Music is Powerful! We all can vouch on music for turning around our moods, changing our behavior, and even pumping us up with energy. Different kinds of music can have different impacts on different people. Meditation is Magical! Meditating even 10 minutes each day helps you take better note of how we feel, where we are headed to, find clarity and peace within. Ever wondered, How would it be if Music and Meditation came together? If we could meditate with soft music in the background?Or if we can use music for meditation as a tool? We fail to often see that music can play a significant role in uplifting our meditation practice and making us connect to our inner selves. The soothing effect of music can pair up with our gentle meditation practice to give us heart moments of mindfulness that translate into our daily habits. The combination of rhythm and melodies, when heard in a relaxed state with utter mindfulness, can help you calm down and inculcate a more intuitive and balanced meditation practice.

Here is how you can do meditation with music benefits!

1. A major stress-buster

Music is a major stress-buster! Listening to music can instantly transverse you into a different world and help you deal with your stress, anxiety, pressure, and anything that is weighing you down. Meditation Music benefits as a combination of rhythms and melodies revolving around meditation that bring in greater mindfulness and awareness to your senses. When you sit or lie down and listen to meditation music in a relaxed state of mind  it can help you deal with the pressures of life and uplift yourself. People dealing with depression or anxiety can find their soothe in music with meditation exercises. It soothes the nerve cells and helps them relax while finding positivity. Meditating with music in the background can help manage anxiety and depression better.

2. Sound Sleep

One of the basics of meditation is sound sleep. Meditational music helps you calm the mind. It helps relax the nerve muscles and cut away the brain noises. These are soulful and slow music with elements that stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system to make your body go under the state of complete relaxation. As you lie down in the bed and turn on the music, you can prepare yourself to sleep and regulate your sleep patterns. Meditational music is known to induce in people the ability to have sound sleep with more REM hours. If you are struggling with sleep, quick meditation exercises can benefit you!

3. Mindful Meditation

Meditation in itself is a deep journey within. It helps you attain peace and solitude. Music adds vibrancy to your meditational practice letting you take a more profound journey within. The soothing music in the atmosphere boosts your meditational practice as it can bring instant stress relief, happy vibes, and relaxation. When you enter into your advanced meditation exercises with a happy mood and music to keep you going  it is going to be a beautiful and mindful experience. Moreover, music can help you cut out the noises around so that you can concentrate on yourself during the meditation session.

4. Improves Physical health

The benefits of listening to meditation music arent just limited to uplifting your mental health but physical as well. It assists in designing a calming atmosphere where you can easily feel relaxed and soothed. This relaxation of nerve cells, calming of the mind, and soothe translates into healing effects for your body. If you have been suffering from body pain or aches, are tired after a hectic day at work, or just need something to help you feel more energized, musical meditation can prove to be uplifting. Meditating while listening to music can help replenish the body muscles and limbs.

5. Improves Concentration

If you find your mind tendering to little noises around, wandering to different thoughts, and usually overthinking  music can be the medicine for your mind! For beginners, meditating with some music playing in the background can help them concentrate more on the practice as they can feel instantly relaxed and breathe according to the musical notes. For a more advanced practitioner, music can be the element of calmness and relaxation that helps them dive deep into the practice, cut out from the worldly noises around, and concentrate better on their practice. For instance, Om chanting 432 Hz benefits the mind while connecting you to your spiritual self. Haven’t you found yourself sometimes working with music on? It’s the mindfulness inculcated by music that makes working with music a soothing experience.

6. Mindful activities

Meditating at least 10-20 minutes a day is said to enhance your brain and body’s capacity. With music as a tool of meditation, you can achieve mindfulness in just your practice but also other things that come across you in a day. From eating meals with mindfulness to sleeping, walking, and even working on the laptop. You are always in a state of relaxation and awareness that helps you excel in regular activities that made you struggle.

7. Emotional Balance

One of the undervalued aspects of music meditation benefits is its power to help you balance your emotions. Meditating helps you in acknowledging your feelings, understanding your relationships, and fostering emotional healing. Music too is known to change mood, uplift energy, and bring about a change in behavior for good. When you combine the best of both, you can instantly bring out the best version of yourself while tending to the emotions that weigh you down. With soothing music guiding your meditational practice, you can let out your pain, agony, stress, anger, jealousy, and other negative feelings to behold nothing but love within. Musical mediation gives an emotional detox!

8. Improved Intimacy

Meditation works on an intimate and personal level. People struggling with their intimacy or lost drive for sex can too bring back their long-lost connection with a mindful practice. Music synchronously combines with meditation to stimulate senses and feelings that make one aware of their physical, emotional, and mental needs. With a greater sense of awareness, concentration, and reduced stress, one can experience a better sexual experience than they have had before. With meditation, also comes a mindful approach to sex that helps in relationship healing and igniting lost spark.

9. Keeps you positive

There is no doubt that people who meditate are better able to deal with their struggles, emotions, and stress. As you practice a stress reduction meditation with music as a foundation you can start meditating to inculcate positivity around. Musical Meditation leaves you with a sense of positivity that shows in all areas of life including work, relationships, thoughts, and ideas. Music can be a great tool to uplift your meditational practice and build up an atmosphere around you that allows you to relax and meditate with greater mindfulness. Indian classical music, soulful tunes of piano, meditational tracks of guitar and violin are some of the preferred musical choices for people who meditate. If you haven’t already experienced yourself being relaxed when you hear a certain kind of music, it’s time to play some soulful or instrumental notes and let your mind relax. is your prime health care provider that provides consultations, and health check-ups related to a variety of health conditions and diseases. operates with the best team of specialty doctors and medical and lifestyle coaches, providing the highest quality care to all patients.

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July 13, 2022
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