The best thing about weight loss exercises is that they don't make you a gym rat to get the desired shape. Shorter bouts of these exercises are more effective in burning calories than heavy gyming. Now the question is - what is the best exercise to lose weight? Is there one effective exercise or many?There are a number of exercises that are good for weight loss such as, cardio, treadmill run, walking, running, and many more.

Here is a list of 10 exercises to make your perfect weight loss routine:

1. Running

Probably the best and easiest fat loss workout is running. Even a treadmill is not needed to do it. Just put on your favorite shoes and say hello to the road. If you run in intervals of speeding up and slowing - it even further fastens up the process of weight loss. You can try running in fartleks, in which you speed up after crossing one street lamp and then slow down after crossing the other. To get the best results, you can do a sprint. It helps in building your core and is more intense than running. If a sprint is too much for your body at the start, you can alternate between sprinting and fartleks. Just make sure that you pick intensity over the length in running.

2. Jump Rope

When was the last time you jumped rope? If your answer is in the middle school, then it's time to jump to the decision of doing it again. Jumping rope is probably the best exercise to lose belly fat. One workout of 30 minutes can burn up as much as 318 calories fat. By any standards, that is a lot of calorie burn. Jumping rope does not just burn calories and work out heart muscles, it is actually a full-body workout. It takes firing up of quads and glutes to shoot up from the ground, stabilize the body in the air, and then landing again on the ground. It boosts your athleticism and body coordination.

3. Kickboxing

Amongst other workouts to lose weight, kickboxing is the one exercise that not only helps you lose weight, but also give stress relief. Throwing jabs, crosses and uppercuts engage your whole body. Kickboxing is like an exercise where your mind meets your body. Your core and legs get strengthened along with the balance and proprioception. For a starter, you can try five kicking combo for burning calories daily. If you find a kick in kickboxing, increase it as much as your body (and your trainer) allows.

4. Spinning

Spinning is more running, with the same impact and more ease. Whether you do spinning on a stationary bike or an actual one, it burns up calories the same way. It is one of those workouts to lose weight that engage your biggest muscles. When these muscles work, you produce hormones to build more muscles. To make way for making muscles, fat across your whole body gets burned. Just like in running, you should change your pace to get the best results. First, take a few minutes of easy peddling to get warmed up. Then, alternate between quick peddling of 30 seconds and easy peddling of 60 seconds. This will engage your core, thighs and glutes the most.

5. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

By far, HIIT is the best exercise for belly fat. It increases metabolism and burns calories in the shortest time possible. HIIT workout does not even last for long periods. Some even take as much small time as a mere 10 minutes. However, do not mistake regular-interval exercises as HIIT. There is a lot of misinformation out there on HIIT. To explain it in the simplest words possible, HIIT is very short but intense cardio session. It will not qualify as one if you do not push your limits to the extreme. If done right, HIIT can be your gold-key exercise to lose belly fat in 1 week. To get HIIT right, you check our HIIT - Beginner pack.

6. Rowing

It is true that Rowing is not the most popular fat burning workout but if you have not tried it even once, you are missing a lot. In a single session of rowing, your quads, core, arms, back get engaged. Not only these, but rowing also engages your heart and lungs. Furthermore, it is best for the people who sit for long hours on chairs, working in their offices. Your back tends to be rounded after continuous sitting. Along with burning fat, rowing also tones up your spine, hips, and shoulders.

7. Elliptical

At a first glance, the elliptical machine can fool you. It looks like an innocent machine on which you can exercise while reading your favorite book or binge-watching your favorite web series. But, once you level up the resistance and try to exercise at a great pace, this innocent looking machine can leave you breathless - not literally. Big Hollywood stars like Jennifer Aniston are also reported to do 20 minutes or more of elliptical on a regular basis. The machine works like a charm for weight loss if you work at a hard pace.

8. Battle Ropes

No complex machinery, no-fuss on changing figures, battle ropes are a fun way to burn your calories. It only takes seconds to fasten up your heart rate with intense work out of battle ropes. And not only does it build-ups muscle, but also act as a stress reliever. A few minutes of slamming the rope and you will get a feel of accomplishment. You can also experiment with hands - whipping frequently with one and getting intense with the other.

9. Yoga

By far the easiest practice for kick-starting your weight loss journey is Yoga. There are innumerable yoga moves that increase your focus, enhance your flexibility, and most importantly help you in getting in better shape. You can start with basic poses like chair pose, downward falling dog, bow pose, or superman. Once your body starts feeling comfortable with scratches, you can move to complex moves. While you do yoga for weight loss, you can click sassy pictures for your Instagram.

10. Swimming

Last but not least, swimming is the kind of exercise that mixes cardio and strength training into one. You use your arms, core, and legs to swim, which makes it a low-impact overall body workout. Water acts as natural resistance when you hit the pool to stay afloat. Need extra motivation to swim? If you stay in the water of temperature around 78 degrees, your fat gets burned without even you doing anything. The normal temperature of the human body is 98.6 degrees. In cold water, the body burns calories to keep itself warm. These were a few exercises that help you lose weight. There are many more that can be performed in a number of ways. If you want to burn high calories and retain muscles, Cure.Fit has a Calorie Crush - Beginner pack. It includes 6 sessions of various exercise coaches by seasoned fitness trainer. Burning calories could not get easier.

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