If you have visited a gym even once, there is no way that you have not heard of the word ‘weight training.’ In fact, it might even be the most popular form of workout amongst people who want to build muscles. 

If that has ignited your interest in weight training, this is the right place to know everything about weight training. From what it is and why to do it to its various health benefits, we are going to discuss everything that is essential to know about doing weight training at home and at the gym.

If you want to do weight training for weight loss or to build muscles, read the article till the end. 

What Is Weight Training?

Let’s start with the very basic question first: what exactly is weight training? As you can guess from the name, weight training is the type of strength training in which you use weights to build resistance. When you lift weights, you essentially put stress on your muscles. Your muscles get adapted to that stress and become stronger. 

There are various types of weights in weight training. The most popular ones are free weights. A few examples of free weights are dumbbell exercises and barbell exercise for beginners. It is easiest to use free weights for weight training. Another popular type of weight is weight machines. 

Now you might be thinking that why is doing weight training exercises at home considered different than strength training. After all, everyone lifts weight to increase their strength. Well, weight training is considered a different type of strength program because there are other ways of building strength too. For example, you can build strength by using resistance bands and your own body weight. 

Now that you know what a weight training program basically is, it’s time to dive a little deeper than that and know about how to do weight training for weight loss and how much effort it takes to get results by weight training. 

Weight Training: How To Get Results

When people hear the name weight training, the first image that comes to their mind is that of heavy bodybuilders lifting 100 kgs of weights. And as soon as this image forms in their mind, they get intimidated. 

The reality is that you don’t need to pick 100 kg or even 50 kg of weight for weight training. You can start by doing easy weight training exercises at home. In fact, you do not even need to spend a long time in the weight room every day. For most people, whose goals are to simply build stronger muscles, doing short weight training sessions a few times a week is more than enough. 

If you take a healthy diet that contains a lot of protein, mere 20 to 30 minutes long sessions two to three times a week will give you results. These numbers depend on two factors: your goals and your current health. To get a more accurate number, you can join online workout classes or ask your gym trainer about the same. 

Why Lift Weights?

Let’s be clear about one thing: you have to put a lot of effort into weight training. At the start, you can lift weights according to the comfort of your body but as time passes by, you will have to make your body a little uncomfortable. Then you might ask, why do weight training exercises instead of some other exercises that are relatively easy to do?

The answer to questions lies in the benefits of weight training. Here is a list of benefits that you get by regularly practicing weight training:

  • Improves Your Endurance: Let’s start with the little-known benefit first. Most people think that only aerobic exercises can build their endurance but that is not true. If you do weight training exercises the right way, you will see results in your running session too. 
  • Fights Ageing: One of the biggest impacts of aging is the reduction in muscular mass. In fact, an average person loses somewhere between 3 to 8 percent of their muscle mass every ten years. But that is the case with people who are inactive. If you do weight training, you fight aging and increase your muscular mass. 
  • Makes Your Stronger: Among all the benefits of weight training, probably the most famous benefit is the increase in your strength. The heavier weight you lift, the more muscles you build, and the stronger you get. And not just internal strength, you also start to look stronger when you build muscles. 
  • Improves Your Confidence: Ever felt that there is a sudden change in people’s confidence level when they join a gym? Well, that is because of weight training. When you feel strong internally, you look stronger from the outside, your confidence level automatically gets boosted up. 
  • Weight Training For Fat Loss: Some people fear that they will get bulky if they do weight training. It is true that some people do get bulky after lifting weights and taking supplements but that is because they are going it all the wrong way. If you do weight training under the right guidance, it will become like an exercise to lose weight
  • Prevents Injury: It might sound a little counterintuitive but doing weight training at home and gym also prevent you from injuries. It does so by strengthening your bones and other connective tissues. 


Here are some safety and precautionary points to keep in mind while doing weight training:

  • Always start weight training with a warm-up. 
  • Never let the momentum do the work that your muscles should be doing. If you want to do weight training for fat loss, always lift and release the weight slowly. Never try to hold your breath while lifting weights. 
  • Mix and match different types of exercises in your weight training workout. 


You can’t ignore weight training if you want to build muscles and strengthen your body. It takes some effort to do weight training but it also gives you bang for the buck. Include weight training in your workout plan and get ready to see results in a few months if not weeks. 

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