If you think that you can go for strength training by eating anything and everything you want, you are wrong! In order to get a proper muscle training, you need to go for Muscle Strength Food that will fulfil the nutrition needs of your body. You can opt for any of the foods for strengthand stamina that are given here and ensure that you get the maximum benefit from the Strength Training Diet.

What are Muscle Strength Foods?

In order to gain lean muscle, nutrition and physical activity need to go hand in hand. Most of us know that high proteins are the need of the hour, but that alone will not help with your strength training, you also need sufficient amounts of fats and carbohydrates as well. Here are the top foods that can help you in strength training.

Nutrition Foods for Strength Training

  1. EggsWhat else can give you more protein than good old egg whites? Eggs have healthy fats in addition to traces of vitamin B and choline to ensure that your body is ready for the strength training activity that you have planned. No wonder eggs are one of the best foods for strength training.Muscle Strength Food
  2. SalmonSalmon is one of the best foods for strength and stamina as it is high in omega-3 fatty acids which is an important nutrient when it comes to muscle health. Salmons also have a good amount of protein and hence need to be a part of Strength Building Foods any day. Muscle Strength Food 
  3. Chicken Breast Chicken is definitely one of the must-have foods for strength training. With high levels of protein and traces of B vitamins, chicken breasts are a highly nutritious food that needs to be part of your diet. Muscle Strength Food 
  4. Greek YoghurtYoghurt is one of the best Strength Building Foods that has a lot of protein which includes whey as well as casein protein. Greek yoghurt, in particular, contains almost double the amount of protein in comparison to that of an ordinary yoghurt. The preferred time to eat this body strength food is either after a strenuous workout or just before hitting the bed. Muscle Strength Food 
  5. TunaIf you think that Tuna only has lots of Vitamin A, then you are in for a surprise. It has lots of protein and B vitamins that are not found in other foods for strength and stamina. Omega-3 fatty acids also help in muscle health which is icing on the cake.Muscle Strength Food 
  6. SoybeansIf you are looking for Vegetarian Food For Muscle Strength, then soybeans is your best bet. Proteins, vitamins K, phosphorous, iron and many more make up this body strength food. Muscle Strength Food
  7. Cottage Cheese Another food that increases strength in your body is cottage cheese which is made from milk. The best thing about cottage cheese is the high protein content and the varied amount of fat content in it. If you are looking for low fat options, then you can choose them for some guilt free snacking. Muscle Strength Food 
  8. MilkDefinitely, one of the must have Vegetarian Food For Muscle Strength, milk is something that has to any diet menu for the amount of fats, carbs and protein that it possesses. It's one of the easily available body strength foods that you can grab and gulp on the go. Muscle Strength Food 
  9. NutsAll nuts are good for strength training as they are low in fat and high in energy. You can choose almonds or peanuts as these are the best foods for both strength and stamina. Muscle Strength Food
  10. Quinoa Another Vegetarian Food For Muscle Strength, Quinoa is a body strength food that gives you the much needed carbs along with protein sans fat.

Nutrition Recipes for Strength Training

If you are wondering how to make sure that all these nutrition items can be made a part of your daily diet, worry not! Here are some recipes for the best foods that increase strength and help you in your strength training routine. 

Green Smoothie Recipe 


Banana¬† 1Ginger , 1 inch (peeled)Baby spinach¬† 2 handfuls Pineapple chunks¬† 1 cup (fresh or frozen)Coconut water¬† ¬Ĺ cup Almond milk or Greek yoghurt¬† ¬Ĺ cupChia seeds¬† 1 tablespoon


Blend all the ingredients together till it becomes a smooth texture. Serve chilled.Immunity Tea Recipe Ingredients:Fenugreek seeds ¬ĺ teaspoonFennel seeds¬† 4 teaspoonsBlack Pepper seeds¬† ¬ĺ teaspoonProcedure:Dry grind all the ingredients together. Boil water along with these ingredients for a few minutes, strain and the tea is ready.

Turmeric Latte Recipe 


Almond milk¬† 1 cup Turmeric powder¬† ¬ľ teaspoon Cinnamon powder¬† ¬ľ teaspoonGinger powder¬† ¬ľ teaspoon Black pepper powder¬† as requiredVanilla extract¬† ¬Ĺ teaspoonMaple syrup¬† 1 teaspoon


Add all the ingredients in a sauce pan and whisk gently till they are mixed together and milk froths. Remove from fire and serve hot.

Chicken Soup Recipe 


Chicken breast  200 gramsGarlic  2-3 cloves Onion  1 cut into small pieces Butter  little Pepper  as needed Salt  as needed Corn flour powder  2 teaspoons Egg white  2 


Place a saucepan on the fire. Add butter to the pan and once it is melted, add onion and garlic. Saut till onions are brown. Add chicken breast and saut for some time. Add water and boil till the chicken is cooked. Mix a little cornflour powder with water and add this paste to the soup while stirring. Ensure that there are no lumps formed. Boil well, add salt and pepper to taste. Add egg white and keep stirring till they break and mix evenly in the soup. Serve hot for a tasty chicken soup. 

Go on and try these foods that increase strength and ensure that you make the most of your training. After all, we are what we eat, aren't we?

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