Yoga is an age-old practice and is known to be very beneficial for overall health. Practiced by saints and sages since erstwhile times, yoga has found popularity all over the world due to the amazing benefits it brings to the practitioner. Yoga for fitness is one of the best ways to meet your health and fitness goals. It is the perfect exercise to increase mobility and stretch to open up the muscles. When planning to practice yoga for a full-body workout, it is important to understand the significance of breathing, range of motion, and holding a position to get the best benefits out of it.Here, we bring you some of the best asanas of yoga for health. These poses are an integral part of functional yoga postures. Practicing these asanas help in increasing athletic performance. Every asana or yoga move is going to challenge the practitioner and help him gain cardiovascular stamina, muscular strength, core stability, and single-leg balance. Practice these asanas and stay fluid as you move from one pose to another pose. It is important to focus on the perfect alignment of the body as it shall help you challenge your strength. Perform the asanas starting from your right side and then move on to your left side. Repeat the asanas. The asanas mentioned below will help you increase your balance, a greater range of motion in your spine, improved body and mind connection, and test your strength.

1. Seated Meditation Pose

This pose basically prepares you for the yoga asana practice. When performing this pose, sit straight with the back completely straight. Start chanting Om while exhaling. Pause, savor the moment and then start inhaling and exhaling in slow motions.

2. Childs Pose

Begin your yoga workout with a childs pose. Sit on your heels on the floor and kneel. Place your knees as wide as your hips. Bring your torso down as low as possible between the thighs. Spread your arms in front of you and place your palms downwards on the floor. Stay in this pose for a minimum of half a minute to two minutes. While performing this pose, continue inhaling and exhaling at a steady pace.

3. Downward Dog

It is another impactful yoga move. Start with a table position and place your palms on the floor, arms directly under shoulders, knees on the floor, and feet top flat on the floor. Once you get into this position, exhale, tuck your toes under, and lift your back in the air. It will also require moving your weight from the hands to the legs. Stretch your heels towards the mat without trying to touch it. Press your palms with fingers spread on the mat. Slightly arch your back inward. This shall help you raise your rear as high as you can go. While doing so, hang your head between your arms.

4. Plank Pose

It is one of the most impactful yoga for physical fitness move. In this move, you have to be in a prone position on the floor with only your palms facing downward and toes touching the floor. Keep your core as tight as possible as it will help you maintain your stability. Keep your shoulders back, spine straight, chest relaxed, and abs tight for a perfect position. Stay in this pose as long as possible. Initially, it may be for half a minute or so but gradually increase the time. It is a perfect way to strengthen your core and reduce belly fat.

5. Chaturanga

In this yoga asana, bring your shoulder blades down and pull your core as tight as possible to the navel. Bend your arms as you exhale to lower your body. Move-in such a way that the body is just a few inches above from the floor. Ensure keeping space between the shoulder blades. Keep your elbows by the side and push them towards the heels. Look forward and downward.

6. Up Dog

When planning to do yoga at home, add this exercise also in your sequence of yoga moves. If you are already in the chaturanga pose, stretch your legs back. Inhale and lift your torso up by straightening your arms. Ensure your arms perpendicular to the floor. Move such that the legs are a few inches above the ground. Melt your back and shoulder blades down. Keep your core tight and do not squeeze your butt. Look upward and straight ahead.

7. Baby Cobra

It is a very relaxing exercise. The practitioner needs to face down towards the floor with thumbs under the shoulders. Rest the feet tops on the floor while extending your feet. Tuck your hips in, keep your core tight, and squeeze your glutes tight. Take your shoulders away and down from your ears. Raise your chest and gaze upwards. Hold the pose for a few seconds to enjoy its amazing impact.

8. Cobra

It is important to add fitness & yoga to your daily routine to meet your health goals. The cobra pose is practiced to enjoy a tighter core and a stronger spine. Place your thumbs directly below the shoulder and lie face down on the floor. Spread your legs outwards and rest the feet tops on the floor. While doing so, keep your hips low, abs tight, and glutes tightly squeezed. Raise your chest and look upward. Hold the pose for a few seconds.

9. Pigeon

As part of fitness yoga, pigeon poses also help you to stretch your muscles. This exercise includes sitting in a push-up position. Left heel close to the right hip and left knee on the floor. Gradually, lower your forearms. As you bring the right leg lower, ensure that the foot top is on the floor. Keep your chest raised with your gaze down. It helps to relax the muscles while giving them a good stretch.

10. Warrior 1

In this pose, the practitioner needs to stand with his right foot in the front point out straight. Point your left foot to the side while bringing the left leg behind you. Bend your right knee slightly and make a right angle. Keep your back leg straight while the back foot is pressing into the floor. Extend your arms clasped together above your head, looking straight ahead.

11. Triangle

It is the perfect Yoga for Stiffness asana. In this asana, one has to bend at the waist and try to touch the floor with the right-hand fingertips. While touching the floor, place the right foot outwards. Take your left arm over the head creating a straight line between the foot and the left hand. Gently straighten your upper body, release your hands, and straighten your right foot. Repeat the same move on the left side.

12. Tree Pose

The last in our list of yoga physical exercises is the tree pose. As the name suggests, you need to strike a tree pose. For this, you need to stand straight with your feet together and your left side facing the wall. Bend the left leg slightly so the knee touches the wall and the inner right thigh comes in contact with the right foot. Try to keep your leg up and take support if you are unable to balance your body. Press your thigh into the foot and vice versa. Hold for a minute and switch sides. All the yoga for fitness exercise aims at helping the person gain more stability, strength, endurance, and the right posture. These exercises also help in toning the body which gives a lean physique and svelte look. People with different fitness goals can choose yoga moves accordingly. This shall help them in meeting these goals. When performing these exercises, the range of motion may not be as much as desired. Gradually, the muscles will stretch, and the degree to which you can move your body will increase. This will bring a greater impact on the body.

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July 15, 2022

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