Women have been blessed with extraordinary capabilities to juggle a lot of tasks together. This multi-tasking is no doubt a great skill but after some time, it starts taking a toll on her health. Usually, while taking care of her family and work, taking care of herself and her health takes a back seat. Before it starts manifesting in a variety of health issues, it is important for her to take some steps that help her enjoy her individual space, personal outlook, self-worth, and self-love. When experiencing the tell-tale signs of extreme exhaustion like grumpiness, low energy levels, and lethargy, it is time to check out yoga for women's health. Female health is largely governed by the blood circulation in the pelvis and the state of her back. If the lymph and blood circulation are poor, it can result in a variety of problems like belly pain, gynecological issues, hemorrhoids, lower back pain, intestinal issues, and sexual disorders. All and more female health issues can be managed and treated with yoga asanas. Regular practice of these moves helps to prevent several female health issues, improve body functions, and keep the person active and energetic. Here, we bring you a selection of yoga asanas that help a woman's body to feel great and recover fast from health issues. These ladies yoga asanas can be performed at any time of the day. Regular practice of these moves works like an excellent self-care tool that keeps a woman fit, active, energetic, and healthy. Younger women can also pursue hot yoga as it will add more flexibility and strength to their bodies.

Tree Pose

The tree pose is a perfect yoga asanas for women. It helps to add confidence and strengthen her body so that she can handle loads of responsibilities without any problem. This yoga pose has a lot to do with balancing. Women practicing this asana can find a remarkable change in their concentration power. This asana is performed by standing on one foot with both palms joined together above the head. The other foot is placed on the inner thigh of the straight leg. Initially, it may take a lot of time to get the posture right but in some time, the move is perfected, and the posture gets remarkably improved. Repeat and stay in the pose for some time until the body is perfectly balanced. The key takeaways of this pose are-

  • Opening up of the Chest.
  • Increased Spine Flexibility.
  • Increased Oxygen Flow in the Body.
  • Strengthens the Lower Body.
  • Opens the Heart Chakra.

Warrior Pose

Women are used to standing on their toes for long hours. They may not realize it at that time, but it leaves a lot of impact on their lower body. This Yoga asana helps them to work their lower body to make it stronger. This pose brings a lot of benefits to a woman. It is also yoga for pregnant women.

  • Stretches the Quadriceps, Hip, and Inner and Outer Thighs.
  • Activates Sacral Plexus Chakra.
  • Releases Trapped Emotions.
  • Give Strength to the Shoulder, arms, and the core region.
  • Helps to boost energy.

Wide-Legged Forward Bend Pose

This pose looks easy but needs to be practiced to get it done perfectly. Women doing yoga enjoy a lot of healthy change in their body with these moves. It focuses on the muscles of the inner thighs, hamstrings, flexors, and can help solve the problem of constrictions that are created due to tightness in the hips, long hours of sitting, pain in the lower back, stiffness, and more. It has many other benefits-

  • Increased blood flow to the brain.
  • De-stressing mind.
  • Removing Brain Fog.
  • Relaxing Lower Back.
  • Massaging the lumbar section muscles.

Goddess Pose

Many women suffer from the problems of stomach cramps, menstruation pain, constipation, etc. There are many reasons for this problem, but it creates a lot of discomforts. Practicing this pose helps in allowing a healthy flow and promoting a healthy gut. It puts pressure on the intestines that result in smoother bowel movements. The other benefits include-

  • Works on the lower body.
  • Create space for back muscles to sit easily.
  • Open Hip Flexors.
  • Relieves Back Ache.
  • Soothes Lower Back.

Boat Pose

This is yoga for PCOS. Practicing this asana has helped many women facing this problem of polycystic ovary syndrome. It gives a good crunch while at the same time helping to keep the core tighter and stronger. It puts pressure on the belly which helps women with PCOS and also increases the sensitivity of the body to insulin. Squeeze in this exercise whenever you get the time and enjoy its amazing benefits.

  • Reduces Belly Fat.
  • Strengthens Lower Back.
  • Builds Strong Abs.
  • Offers a Toned Core.
  • Relief from Constipation.
  • Boosts Digestion.

Cobra Pose

Women hard-pressed for time can add this yoga move to their day and enjoy a remarkable relief from back pain. It is a very simple exercise and can provide a lot of benefits when done correctly. Lie on your stomach, spread your feet top such that it faces downwards and lift yourself up. Remember, the lift must be up to the navel level and the arms must be by your sides with elbows facing backward. Look up and stay in the pose for some time. Some of the benefits of this exercise are-

  • Relief from Back pain
  • Strengthens Lower Back.
  • Corrects Rounded Shoulders.
  • Clear Blockages of the Heart Chakra.
  • Practice this yoga for PCOS.

Kapalbhati Pranayam

This is a perfect yoga asana for women who wish to get pregnant. This asana brings a lot of calm and serenity to their life. They feel relaxed, happy, and content with themselves. It makes them more receptive to the changes that pregnancy brings. It has other benefits like-

  • Control on Breathing.
  • Peace, and calm in mind.
  • More receptive.
  • More Positive.

Bridge Pose

This is another yoga for older women to pose. It is easy to do and gives a lot of benefits to the practitioners. You need to lie prone on the floor with knees bent. Keep the arms placed by the side with the palms facing downwards. Lift yourself from the back such that the lower back and a part of the upper back are off the floor. It provides a lot of benefits, like-

  • Enhance Back Robustness.
  • Strengthen Back Muscles.
  • Tighten Glutes.
  • Increase Flexibility.
  • Tones Hip Muscles.
  • Tones the entire lower body.

Seated Half Twist

As the name suggests, in this exercise, the women sit on the floor with one leg curved on the floor and the other leg upright at the right angle. Hold the toe of the opposite leg and twist sideways. This poses a very good twist to the body. It gives other benefits like-

  • Increase spine flexibility.
  • Keeps the spine supple.
  • Massage organs like the liver, stomach, gall bladder, and pancreas.
  • Abdominal muscle toning.
  • Waist trimming.


It is a simple exercise with amazing benefits. Sit straight, pull your feet together while spreading out the knees on the side. Now, lower the knees as much as you can in pulse form. Keep your back straight and sit straight for a perfect posture. The benefits of this exercise are-

  • Relieve tension from the hips and belly.
  • Enhances hip joint mobility.
  • Stabilizes the menstrual cycle.

If you wish to learn yoga professionally, you need to search for the yoga class near me for ladies on Google. Else, you can also do these yoga moves on your own watching DIY videos. Regular practice of yoga for women's health can bring you desired changes and results in no time. This practice has both short-term and long-term benefits and only regularity and consistency is the way to go forward. Enjoy the sense of calm, peace, and serenity that comes from breathing properly. It will help improve your emotional and mental well being and keep you healthy, fit, and active throughout the day.

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