat

Here's everything there is to know about body fat, how to measure it and how to reduce it.