The first thing that most people want when they take the gym subscription is high-volume biceps. And why not; not only do biceps look good but they also increase your strength.But it is easier said than done. A majority of these gym-subscription takers never even learn all the bicep exercises that can help them with muscle growth. To make yourself a lifelong fitness enthusiast, you can learn about high-volume biceps workout in this article.Today, we tell you about all biceps exercises that add up to make a perfect biceps workout. These exercises are easy to learn and perform and yet stimulate your muscles with high intensity. Although this is not a definitive list of exercises, it will help you get started with a bigger biceps workout.

What Are the 4 Best Biceps Workouts?


Thanks to mass media like movies and magazines, the barbell is the best exercise for building biceps. And there is a good reason why the barbell is chosen by mass media: it is easily available in all gyms and popular amongst all the diehard fans of weight lifting. Probably the best form of barbell lifting to build muscles is the standard shoulder-width curl.

Why add it to your biceps workout:

  • This exercise engages both the short and the long heads of your biceps equally.
  • If you want, you can easily alter the grip width and change the emphasis.
  • Instead of working one arm at a time, you can simply pile on the weight and engage both of your arms.
  • You change the type of bar (like a straight bar or cambered EZ-bar) according to the comfort of your wrist. This type of flexibility is rarely available in bicep exercises.

Some variations you can try:

  1. Standing Barbell curl
  2. Standing EZ-bar curl
  3. Seated barbell curl

To sum up, if you have to do only one exercise of all biceps exercises, choose this biceps exercise without any second thought. Also, barbell workouts can be included in both bicep workouts for women and bicep workouts for men.

Cable curl

A cable curl feels like a standing barbell curl but once you get a hold of both exercises for your biceps, you realize that the angle of loading in the cable curl gives you muscular tension with the help of its full range of motion. Just like the barbell, cable curl is also available in most commercial gyms in the bicep workouts for men and women.

Why add it to your biceps workout:

  • You can not take a rest either at the top or the bottom.
  • Its range of motion demands more time under pressure.
  • There are numerous handle options and body positions in this exercise that strengthen hand muscles.

Some variations you can try:

  1. Cable straight-bar biceps curl
  2. Squatting cable EZ-bar biceps curl
  3. Standing reverse-grip cable curl
  4. Lying cable biceps curl

6-10 reps per set of this exercise are enough to engage your hand muscles if you are a beginner. If this is your first exercise in the gym, you can go fairly heavy to challenge your muscles.

Dumbbell curl

The real magic of dumbbell curls lies in what moves you choose in the exercise. For example, standing or seated, with one arm at a time (also called alternating) or with both arms. Your creativity plus safety is the only limit with the dumbbell curl.

Why add it to your biceps workout:

  • You have the flexibility of choosing between a number of moves
  • If you get a little lazy while doing the reps, you can hammer the negatives.

Some variations you can try:

  1. Standing dumbbell curl
  2. Seated dumbbell curl
  3. Zottman curl

Chin Ups

Let's confess it, chin ups are everyone's favorite exercise even before we knew the word biceps. And the beauty of this exercise is not just the fact that it is fun to do but also the experience of biceps muscles stretching the minute you start doing the exercise.

Why add it to your biceps workout:

  • There is a high degree of elbow flexion when you do chin-ups (you also get elbow flexion in pull-ups but chins are a little more effective than that).
  • If you feel bored, you can alternate with a cambered or a neutral grip.
  • It can be your go-to biceps move for arm workout if you are exercising at home.
  • If you find it too hard, you can use assistance and if you want it too easy, you can add a few kilos.

Some variations you can try:

  1. Standard chin-up
  2. Machine-assisted chin-up
  3. Band-assisted chin-up
  4. L-sit chin-up

Hammer Curl

This one is probably the most underrated exercise in the bigger biceps workout. And there is a reason for that. Just like other exercises for your biceps, it engages your biceps. Other than that, it also engages a muscle named the brachialis which is present beneath your biceps. This muscle does not get studied in the EMG studies, and hence the exercise also gets ignored.

Why add it to your biceps workout:

  • It increases the girth of your arm by increasing the size of the brachialis.
  • If you want to go to the next level, you can experiment with isometric holds.
  • There are both dumbbell and cable versions of this exercise.

Some variations you can try:

  1. Cable rope hammer curl
  2. Dumbbell hammer curl
  3. Cable rope preacher hammer curl

All these exercises can be included in bicep workouts for women and men equally. You can also consult your gym trainer to help you in learning these workouts properly. Once you become an expert, you can also Learn Handstand Push-ups and advanced Strength & Conditioning workouts. Just make sure you don't rush in the process. Patience and practice will result in better body and healthy you.‚Äć

Try this Bicep Workout Provided By Cult fit

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June 15, 2022

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