India is a diverse country, our diversity ranges from language to religion, from clothes to traditions, from food to flavours. Indians probably have the most diverse and the most unique flavour palate in the world. Our love for your spices makes our food original and flavourful. Indian food is incomplete without Indian street food and Indian street food is incomplete without chaat. In fact, a lot of the time in our country, chaat is considered a synonym for street food. The word chaat translates to licking and that's probably the best definition for the lip-smacking, finger-licking good Indian street food or as we know it; chaat. Among many other popular street food delicacies such as Pani puri, idli chaat, chhole tikki, bhel, corn chaat, aloo tikki steals the show away. Its varied methods of cooking and diverse ingredients make aloo tikki chaat very adaptable. This is also the reason why the entire country has assorted versions of aloo tikki chaat.

You can make aalu tikki chaat in various versions. The authentic street food aloo tikki chaat recipe requires boiled potatoes, tamarind chutney, mint chutney, chopped onion, tomatoes, green chilli, coriander, salt, chaat masala, red chilli powder and yoghurt. However, this is not the only tikki chaat recipe. Indian street food scene changes with every few hundred kilometres. What is absolutely loved and devoured in one city is outrightly rejected in another. In fact, even within the cities, people have their own favourite stalls and favourite recipes.

In Northern India, tikki chaat is often served with piping hot chole making it aloo tikki chole chaat recipe. Another popular version of this chaat, local to the Delhi region is aloo tikki matar chaat. This dish is made by soaking dried green peas and cooking them with onion, tomato and a mix of local spices. These tikki chaats are topped with a dollop of hung curd. Both aloo tikki chole chaat or aloo tikki matar chaat recipe is the healthier and high protein tikki chaat recipes.

If you travel towards Western India, especially in Mumbai, you cannot unseen our own, Indian burger, the vada pav. In vada pav, the vada is a deep-fried boiled potato dumpling which is coated in chickpea flour. Many street vendors sell different versions of this vada pav. If you want a healthier recipe for this beloved Indian burger, you should try making aloo tikki burger. All you have to do is make tikki using boiled potatoes, shallow fry them on a pan. Smear some tamarind chutney and mint chutney on the buns, place your homemade aloo tikki on one side, top it with some onion ringlets and coriander, and place another piece of the bun and enjoy!

Similar to how aloo tikki chole chaat recipe is popular in North India, Indori patties are a very famous form of stuffed aloo tikki chaat recipe in Central India. Here, boiled potato patties are stuffed with a mixture of grated coconut and garlic along with cumin seeds and raisins. It is then deep-fried or shallow-fried. This stuffed aloo tikki chaat recipe is served hot with green chutney. The soft and sweet raisins cut the heat and spiciness of chillies in this aloo tikki chaat recipe and give it an extra boost of flavour and texture.

If you are looking for an extremely healthy but tasty aloo tikki chaat recipe, we have saved the best for the last. Just by swapping a few ingredients, you can make your favourite aloo tikki chaat healthier without compromising on the taste. You can use low fat hung curd instead of full fat hung curd or you can use probiotic curd to step it up a little further. Add a few shavings of beetroot, and ginger to increase the fibre and iron content of your aloo tikki chaat. Adding a handful of mung bean sprouts will make it a protein-rich tikki chaat. Instead of using sugar to sweeten your tamarind chutney, you can use dates or jaggery, which are naturally sweet and are a rich source of iron. Squeeze a little bit of lemon on top to ensure good absorption of iron in your blood. You can also use black salt or Himalayan Pink salt rather than sea salt, these salts will help your body maintain its electrolyte balance.

Whether you are from North, South, East or West India, and no matter which aloo tikki chaat recipe you think is the best, you should definitely try making our best aloo tikki chaat recipe at home. Next time you feel like eating a lip-smacking, finger-licking good meal, rather than heading out to your favourite chaat stall, head into your kitchen, you will be amazed how satisfying it is to make chaat at home, which is healthier and not to mention, much more hygienic than any street vendor.‚Ä欆

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