Bench presses, pushups, dips ‚Äď there are plenty of chest workouts that help in pumping up the chest muscles and giving you the ultimate sculpted upper body. However, no matter how hard you try, achieving the perfect inner chest muscle is still a tough task.¬†

Inner chest muscles ‚Äď or the area where the muscle fibers attach to the breastbone ‚Äď seem to get skipped and remain mostly undefined. Some people prefer steroids to get those muscles in shape, but it is always best to work them up with a few extra workouts.¬†

Now, there are no inner chest exercises that work as isolation workouts. Instead, an inner chest workout focuses on the change in movement to promote the movement of your arms towards the midline of your chest. 

Below are some of the best inner chest exercises that you can perform to get your dream-like upper body. Read carefully and start soon:  

Best Inner Chest Workouts

1. Hex Press

Also known as Squeeze Press, Hex Press is one of the most popular inner chest exercises. It is a variation of the dumbbell bench press with the only difference being you have to keep the dumbbells together in contact throughout the press. You must squeeze the dumbbells together, as hard as possible, to activate your inner pecs. 

Here is a step-by-step guide: 

  1. Lie down on the bench and hold dumbbells in each hand. Your feet should be flat on the floor and stay in contact during the press. 
  2. Bend your elbows to keep the dumbbells together just above your chest. 
  3. Slowly, extend your arms upwards and lift the weights. 
  4. Keep pushing till your arms are straight, and then lower the dumbbells in a controlled manner. 
  5. These steps form 1 rep. 

2. Single-Arm Chest Fly

This upper inner chest workout is great for increasing muscles hypertrophy and endurance without putting too much pressure on your shoulders. And as the name suggests, you have to perform this workout unilaterally (one side at a time). This way, it activates your upper inner pec region. 

Below are the steps you need to follow to perform a single-arm chest fly: 

  1. Start by selecting the resistance to be used, and move the pulleys to the high position. Grab a handle in your right hand. 
  2. Now, slowly extend your arm, but make sure to have a slight bend on your elbow. 
  3. Pull the handle till it reaches the midline of your chest. Keep your torso straight.
  4. Hold for a second and then return to the starting position. These steps form 1 rep. 
  5. Repeat the same movement with your left hand. 

Note: If you wish to do this workout at home, replace the cable with a resistance band tucked above.

3. Diamond Pushup

So far, we discussed inner chest workouts using equipment and hence mostly done at the gym. Now, it is time for an inner chest workout at home. To begin with, you can perform a diamond pushup. An advanced version of the classic pushup, this exercise can target your inner pec and your triceps effectively. If you are already a master at the pushup workout, practice your way up to this variation, and be ready to get surprised with the results. 

Here is how you can perform the workout: 

  1. Start with a basic pushup position, with your palms and feet on the floor. Your body should be parallel to the ground and aligned like a straight line from heels to head. 
  2. Now, slowly move your palms so that your index fingers and thumbs nearly touch each other. This space will resemble a diamond shape; hence a diamond pushup. 
  3. Take a deep breath and bend your elbows to lower your body towards the floor. When your chest touches the hands, press your palms and push your body upwards. As you do that, try to draw your arms closer without actually moving them. This targets and contracts the inner chest. 

4. Plate Press

Another great inner chest workout to isolate chest and shoulder muscles, a plate press is what you need. You can do this workout while standing, sitting, and lying based on your needs and comfort. 

Let’s learn how to do this exercise: 

  1. First, select a weight plate. If you are a beginner, opt for light or moderate weight. Then lay on the bench and hold it carefully with your hands. 
  2. Flex your chest and move the plate up and then down. Make sure you are aligned with the center of your chest. 
  3. As you push the plates up, try to squeeze hard to keep your chest flexed. 
  4. To ace the inner chest workout, follow a slow and controlled movement with high reps. 

5. Low Cable Fly

This inner chest workout is usually done at the end of a chest workout to burn the inner pecs. And as the name suggests, you need a cable machine to perform it. So, make sure you have a trainer to teach you how to do low cable fly, especially if you are a newbie. 

Other than that, you can follow the below-listed steps to do this exercise:  

  1. Start by setting the handles at a low point and choosing the weights. 
  2. Now stand with your back towards the machine and grab the two handles with a firm grip. Your palms should be facing forward, and the chest should be out. Roll your shoulders back and bend your elbows slightly. 
  3. Exhale, contract your chest and bring the handles up in front of your body until your elbows align with your middle chest. 
  4. Inhale as you slowly lower down the arms with elbows pulled in. 
  5. These steps form 1 rep. 

Apart from the ones mentioned above, you can also do the following inner chest exercises at home or gym: 

  • Cable Crossover
  • Dumbbell Chest Flys
  • Bear Plank Chest Press
  • Ground Pound Alternating Press


No doubt each of the inner chest workouts mentioned above has the potential to give you the perfect inner chest. You only have to focus on doing them the right way. For that, you will need a fitness trainer. They not only teach you the best inner chest workout but also give you a diet plan that complements your advanced workout. 

If going to a gym is not feasible, you can also opt for online guidance. Once you have the knowledge and understand the technique, it is easy to build a ‚Äúbodybuilder-like‚ÄĚ upper body in a few weeks.¬†

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