Banoffee Pudding: The word banoffee comes from combining two words banana and toffee, and that is what this rich and delicious dessert is made of. Chefs add numerous other ingredients such as whipped cream, butter, etc to this recipe to make it tasty but that also means adding empty calories and fat and making it extremely unhealthy. Our banoffee pudding is made with a healthier twist, that reduces many of these unhealthy ingredients but still tastes extremely rich and decadent. This vegan dessert recipe consists of simple household items such as jaggery powder, banana, refined oil, dark chocolate, and coconut milk and is accompanied by whole wheat biscuits. The coconut milk custard makes this banoffee pudding rich and creamy, banana chunks give a burst of sweetness. The chocolate pieces fill your mouth with the rich chocolate flavor and crushed whole wheat muesli biscuits give this pudding an extra bite. Though made with healthy and vegan ingredients, this banoffee pudding would definitely satisfy your sweet tooth with its excellent texture and sweet and creamy taste. You can also serve this banoffee pudding at your next party and surprise that vegan and healthy food can taste good too!Chocolate Cake: In the world of desserts, chocolate is widely loved and enjoyed. From young kids to older people and everyone in between absolutely love eating chocolate in different forms. Among those chocolate desserts, a common favorite is chocolate cake but it also has numerous recipes that need a lot of ingredients. This is why this 2 ingredient chocolate cake would be a perfect treat for your next chocolate cake craving. It is sugar-free, flour-free, and butter-free. Do you think it’s also impossible to make? It’s not, because this delicacy is made using 150 grams of dark chocolate and 4 eggs, so not only the ingredients in this recipe are few, they are also healthy. Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants, is low on butter and sugar and eggs are full of protein, vitamin B2, B6, B12, and D along with zinc, copper, and iron. You can also easily reduce the ingredients to make a single serving of this chocolate cake to make it just for yourself. This is the reason why, next time you get a chocolate cake craving, you can shamelessly and without any guilt, have your cake and eat it too, and if someone reminds you that you should eat more healthy,  share your chocolate cake with them, and tell them that one can eat healthy while eating tasty!Chocolate Mousse: When we think of chocolate mousse, we think of the creamy, airy, rich chocolate mousse that is often served as a dessert at French restaurants with some fruits. What makes any mousse so special is heavy cream that is whipped continuously and made light and fluffy. Surprisingly, this 3 ingredient chocolate mousse, does not contain any heavy whipping cream. In fact, it is made with something that is exceptionally healthy and completely unimaginable. It's whole Bengal gram, that’s right, this chocolate mousse is made using Bengal gram because when we say it’s healthy, we mean it. However, this mousse does not actually have Bengal gram in it, it is made using the water that is used to boil the Bengal gram before you make Pindi chana or chhole. Drain your boiled Bengal gram but don’t throw away the water, keep it aside till it cools down. Once the water cools completely, whisk it using a hand blender until you achieve stiff peaks. Gradually add the jaggery powder while mixing and gently fold in the melted chocolate. Put the mousse in small bowls and chill for a few hours. Before serving, add some freshly cut fruits and berries such as mango, strawberries, raspberries, and garnish with some thinly cut almond and chocolate shavings. Serve this sinful chocolate dessert to lactose intolerant or health freak friends and surprise them with the fact that a tasty chocolate treat can be healthy too!Chocolate Ice-Cream: I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream. And if it is a chocolate ice-cream, lick our bowls and scream at the top of our lungs, to tell everyone what a great time we had. Ice-cream is probably one of the most famous desserts that are loved by children, older people, and everyone else. Chocolate ice-cream is also the world’s most favorite ice-cream flavor. No matter how much we love ice-cream, going out and buying it is not always a solution, besides we often worry what all is in the ice-cream that can affect your health. Thinking that it would be healthy, people often choose sugar-free ice-cream, without actually understanding that it is laden with artificial flavors and chemicals that are more harmful than sugar. This is why we have an easy peasy sugar free ice-cream recipe for you, that has no artificial flavors or chemicals. People often think that making ice-cream at home is a huge hassle and needs a lot of fancy equipment, neither is true. You can easily make this five-ingredient easy dessert recipe any time at home, without an ice-cream machine. Also, unlike many of the store-bought ice-creams, this sugar-free chocolate ice-cream does not contain any eggs or bread thus making it a suitable choice for vegetarians and those who prefer gluten-free food. Instead of sugar, we add jaggery powder, which adds more flavors and is a healthier alternative to plain white processed sugar.Healthy Snickers Bar: When we think of Snickers, we often think about those nutty chocolate bars, we buy at the stores that are just labeled healthy, but are actually full of preservatives and ingredients that we have never heard of. Give your snicker craving a new healthy bar, that is made at home and with the ingredients that you know. You can make a healthy snickers bar as a dessert at home, with these 5 simple ingredients; seedless dates, roasted peanuts, salt, oats, and dark chocolate. Making this recipe is as simple as blending the ingredients in, mixing them together, and coating them with melted chocolate. The seedless dates make these health bars chewy and sugarless, the peanuts give a good crunch along with a kick of protein and the chocolate layer adds antioxidants along with a delicious taste.  So next time when you get a snickers craving or feel like eating a chocolate bar, instead of grabbing your purse, grab your blender and make your own healthy snickers bar at home.So now on, fill all your sweet cravings with these chocolaty and tasty homemade desserts, and instead of feeling guilty about eating something with numerous calories and breaking your diet rules, treat yourself to a dessert that is very simple to make, absolutely delicious, and has much fewer calories. Don’t forget to surprise your friends and family with these extremely decadent and sinfully tasty desserts at your next house party and tell them that tasty food can be healthy too!

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