What is a Burpee?

When it comes to workouts, the burpees exercise is one of the most intense exercises that challenge almost all the muscle groups in your body.It takes its name from the physiologist Royal H. Burpee who invented it as a test of fitness in the 1930s. Originally, it consisted of four different positions and was performed four different times to measure a person's heart rate and how quickly it returned to normal. Burpees exercise became popular after the US Army adopted it as one of the ways to ascertain the fitness levels of the recruits when the country entered the second world war. A burpee is considered to be an excellent combination of strength training and aerobics. This means that they not only increase your heart rate but also tone and strengthen your muscles. Though it is usually a combination of a squat thrust and a squat jump, there are several variations of this exercise to make it more challenging and beneficial.

What are the benefits of Burpees exercise?

A burpees exercise has great benefits for your mind and body. Here is a roundup of some of the most important reasons to include a burpee workout in your day:

  • One of the most important burpee exercise benefits just like vajrasana benefits is that it gives you a total body workout. It strengthens your arms, core, shoulders, glutes, hamstrings, and quads by using your body weight. By making your lower and upper body stronger, burpees minimise the pains and risk of injuries.
  • Since it requires you to do intense exercise in short bursts, a burpee workout is an excellent high-intensity interval training regimen. HIIT is one of the most effective ways to burn body fat fast, especially around your stomach. This helps prevent obesity-related health scares such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular issues, diabetes, neurological problems, etc.
  • One of the most important benefits of burpee workout is that it works your core making it more stable and stronger. This in turn helps in preventing injuries, pains, and postural problems.
  • Another important burpee exercise benefit just like the benefits of squats is that it works on so many groups of muscles at once that it significantly improves your range of motion, coordination, balance, and mobility. This keeps you more energetic, builds your confidence, and helps you achieve more in a day.
  • Another great benefit of burpee workout is that it can be practically done anywhere without needing any expensive equipment. You can do them at home, at the park, and even in your hotel room while you are traveling.

How to do a Burpee?

Have you been wondering how to do a burpee but have never gotten around to doing them thinking they are too complicated? Here is an easy-to-understand breakdown of the steps involved in a burpee exercise:

  1. Stand straight with your arms at your side.
  2. Get into a squat position. Keep your knees bent, back straight, and feet shoulder-width apart. You should know how to do sumo squats for this step.
  3. Using your hands as anchors, jump while thrusting your legs backward.
  4. Land on the floor in a plank position by being on your hands and toes.
  5. Jump your feet back towards your hands.
  6. Now, jump into the air and stretch your arms above your head.
  7. Land in the initial standing position.
  8. This is one rep. You can repeat the exercise as many times as you can.

Learn How To Do Burpees Correctly by Cult Fit

Check out this video to get the correct technique to perform the burpees exercise provided by Cult Fit.

Which variations of burpees should you try?

Are you someone who loves challenging your strength and trying out new exercises and wonder how to do a burpee variation? Here are some great burpees exercise variations that will amp up your stamina and strength:

Burpee with weights:

In this variation, you need to add dumbbells to your exercise. Instead of jumping, you need to stand and raise both weights over your head. This should be followed by lowering the weights to your sides and coming back to the starting position.

Burpee with a Bosu Ball:

For this burpees exercise, you should start in a squat position while holding the edges of the ball. Follow this by lowering your hands to the floor and placing it beneath you while you do one pushup. Stand straight while grabbing the ball and lifting it over your head.

Mountain Climber Burpee:

To do this high-endurance variation of a burpee, bend over and get into the plank position. Slide one knee towards your chest and move the other one as in a running. Alternate this on both sides and return to the standing position. Remember there is no jumping movement in this variation.

Spiderman burpee:

This is a very effective advanced burpee variation that challenges your upper and lower body a little more. To do this exercise, perform a pushup and bring your right knee to your right elbow. Follow this with another pushup and now bring your left knee to your left elbow. Come to a standing position and perform a knee jump before ending the exercise.

Burpee box jump:

For this burpees exercise variation you need to stand in front of a box of an appropriate height and do a pushup using the box. Remember, you don't need to drop down to the floor for doing the pushup. Follow this up by jumping onto the box. End the exercise by landing on the floor.

What are some safety tips while doing burpees?

A burpees exercise is challenging and engages several muscles in a high-intensity circuit of movements. Like any other exercise that you do, they need to be done safely to avoid injuries. There are some safety tips that you need to keep in mind before adding these into your routine:

  • Never do burpees without learning their technique from a qualified instructor. Not doing this may lead to serious injuries.
  • You should not do burpees exercise if you suffer from conditions such as trapezitis, spondylitis, or an injury to your arms, wrists, legs, or back.
  • Start with the basic burpee before moving to the more challenging variations.
  • Never over-exert yourself. Always start with a lesser number of reps and move to a higher number gradually.

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