Exercising and physical activity is an essential part of our life. If we start exercising daily, we will find tremendous changes in our health and fitness. But how many of us like to exercise every day? It is a boring thing to do. If you are not the person who exercises daily, here is an idea to keep you fit and active throughout the day. Try aerobic exercise at home that is entertaining. Aerobic exercise can be any form of cardiovascular conditioning.

What is Aerobic Excercise?

Regular cardio in any form is known as aerobic exercise or activity. Most of us step into the gym for weight loss, to lose the extra fat accumulated in the belly, and to boost our energy. Aerobic exercise is a fat-burning exercise and you can see results in a month. If you do not want to hit the gym or go for aerobic exercise classes here is a list of aerobic exercises that can be done at the comfort of your own home and will help you stay fit.

Start with easy exercises

Don't start with heavy exercise as it might cause you a lot of muscle pain. Go easy. Warm-up first. Do slight jogging or jumping jacks for warm-up. Jumping jacks are easy and effective at the same time. Aerobic exercise is also a strict routine after the warm-up session. Stretch your muscles as much as possible and get ready for the drill.

What are the benefits of Aerobic Excercise?

The benefits of aerobic exercise are that they increase your cardiovascular health, stamina, and energy. They reduce your anxiety and depression allowing you to head for the day with a better attitude and focus. Focus on both upper body workout and lower body workout. You can also try HIIT workouts otherwise known as a high-intensity interval training program that is for about 15 days.

What are some examples to do Aerobic Exercise at home?

It is a list of aerobic exercises arranged for the best results:

Use the stairs

The stairs could be one of the best ways to burn your calories. Stair exercises are one of the best forms of aerobic workout where your cardiovascular health is increased. Running up and down the stairs, itself is a kind of workout. It focuses on the calf muscles, hamstrings, glutes, and quads. It is a great way to tone your lower body. Stair workouts help in improving the cardiovascular health of a person. Start walking up and down the stairs for about 15 to 20 minutes and increase your pace gradually. Increase the timing day by day and you can even go up to 30 minutes.

Burpees and bear crawls

Bear crawls is an exercise that strengthens the entire body. It focuses on increasing muscle power. The best way to boost the metabolism level of the body is doing bear crawls every day. It is a method of walking on both your hands and legs with knees bent slightly forward. Place your left foot and right hand forward at the same time. Then go with the next hand and foot. Completing one set is a repetition. Complete up to one set of 15 to 20 repetitions daily. You can slowly increase your number of repetitions. Make sure you triple them in a month.

Squat jacks and inchworms

Squat jacks may look easy but are not. The squat jacks have a great impact on the lower body. It gives shape and structure to the lower body. Squat jacks also improve your stability and balance. This exercise when done continuously gives you a good posture. All you have to do is, stand with your feet together with hands beside your thigh muscles. Jump and spread your feet while you settle in a squat position. Jump again pushing through your heels and return to the same position. Do about one or two sets with 8 to 15 repetitions each. Inchworm is a fun exercise that gives a complete warm-up to your body. The inchworm exercise is walking on your hands to attain a plank position. After you come to the plank position try bringing your feet towards your hands and then stand. The inchworm exercise strengthens your arms, legs, chest, upper and lower back, and abs.

Flutter kicks and skaters

Flutter kicks are the ones that focus on the abdomen. It is just about living down with your back straight, raising your legs to about 40 degrees, and fluttering them up and down. You can keep your hands below your lower back for extra support. Kick your feet up and down about 18 to 20 times. This is one of the best aerobic exercises to reduce belly fat. Skaters also help in enhancing coordination and balance in the body. It supports the cardiovascular system and strengthens the thigh muscles. Lean forward and hop to the right. Bring the opposite arm forward while the other leg bends backward. Do the same for 30 seconds for about 4 or 5 repetitions.


Lunges in aerobic exercises are not the regular ones. You have to slightly jump before you lunge down. Jumping lunges are the best aerobic exercise for weight loss.Take a large step forward and lower your hip. Allow your knee to touch the floor. Keep the front thigh parallel to the ground. Jump and switch the position of your legs. Repeat the same about 10 times. It times your thigh muscles.

Planks with jacks

Most of us do the regular planks which are hectic. Try the plank jacks that feel more exciting. Go into a plank position and hop your feet sideways as much as you can in a comfortable position. It is just like doing jumping jacks but in the plank position. Do these for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Plank jacks increase the core strength of your body. This aerobic workout reduces lower back pain.

Box jumps

Box jumps simply mean jumping onto a box. You need a high and sturdy box to perform this aerobic workout. If you're doing it for the first time, choose a box that is about the height of your mid-calf so that you don't trip over. Slowly increase the size of the box. You can consider this one of the best aerobic exercises for weight loss.


One of the easiest aerobic exercises at home is skipping. Skipping for about half an hour to 45 minutes daily can even reduce up to 459 calories. It is a great workout for the entire body. Skipping works on your muscles, shoulders, quads, and calves. Regular skipping can help you stay fit and healthy.

The benefits of aerobic exercise are many. They help you sweat it out and burn out the calories you have accumulated throughout the day. Try the HRX Workout suggested by Cultfit as it is rigorous and shows immense results in your body. Every day should be started with exercise to feel energetic and lively always. Keep a fitness goal and achieve it within the time frame. Keep setting further goals so that you break all hurdles and achieve greater heights in your fitness journey. Doing your aerobic workout with some foot-tapping music will not only make you feel entertained and energetic, but it also acts as a great stress-buster.

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