Are you embarking on cardio workouts for the first time? If yes, you need to understand the significance of these workouts and how it can benefit you. If you are a newbie, you can even begin with a brisk walk or jumping rope instead of biking or treadmill. Start gradually in a step by step manner and then step up the intensity of your workout. Here, we introduce you to some of the cardio exercises that can help you with weight loss and increase your endurance.

Significance of Cardio Exercise for Beginners

As a beginner, you must not straight away move to HIIT workouts or strength training. Focus on your cardio exercises and build up your strength. Remember, these exercises must be carried out for longer durations in a controlled and smooth fashion. Since these exercises range from very simple to complicated exercises, beginners can perform them with remarkable ease.A cardio workout plan is like any other workout or training program which must be done after proper warm-up exercises. This helps in improving the circulation of blood to the target muscle group and flex the muscles. So, here we bring you some beginner-friendly cardio exercises that help you increase your endurance level and help in meeting your weight loss goals.

The Best Cardio Workout At Home

Before starting your cardio workout at home, ensure that you have the necessary space to workout. Space must be secluded so that you do not feel distracted and focus completely on your workout. Start with the following exercises-

1. High Knees

It is a rigorous exercise if done with great speed. Since you are a beginner, you can take it a bit slow but ensure that the range of motion is correct. High knees mean that your knees must come high enough, up to your chest level. Begin this exercise with the right posture. Stand straight with your arms straight by your side and feet shoulder-width apart. Take your hand in front of you facing down such that your knees touch them when they come up. Bring your right left explosively above and touch the right palm while keeping your torso stationary. Repeat the motion with the left leg. When you are comfortable with the exercise, increase your speed, and jump a little when bringing your knee-high. In just a minute, you will find yourself sweating. After a few days of this exercise, you can increase the complexity level by wearing ankle weights for improved customizability and added resistance.

‚Äć2. Plank Jacks

This is another exercise that should be a part of your cardio workout. In this exercise, you need to lie down in a plant position. Your elbows and toes must be touching the ground with the rest of the body straight above the ground. Perform plank jacks which are similar to jumping jacks but in a prone position. Raise your feet and jump outwards and then jump inwards again. Repeat this exercise several times without losing your position. While performing this exercise, care should be taken that the torso does not sag to the floor and stay in a perfect plank position. Failing to do so can result in lower back pain.

3. Box Jump

The box jump is another cardiovascular exercise that shall help you in meeting your weight loss goals. In this exercise, you need to stand straight on a platform with shoulder-apart feet. Bend your knees and go into a half-squat position. Place your arms by your side which must be parallel to your body. While swinging your arms forward, jump with power onto the raised platform. Take a pause and then jump back to the earlier position. Repeat this exercise several times. If you are not comfortable with jumping and are looking for a relaxed workout experience, perform steps-ups instead of jumping.

4. Jumping Jack

Jumping Jack is the best cardio exercise at home. You can perform it at any time at any place. If gives you a sudden surge of energy. It is also very simple to do exercise. Stand straight with your feet shoulder level apart. Place your arms parallel to the body on the side. Begin this exercise with your jumping out on your feet and landing back again on the starting point. While jumping in and out, extend your arms overhead clapping the hand or touching the palms with every jump. Carry out this exercise for recommended times. Make this exercise more challenging by holding dumbbells in hand when jumping in and out.

5. Burpee

It is the best cardio exercise for weight loss. Stand with your back straight and feet at a shoulder level width. Place your arms parallel to the body on the side. Bend your knees and go down on the floor. Place your hands on the floor and get into a squat position. Push your legs back and go into a plank position. Do a push-up in this position and bring the feet quickly back to your chest. Take a pause for a couple of seconds and go back to the initial position. Perform as many repetitions as possible. It is a very impactful exercise. You can make it more challenging by performing a double burpee. That increases the number of calories burned.

6. Jumping Lunge

It is another one from several cardio exercises at home. It doesn't require too much space to perform. Stand straight with your feet shoulder level apart. Kick out your left leg and allow your right knee to touch the floor. While doing so, ensure that the left knee does not cross the foot and the thigh stays parallel to the floor. Take a jump and use your hand while doing so. Go back and move out your right leg and go down on your left knee such that it touches the floor. Go on switching your legs with a jump and get into the position. Pause at every position for a couple of seconds for more impact. If you are performing this exercise for the first time, avoid taking a huge stride as it can result in unbalancing your body.

7. Squat Jump‚Äć

It is also a very impactful cardio exercise for belly exercise. It is a mix of squat exercises with a jump. Start with this exercise by standing straight with feet shoulder level apart. Place the arm extending forward or on the side such that they are parallel to the floor. Go into the squat position by lowering your knees. Stay there for a couple of seconds and forcefully jump back coming to the starting position. Take your arms back when jumping up from the squat position. Pause in the starting position for a while before again going into the next jump. Repeat this exercise several times. While performing this exercise, keep your torso as stationary as possible throughout the exercise.

8. Spider-Man Lunge

This is another exercise that not only burns your calories but also helps in opening up your body. In this exercise, place your palms on the floor in a plank position. Go low and take out one of your knees by the side such that the thing is closely parallel to the floor. Bring back the feet to the starting position and repeat the exercise with another leg. Take the knee as close to your arm and ensure that the thigh is parallel to the floor. You can add going into a pike position when you bring back your feet to the starting position. All these cardio exercises are aimed at helping the person reduce weight, increase endurance levels, tone muscles, feel more energetic, and burn calories. Add these exercises to your daily routine and enjoy a remarkable change in your health and fitness levels in just a few days. You will feel full of energy and will not get tired easily.¬†‚Äć

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