Most people do not spend even a small amount of time considering their gym wear. Why would they? Considering that the main purpose of going to a gym or a fitness studio is to sweat it, why spend time deciding on the attire. However, wearing the right clothes ensures that you workout comfortably without having to think about whether you look decent while you are going all out! Moreover, wearing the right gear makes you look stylish and sharp. If you are not sure what is the best clothes to wear to the gym, read this guide below:

Things to Consider when Buying Gym Clothes

Pick the Right Fabric for Workout

There are many fabrics that are specifically designed to wick away sweat during exercise. Keeping that in mind some clothes are better than others. Some of the factors to consider are:


Look for clothes that are made of breathable materials as that helps in evaporating the sweat from the skin better than others. They do not soak into the clothes leaving you uncomfortable, instead, they wick the sweat and keep the body cool. Avoid wearing clothes that are made of rubber or plastic-based as that does not allow the body temperature to escape

Wear the right fit:

Ensure that the clothes that you wear fit your body. That does not mean you wear too tight clothes as it can make you feel uncomfortable. Also, avoid pants that are too loose as that can get tangled to your feet or the pieces of equipment. It is a good choice to wear stretchy material if you are doing stretching exercises like pilates or yoga. As a general rule, wear clothes that do not hinder your exercise in any way.

Gym fashion:

changes with seasons: Although gym workout is done indoors and the studio temperature is regulated, ensure that you wear a gym outfit that is as per the season. During warmer months wear fabrics that can absorb sweat and are cool and comfortable. In cold weather wear an insulating layer at the top to get ample protection from cold.

What to Wear to the Gym for Women?

Wondering what to wear to the gym? For women, finding the right balance of comfort and style is important in choosing the right clothes to wear for the gym. The clothes that women wear should be such that it does not hinder the activity on a treadmill or when doing yoga. Here are some of the clothes to consider:

Supportive Bra

The foremost thing for women to consider while shopping for gym clothes is the bra. It should be a supportive one and a good fitting one as that saves you a lot of embarrassment as well as discomfort. Visit a lingerie shop and buy a supportive sports bra that is the right fit for you. There are different styles and size options to choose from, shop for one based on your preferences. When you are trying it out, see if it is supportive for the exercises that you do and has no or minimal movement.

Fitted Tops

The oversized tops that were once a trend are no longer considered fashion these days. Modern-day gym wear is mostly matching attire along with a fitted top. Tank tops that have a good fit on your body are recommended if you are doing exercises like yoga as it helps to hug the body. It also gives the instructor a better idea of the posture and helps to correct it if necessary. Ensure that the top is made of a material that keeps your skin cool and dry during a workout.

Bottom Wear

It should be based on the kind of exercises you have enrolled for. There are many types of bottom wear available from full pants to shorts. If you are planning indoor cycling, a pair of shorts is a good idea. Cropped workout leggings are ideal for yoga and stretch pants are recommended for pilates or even general exercises. Irrespective of whether you wear shorts or pants, the waist should be stretchable and fit properly.

Headband or Hairband

If you have long hair or a hairstyle that falls on your face it can distract you during workouts. To prevent this from happening it is best that you tie your hair neatly using a hairband or a headband so that it stays away from the face. A basic makeup that does not clog the pores can be applied if you want to look stylish.

Socks and Shoes

The gym shoes that you wear should be based on the kind of workout you plan to do on a given day. Don't go buying only based on the looks, consider the shape of your feet and then decide on the shoe. Also, every activity that you do has a different requirement of footwear. For aerobics, you may need a good cross trainer, for cardio you will need a running shoe with soft soles and more upper support and if you are lifting weight a shoe with grip is needed. Irrespective of the activity you do buy ones that can keep the feet cool are lightweight and comfortable. When it comes to the choice of socks, sportswear socks are recommended. Look for a material that is lightweight and does not irritate the skin and keeps the feet dry. The height of the socks can be based on your preference. Some like ankle-length while there are others who like knee-length ones.

What to Wear in the Gym for Men?


Fitted tops are in trend for men too. These should be sweatshirts that are breathable and moisture-wicking. Wear shorts that show off your arms so that the instructor can see the posture of your weight lifting. You can opt for sleeve or sleeve shirts depending on your sweetness quotient.


Shorts are good if you are performing some intense workouts. It also helps in better movement and allows enough ventilation. Also, ensure that it pairs well with your sweatshirt to look cool. Shorts are not ideal if you are doing yoga and they tend to go up during asanas. One can use a double-layer of shorts and Leggings as a workaround if you plan to mix and match other rigorous activities with yoga.


A good pair of shoes is among the important Workout Equipment as it can make or break your workout session. Gym shoes for men can be of two types, cross-training shoes or running shoes. Running shoes are best if you are doing some running activities. Cross-training shoes are recommended for cardio, weight training, and those with activities with quick movements. Pair it with socks that keep the feet dry and cool. It should not irritate the skin.

Other Essentials in your Gym Gear

Apart from clothes, there are a few common things that both men and women may want to carry as gym gear. A bottle of water is a must to keep yourself hydrated throughout the session. A gym bag to carry around a pair of clothes, trainers, a rag cloth to wipe yourself, a good headphone if you have the habit of listening to music, and your phone or a music playing device. Workout wear for women comes in many funky colours, choose the one that suits your style and personality. When it comes to mens wear, they are experimenting with bold colours and hence have many options to choose. Irrespective of the choice of styles ensure that they are comfortable and presentable.


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