If you win the morning, you win the day -Tim FerrissMorning rituals are powerful. The first few hours of our day set the tone for the rest of the day. How stressed we are, how energetic we feel, and how much we get accomplished in a day may highly depend on our morning routine. The most successful people in the world often owe their success to their healthy habits and self-discipline.Beginning your day with a morning routine, which is a collection of a few healthy habits, can set a tone of vitality, positivity, and clarity for the rest of your day. Allowing yourself to begin your day with peace, confidence and a positive attitude can be a deal-breaker for our productivity level and eventually, our success. A morning ritual of healthy habits can help us in starting each day on a fresh note, allowing us to control our schedules throughout the day and effectively meet all the challenges and tasks that the day brings for us.Here are 5 positive and healthy habits and some health fitness tips that you can include in your morning routine and set yourself up for a healthy, happy, and productive morning and day.

5 Simple Fitness Tips

Drinking water

A nights sleep of six to eight hours is a long period that we go through without consuming any water. We generally wake up dehydrated. It is important that when we wake up, we give our body the hydration it requires. A quick way to immediately rehydrate your body in the morning is to drink water the first thing once you wake up. Drinking water, the first thing in the morning, is amongst the most valuable and effective health and fitness tips given by most doctors and lifestyle coaches. It is known to improve our mental performance, helps the body in eliminating or flushing out toxins, and improves skin health. A glass of water in the morning will give a jumpstart to our metabolism and help us start the day with high energy levels and vitality. It increases our levels of alertness and fuels the brain. Another benefit of this simple habit is drinking water on empty stomach balances and strengthens our immune system, which helps us in fighting sickness.


Journaling is a powerful habit and has been known to help people become happier, grateful, focused, and have a calm, clear mind. Adding the habit of journaling to your morning routine is one of the best early morning practice suggestions one can give you. Firstly, it helps in starting the day on a grateful and positive note. Following a simple gratitude practice in your journaling can over time make you a happier and positive person. Adding goal-setting and reviewing in our journaling practice will help us in aligning our actions with our intentions. It helps us in staying focused on our goals and increases our productivity by activating our subconscious mind to work on achieving our goals. Most importantly, writing down our dominant thoughts in a journal every single day will help in clearing our mental clutter. It helps in bringing a sense of calm and peace in the mind. It frees up our valuable mind space from cluttering and negative thoughts and ideas and shifts our focus on to what is truly important.Adding this habit to your morning routine is quite easy. All you have to do is wake up, find a comfortable spot, and start writing. There is no right or wrong way to journal but it only about writing down your thoughts. The only important rule to it is to do it consistently to make it an everyday morning practice.

Practice yoga

Getting a workout in the morning is the highest among the top 10 health and fitness tips. Making a yoga practice a part of your everyday morning routine is the best thing you can do for yourself. Not only does it have a host of benefits on the body and mental health but it also aids in building a healthy and consistent routine. The miracle of yoga is known to people far and wide. Early morning yoga helps in regulating the bodys sleep rhythm and balances the hormones. It boosts our metabolism, aids the body in preventing injuries, and encourages better posture. The breathing pattern followed in early morning yoga practice and pranayama stimulates the entire body and mind. All the fresh oxygen helps in waking up the brain, making yoga a great alternative for caffeine. With our ever-busy lives, there are so many people around the globe practicing yoga for relaxation and stress relief.One can start incorporating yoga in their morning routine by simply doing a few rounds of Surya Namaskar or Sun salutation, which is a yoga sequence of 12 powerful yoga poses and is a great cardiovascular workout. It is best done early morning on an empty stomach and has an immensely positive impact on the body and the mind. Alternatively, there are a host of yoga teachers providing workout tips for beginners over the internet to guide you in your practice.Additionally, another fitness tips for beginners is to spend a few minutes in meditation every morning. It helps in setting a calm tone for the day. It boosts energy, builds focus, and adds an overall sense of well-being to the day.

Cold Therapy

Another effective routine amongst fitness tips includes cold therapy. Taking a cold shower or ending your morning shower with 30-90 seconds of cold water can have several advantages. It improves blood circulation and allows faster muscle recovery after sports. It burns brown fat faster and also has antidepressant effects. Additionally, it tightens the pores of the skin and makes the hair smoother and shinier. Taking a cold shower instead of a hot shower works on avoiding drying out of the skin and hair and allows the skin to retain its elasticity. In winter, cold showers can make the skin resistant to the cold.

Eat a healthy breakfast

The way we fuel our body in the morning can have an immense influence on our energy levels, our physical health, and our mental attitude throughout the day. It is very important to start the day with a good and healthy breakfast with high nutritional value. When we eat food with low nutritional value, our energy levels feel unregulated and keep peaking and crashing throughout the day, refraining us from feeling our best. Eating a healthy breakfast with high nutritional value fuels our body properly and can result in more consistent energy levels, leaving us feeling more focused and alert.Routines are good for our physical, mental, and emotional bodies. They can aid in inculcating self-discipline while comforting and grounding us. Incorporating a few healthy habits and designing a healthy morning routine that suits you can be a priceless act of self-care. Add these healthy habits and body fitness tips to your everyday morning routine to make the most of your mornings. Start slowly by adding one ritual and then the other while keeping track of how each practice or habit makes you feel and benefits your day and lifestyle.

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