Stress has become a normal part of life for many people. Everywhere you go, you come face to face with people who are stressed about job-related tasks, financial security, relationship problems, and so on. Since the things that cause stress or cause anxiety show no sign of going away, it is time to learn how to deal with stress. Stress reduction is essential if you plan on living a long and healthy life. There are several techniques available to help you let go of stressful thoughts and feelings. In fact, you can easily reduce stress with exercise.If you have been living with stress and anxiety for a while, your entire well-being is at risk. Stress plays games with your emotional equilibrium and your physical health. It prevents you from thinking clearly, functioning effectively, and enjoying your life. Fortunately, effective stress management can help hold stress. The ultimate goal of leading a happy and healthy life can be achieved by a balanced life where there is time for relationships, work, fun, and relaxation. However, stress management differs from person to person. You need to find stress reduction exercises that work for you. Various stress relief exercises involve meditation, yoga, and relaxation techniques.

Identify The Stress-Source In Your Life

Before you get started on stress relief breathing exercises or stress relief exercises at home, you need to identify the major and minor stress triggers in your life. The major sources are easily identifiable and can be something like changing jobs, going through a divorce, shifting to a new city, and so on. The minor stress triggers are often the reason behind your everyday stress levels. It can pile up and turn you into a ticking time bomb unless you look into how to release stress & tension with different techniques. To identify your sources of stress, take a good close look at your attitude, habits, and excuses. Maintaining a stress journal is a great way to identify what causes your stress and anxiety.

Exercises To Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety can be described as a state of tension and fear experienced by the mind and body. It also has a negative effect on your physical and mental health, just like stress. Here are a couple of simple ways to reduce stress by exercise:

1. Abdominal Breathing

This is a simple stress reduction breathing exercise that helps you relax and relieve stress. This involves sitting down or lying down in a comfortable position with your one hand on the belly and the other on your chest. You then need to breathe in deeply through your nose and allow your belly to push your hand out. However, your chest should not move. Then breathe out through pursed lips and you will feel your belly go in gradually. Repeat this three to ten times and you feel considerably relaxed by the end of the session.

2. Mountain Visualization

Guided imagery is a type of stress management technique that has gained a lot of popularity in the past couple of years. Short meditation exercises like guided imagery encourage you to use your imagination to picture a place, time, or person to help you feel relaxed, happy, and peaceful. Mountain visualization involves picturing a beautiful mountain top where you can imagine the breeze on your skin, the smell of wildflowers, and tiny drops of dew on the grass. This powerful imagery will create a relaxing experience, allowing you to cope with difficult situations and let go of your stress and anxiety. Stress reduction meditation can be done anywhere. All you need to do is find yourself a quiet corner, close your eyes, breathe slowly, and start visualizing. It is important to use all your sense during the visualization to have a successful session.

3. Parsvakonasana offers plenty of online sessions of yoga for stress reduction. Parsvakonasana also referred to as the extended Side Angle Pose, is another popular yoga workout for stress reduction. You get started by standing straight on your legs about a meter apart and inhaling with your hands stretched out to both sides. When you exhale, you need to turn your right foot sideways while bending your leg at the knee till your right-hand touch the ground just next to your right foot. You also need to stretch your left hand at the same time to form a right angle. You need to hold the pose for about thirty seconds before returning to the upright position.

4. Shalabhasana

The yoga pose Shalabhasana, also known as the Locust pose involves bending your spine backwards to resemble a grasshopper or a locust. This pose involves lying on your stomach with your chin on the ground and your toes pointing outwards. You need to place your arms by the side and as you close your eyes. You need to exhale for three seconds and raise your right leg as high as possible while the left leg remains on the ground. As you raise your right leg, your hands remain in place while your lower back muscles contract slowly. Hold this position for about six seconds before returning to the starting position. Switch sides and repeat the pose. Practising three rounds of asana will help relieve you of your stress immensely. This yoga stretching exercise for stress reduction will help you relax instantly.

5. Gomukhasana

Gomukhasana, also known as Cow Face Pose is a seated yoga posture that can be performed along with other seated asanas to improve your posture and strengthen your core. This pose involves sitting on the ground with your back straight while you keep your legs extended in front of you. You need to place your feet together while your palms remain next to your hips. This is followed by bending your right leg to place it under your left buttock. You need to stack your left knee under your right knee. Slowly raise your left arm above your head while you keep your elbow bent. Repeat this with your left arm and interlock both arms. Take a few deep breaths and remain in this posture as long as you are comfortable. Then relax slowly and unlock your arms, followed by legs while you go back to the starting posture.

6. Trikonasana

Yoga for stress reduction is practised by people all over the world today. Trikonasana is a yoga pose that signifies stamina, stability, and strength. There is no better way to drive away stress and anxiety. This pose involves standing erect with your legs wide apart. You need to make sure that your left foot remains perpendicular to your right foot. Then extend your arms to your shoulder level and start inhaling as you raise your right arm above your head. Then exhale slowly and slide your upper body towards the left, tilting it at the same time. Your arms need to move simultaneously. Then move your left arm slowly away from your body and press the back of your hand on your ankle.At the end of the day, managing stress is critical in staying mentally and physically healthy. It is time to find a stress management technique that works for you and start reducing your anxiety and stress levels as soon as possible.

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