Getting Quarantine belly is very easy. But it will be a little challenging if you want to work out on your health. Most of the people are very concerned about having a fit body and a flat stomach. For a flatter belly and six-pack abs, this quarantine might be an excellent opportunity to work towards it. The key is to not rush towards having abs and working on the overall body first. The body needs to be healthy first and then you can go ahead and start getting nice abs with a little decision and a bit more persistence.We have plenty of time and a minimum of social interaction during this quarantine. So, This can be the turn around time to achieve our dream body and six pack abs. Many people dream of getting six-pack abs but put it on hold either due to a lot of distractions, or a hectic lifestyle. Now, During this time, We get more time with ourselves, and we can make our dreams of the perfect abs come true with some amazing 6 pack exercises at home. So, let's take a look at what you can do for your six pack abs.

Abs Workout for Beginners

Start your Beginner' exercise and challenge your abs in many exciting and new ways. These exercises will prepare the body for the 6 pack workout and will train the body to do heavier exercises easily. Some of the exercises that you can start with are:

Jumping Jacks:

Stretch your hand and jump. While jumping, take your hands up above your head, and as you come down, take the hand on its normal position. A set of 30 will be fine at the start. The jumping jacks warms up the body and prepares it to take the movement exercise avoiding sudden tear in the issues.


Bring your hands down directly under the shoulders like the pushup position, ground your toes, and hold your body in that position for about 30 seconds. You can increase the time as suitable for your body. Planks help in building the body core and puts pressure in the abdominal area working on the abs muscles and flattening the belly.

Reverse Crunches:

Lie down on the floor with your knees bent and slowly bend your knees into your chest and extend the legs back out to touch the heels to the floor. Force your back to the floor to avoid rounding back. Crunches work on the abdominal region and abs muscle areas.

Glute Bridges:

Lie down on the floor with the knees up. Keep your hands at your side with palms down. Gently lift your back up and then down. A set of 12 reps will be good at the start. Glute bridge works on your thighs, Abs, and your Butts tissue areas.

Intermediate Exercises

These exercises put little more pressure on the body from the beginners' level and slide your way for a 6 pack.

Side Planks:

Side Planks is another form of the plank which works on the side muscles of the abdominal region. To do side planks, get on your one side and take one hand directly below your shoulder and maintain your body balanced between the elbow and toes. You can do 2 reps of 15 seconds on each side. You can increase as per your body strength.

Mountain climbers:

For Mountain climbers, Get into your plank position, pull your right knee to your chest, and then switch legs by pulling one knee out and another one in. Continue moving the legs in the motion. Mountain climbers are great for building the strength of the body and works on a body as a whole.

Two-Point Plank:

Start with the plank position: liftback your right hand, and left leg. Hold on for 15 secs and switch the leg and hand. It works on the back as well as one of the most effective abs workouts.

Russian Twists:

Sit on the ground with your knees up and feet on the ground. Stretch your hands in front of you, hold something like a ball or a bottle with both the hands. Move your torso one side, your hands touching the side ground. Repeat with the other side. Russian Twists works great on side muscles and helps in the formation of the abs.

Advanced Exercise


Start with a standing position. Go into the squats position with your hands down. Then kick your feet backwards to get into a plank position. Push back again into squats position followed by jumping into standing position immediately.

Bicycle Crunches:

Lie down. Put your both palms at the back of your head. Draw the left knee towards the body and right elbow towards the knee, making it touch. The other leg should not move. Now repeat with the other side. This workout is best for building the abs, and it works around our side muscles too.

Star Plank:

Get down with the plank position and move out your hands and legs a little apart till they form an X-shape. Hold your body till 30 seconds and then rest. Do a repetition of it 10 times. This will put a lot of pressure in the abs muscle areas the six pack will start visible in a few days.

Butterfly Sit Ups:

Lie down on the floor and bend your knees with feet facing each other such that it makes a diamond shape. Keep your hand above your head and move your hand forward with a sitting position to touch the feet with your hands. This is a great six pack exercise at home.

Strength Training

With a perfect 6 pack, it is important to get a strong body and strong core as well. The strong core maintains the body balance and can endure any level of exercise. Some of the exercises you can do to build a strong core are:

  • Planks, Jumping Ropes, Sit-ups, Lunges, Knee ups in the beginning.
  • Side Planks, plank to push-ups, Split jumps forms on intermediate training.
  • Spiderman push-ups, Lunges, Burpees - forming the advanced training.

Full Body Workout:

If you have a toned belly and that fabulous six-pack and have extra fats around other body parts, imagine how it will look. The solution for the perfect body will be the High-intensity Full body Workout. This will kill up the extra fat present in your body and will make the belly buttons, and the double chins disappear in the line. Simple exercises like squats, sit-ups, and high knees will flex your body and will prepare it to be strong. You can try the HIIT team specially designed live classes for the HIIT full body workout which will tone every part of your body that you can flaunt easily. Some of the exercises for a full-body workout are:


Running is an excellent way of removing fat from everybody. It works on the upper as well as lower body fat and maintains overall health.

Toe touch:

Stand straight and bring your hand to touch the toe. It helps in maintaining body balance.


This is a great workout to work on our butts and thighs. It puts the intense pressure on the thigh, abdominal area, and the butt area giving it a toned shape.

Star Jumps:

Star Jumps are generally making your body spread out your legs and arms such that it looks like a star. This works on overall body fat.


Get on a plank position and gently take your shoulders down, trying to touch it on the ground keeping your hand firm and folding it in elbows. This works a great deal in the upper body fat and works in the muscles around Arms, Chest, and shoulder.

What to eat

For a 6 pack abs, What You eat is more important than what you exercise. Eating a lot of fruits, fatty fish, seeds, nuts can help in burning the fat in the body and will improve body composition. Staying well-hydrated is also very important. Some foods like processed foods, fried foods, Sugary items, Alcohol are a big no for the abs. Having more protein-rich food, and the foods that are rich in fiber and help in reducing body fat will be ideal.


Every body is unique. Don't rush into the exercises at once. You do not have to overexert your body for exercise. Do check on the exercises in detail if you do not know how to do them. Otherwise, It may cause some side effects instead of benefits.

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