Belly fat can be described as the excess abdominal fat that is found around the organs in your stomach. There are three types of fat, namely triglycerides, subcutaneous fat, and visceral fat. The name of the fat that circulates in your blood is triglycerides, while the fat layer found directly below the surface of your skin is called subcutaneous fat. However, visceral fat is considered the most dangerous, and it is located around your organs in the stomach. A high level of visceral fat leads to plenty of health problems.The human body tends to put on weight when the number of calories consumed in a day is more than the number of calories burned in a day. In most cases, the excess fat finds its way to your stomach and this is why fat deposits around organs are common in people who follow a sedentary lifestyle and do not eat healthy food. Interestingly, the human body tends to put on more belly fat as they age. This is due to the change in hormone production level and a decrease in physical activity.Unlike other kinds of fat, belly fat has been linked to several serious health problems like

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Breathing trouble
  • High blood pressure
  • Abnormally high cholesterol
  • Gallbladder problems
  • Breast Cancer

Measuring Belly Fat

Studies have shown that high belly fat is often linked with an increased risk of premature death. This is why you need to be extremely careful and make sure that your exercise to lose belly fat. In order to check your belly fat, you need to measure it. This involves placing a tape measure just above your hip bone, around your bare stomach. Make sure that the tape fits snugly without pushing into your skin. Then you need to relax, exhale, and then measure your waist. If your waist size is larger than the recommended healthy size, it is time to get started on exercises to lose belly fat.

Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

If you are planning to reduce belly fat, you have come to the right place. There are several different exercises and workout options. By putting together a great workout routine, you can say goodbye to your belly fat in no time. While spot reduction can be helpful, it is still essential to eat balanced, healthy meals and stay physically active to burn more calories than you consume. In fact, lifestyle changes that include a diet to lose belly fat are essential to get on track to being healthy and living a long life. While abs workout is a popular option for losing belly fat, several other belly fat exercises will be helpful as well:

1. Donkey Kicks

This workout requires you to position yourself on all fours with your hands under your shoulders, knees hip-width apart and neck and spine in the neutral position. You will then need to brace your core, as you lift your right leg while your knee remains bent and foot stays flat. You need to use your glute to press your foot towards the ceiling while squeezing the top. You need to lower your knee without touching the floor and repeat this exercise to reduce belly fat.

2. Scissors Cross Crunch

The Scissor Cross Crunch workout is a variation of the traditional bicycle crunch workout. It involves lying on your back with both legs in the air as you raise your heads and shoulder from the ground. The next step is lowering your right leg towards the floor and twisting your upper body towards the left while you move your right elbow towards the left knee. This needs to be repeated 20 times while you alternate between your left and right sides. This workout is helpful to lose belly fat men.

3. Side Lunges

The side lunge involves standing with a straight back while you keep your feet parallel as well as shoulder-width apart. You need to place your weight on your heels and take a big step to the side while your torso remains upright. You will then need to lower your knee so that the leg is bent at a right angle, while you keep your other leg straight. You will then need to push back up as you return to the starting position. You can repeat this 20 times on each side to help lose belly fat.

4. Flutter Kicks

The traditional flutter kick is a popular fat reduction workout that is done by lying down on your back with both your hands under your buttocks. You will then need to keep your lower back on the ground while you lift your right left past hip height and lift your left leg so that it stays airborne just a few inches from the floor. You need to hold this position for 2 seconds before switching your legs with a flutter kick motion. You can make this work out more challenging by lifting your neck and head off the floor.

5. Sumo Squats

The sumo squat is one of the best lower-body compound workouts. If you get bored with the traditional version, you can always tweak it to keep things interesting. The traditional sumo squat involves standing with your feet wide apart while your toes point at 45¬į angles. You will then need to drop into a squat by bending at the knees and hips. You need to keep your knees out and your chest up. You will need to lower your thighs until they are parallel to the ground and then move back up into the standing position. You need to be careful not to lift your feet from the ground. You can repeat this exercise up to 20 times to lose stomach fat.

6. Planks

Plank is an excellent core and abdomen workout. It involves getting into position with your face down, elbows directly below your shoulders, and forearms facing forward. Your head needs to be relaxed and facing the floor. Then you need to engage your abdominal muscles by drawing in your navel to your spine. You need to keep your body in a straight line with no sagging or bending. You need to hold this position for ten seconds and then drop slowly to the floor. With practice you will be able to hold the position for more time, giving your core and abdomen a great workout.

7. Pistol Squats

These are done by getting into a standing position with your feet parallel and together. Then you need to extend one leg in front of you so that it is straight with your heel hovering above the floor. You also need to raise your arms in front of you. As you keep your core tight and spine straight, you need to slowly bend your standing leg and lower your body while your extended leg remains in front. You need to bend your standing knee as much as possible and slowly go back to the upright positions while your extended leg remains straight. You need to repeat this exercise 20 times on each side to get a complete offers different workout packs filled with exercise routines that help lose belly fat. The online sessions engage your major muscle groups while keeping it simple at the same time. The warmups and warm down included in these belly burn exercise routines will help avoid sore muscles and leg cramps the day after. It is time to sign up for online sessions to reduce belly burn and lead a healthy and happy life.

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