1. Breakfast Egg MuffinIf you are on a Keto diet, this is one of the best and easy breakfast recipes for you. This recipe is perfect for everyone who loves eggs for breakfast. You can also prepare it one night before, and have it while you are running out the door in the morning.For the egg muffin, break the egg, add salt and pepper to it and then a few pieces of chopped onion. Beat it and pour it in the pan. Now you can add any of these two ingredients ‚Äď

  • Spinach mozzarella cheese and Tomato
  • Garlic Mushroom, Peppers and Garlic
  1. Omelette with Whole Wheat Roti

Who doesn‚Äôt like an omelette with some spice? Wrap it in your wheat roti and you are good to kick start your day. It is an easy breakfast recipe with simple ingredients. Firstly you need to prepare rotis- For this, knead wheat flour, with salt and little curd. After kneading add little oil and keep it aside. To prepare Masala omelette ‚Äď Add bell peppers and onion to the pan, cook it well then add spices of your choice like Red Chilli Powder, Chat Masala, and chopped Coriander leaves. Now add the beaten eggs with some salt and cook it well.You can wrap the omelette in the roti. This breakfast can also be eaten while you are traveling to your work-place.

  1. Honey Banana Breakfast Crepes

What better way to start your Monday morning other than with some sweet crepes. Your kids will love this lip-smacking morning recipe.  Along with banana, you can also add your other favourite fruits. Include Dates in your fruit list and your taste buds will thank you.

  1. Breakfast Bread Omelette

If you are thinking ‚ÄėHow to make easy breakfast recipes; this one will be the easiest to deal with. Even if you are an amateur in cooking, this recipe will be easy for you. All you need is bread and a few veggies to add in your omelette. You can also include cheese in the sandwich to make it tastier. Serve it with Green Chutney or Schezwan Sauce.

      5. Sooji ka HalwaIt is an Indian pudding made of semolina (sooji) and one of the best recipes for an Indian. Make the halwa fully in desi ghee to enhance its flavours. Add milk to increase its softness and cardamom for taste.

      6. Sabudana KhichadiSabudana Khichadi made of tapioca pearls is a famous food in India during the fasting season. It is a gluten-free vegan dish that everyone will love. It is a very simple recipe that includes curry leaves, red chillies, peanuts, and 7.Overnight Oats with Berries, Peanut Butter and Seeds It is an amazing breakfast recipe for all health conscious people. Oats can be made in advance and used all week long. It is basically oatmeal that is not cooked. Soak the oats in milk overnight and it will absorb the moisture, making it ready to be consumed without cooking it. It is rich in fibre, high in proteins and also will help you lose weight. You can add strawberry and other nuts on top of it.

    8. Protein PancakeThis recipe gives you a good dose of proteins if you are on a low-carb diet. This is a fulfilling plus healthy option for you.  Pancakes with protein powder do not have the exact consistency as a normal pancake but are amazing as they are. You can top it up with honey, banana, strawberry or blueberries. A whip of cream will also be good with it.

9. Whole Wheat PancakeWho doesn’t want a breakfast that is healthy as well as delicious? These fluffy pancakes are the best option for this. Add nuts to the mixture to make it even better.

10.Ragi Banana PancakeThis is an awesome tasting finger millet(Ragi) recipe served as a healthier version of pancake. This breakfast idea is best if you want to give it to your toddlers. Add maple syrup or honey to make it even better.

   11.Turmeric LatteAs everyone knows turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which make it an awesome option for a healthy breakfast. While serving, top it with cinnamon powder to give an edge. It is a great drink for people who have injuries or any health issues.

   12. Turmeric Smoothie BowlThis creamy bowl of breakfast is full of nourishing and nutritious properties. The smoothie is made up of turmeric roots blended with water. Add nuts and chia seeds when served.

  13. Lemon Ricotta Pancake Imagine an Italian twist to your favourite pancake. That is what Lemon Ricotta Pancake tastes like. The tanginess and brightness of Lemon when added with Ricotta is best for spring and summer. These pancakes will become your new favorite breakfast and they will just melt in your mouth.

14. Banana Raisin PancakeFor everyone who wants instant breakfast recipes Indian, this is for you. Banana Raisin Pancake topped with maple syrup and honey are very delicious. You can also double up the vanilla and cinnamon.

15. Apple Pancakes with Grape Preserve It is a mouth-watering, one of the Pancake recipes where whole wheat pancakes of apple are pervaded with honey and cinnamon. In this when grape preserve is added, it takes the pancakes to another level. These fluffy pancakes will melt in your mouth, while providing you with energy for all the challenges in the day ahead.

   16. Mix Veg UpmaThis recipe is a breakfast that can be prepared quickly with very few ingredients. Adding boiled veggies to the rawa makes it more healthy and fibrous. This can be prepared any time a day whenever hunger strikes you.

   17. Masala Semiya UpmaVermicelli upma with boiled vegetables is a South Indian breakfast with a tadka. It has become a common breakfast in every busy Indian household. Add only basic spices to keep in light. Serve it with a hot cup of ginger tea.

18. Tossed IdliIt is also known as fried idli. It is a twist to the traditionally prepared Idlis. Add curry leaves, mustard and cumin seeds to the idlis to make it better. Idlis are high in protein and seeds add good fats to your breakfast.

19. Spinach Bell Pepper OmeletteEggs are very high in protein with a high level of amino acids. It is a heavy appetite full of nutritious value. Bell peppers are also high in irons and Vitamins. This immune boosting recipe is what you need for your breakfast.

20. Tofu BhurjiAlso known in some place as the Indian scramble, it is the vegan alternative for Egg scramble. Tofu has a high nourishment factor making it perfect for breakfast. Add vegetables of your choice with all the Indian spices.

  21. Cheese Mushroom OmeletteThis is a delicious easy breakfast recipe that can’t go wrong. Even amateur cooks can make it right. All you need is cheese mushroom and eggs. You can add any vegetable in it that is in your refrigerator. Try cooking mushroom in garlic-infused oil, this will make it even better. Serve it with a piping hot cup of coffee.

22. Corn BreadBread which is buttery and moist inside and has crispy corners. Serve this sweet bread with honey to bring out every flavor in it. You can also add buttermilk to make it moister.

All these easy breakfast recipes are cooked using healthy cooking methods and techniques. These will fill you with energy to survive the whole day.

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