Soft and sticky cheese, tangy flavours, and crispy crusts - how can you not like homemade pizza? Undoubtedly, pizzas are among the most liked food items. No matter if you in the native country of pizza, i.e. Italy, or you are deep down in a town of India, you will develop cravings for homemade pizza every now and then. However, it is very likely that you do not know how to make pizza. In such a condition, homemade pizza recipes come handy as they are relatively healthier than market pizzas and ingredients for pizza recipes are also easily available at home. Moreover, if you do not have an oven at home, then you can also learn a homemade pizza recipe without an oven.With experimentation over time, people have developed different variations of homemade pizza recipes like Neapolitan Pizza, Margherita Pizza, Multigrain Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, New York-Style Pizza, etc. To make a homemade pizza, you will need local ingredients that are usually available fresh. If you want to keep it short, you will need a pizza recipe with a ready-made base. However, if you need to make a healthy pizza and you are not in a hurry, then you can make a base at home instead of going for a pizza recipe with readymade base.We have curated a list of homemade pizza recipes that will teach you how to make pizza step by step. However, before diving straight into the easy pizza recipes, lets learn about the basics of the base, and options of sauces first.

The Perfect Pizza Base

A base actually makes the structure of the pizza in a pizza at home recipe. While executing an easy homemade pizza recipe, you either have to take a ready-made pizza base or you have to make it by yourself at home. If you prefer that all your ingredients for pizza recipes are made at home, you just have to make sure that the dough should be kneaded properly. You should add a little yeast to make the base rise in the right proportion. Using a little olive oil and lukewarm water in the simple pizza recipe will make the dough soft and smooth. In your simple pizza recipe, you can choose any kind of flour for making the base, maida, whole wheat flour, oatmeal flour, etc. If you want to make your homemade pizza a little more healthy, you should consider making a quinoa pizza base.

Choices of Sauces

Just like the base, you can either make your sauce at home or you can buy it from the market for your homemade pizza recipes. If you want to make it at home, you should always use fresh tomatoes instead of using canned ones.

Now is the time to learn some homemade pizza recipes

1. Kulcha Pizza Recipe

There are various homemade pizza recipes that are found only in certain cultures, for example, kulcha pizza is found only in India. Notable, the Kulcha pizza recipe is one of the easiest homemade pizza recipes. 

Read this easy homemade pizza recipe

  1. Mix lukewarm water, jaggery, yeast in a bowl and set it aside for 5-7 minutes.
  2. Add flour and salt to the bowl.
  3. Knead to make a smooth textured dough.
  4. After an hour, make equal-sized bowls from it.
  5. Press down one dough ball and prick the round-shaped dough disc with a fork.
  6. Spread some tomato sauce on the kulcha.
  7. Add chopped veggies and cheese to it.
  8. Insert this kulcha on a baking tray in a preheated oven at 220 degrees.
  9. Take it out after 5 minutes and serve hot.

2. Cauliflower Crust Pizza Recipe

If you are finding some homemade pizza recipes that keep a check on your weight, cauliflower crust pizza is the perfect one. It is not just one of the easiest pizza recipes out there, but it also contains calories in a low amount. 

Read this pizza at home recipe

  1. Add garlic and oil to a saucepan, saute.
  2. Add black pepper, red chilli flakes, oregano, tomato puree, and cook.
  3. Check to season, and add basil leaves.
  4. Blend cauliflower in a jar to make a coarse mixture.
  5. Remove liquid from this cauliflower by squeezing it in a muslin cloth.
  6. Mix egg, Italian seasoning, pepper, salt, cheese, and cauliflower mix in a bowl.
  7. Pour this mixture in a round shape on a baking tray and place it in a preheated oven at 190 degrees celsius.
  8. Take it after 10-12 minutes, spread tomato sauce on it, sprinkle bell pepper, grated cheese, and black olives.
  9. Put it again in the oven at 220 degrees celsius.
  10. Take the tray out after 2 to 3 minutes until the cheese melts down.
  11. Serve your cauliflower crust pizza hot.

‚Äć3. Bread Pizza Recipe

Only those homemade pizza recipes are the best whose ingredients are easily available at home. Healthy bread pizza is one of those homemade pizza recipes which can help you make your pizza within 30 minutes with minimal requirement of ingredients. 

Read this pizza at home recipe

  1. Take capsicum, some green chilies, cabbage, and a carrot.
  2. Grate the carrot and finely chop the rest of the ingredients.
  3. Add a little salt to the cabbage and squeeze it once it starts leaving water out of it.
  4. Take a bowl to add semolina along with cabbage, curd, green chili, salt, black pepper and capsicum in it.
  5. Mix well all of the ingredients present in the bowl and check the seasoning.
  6. Take the bread and toast it's both sides until they get a little crispy and brown in color. (Once you do it, your bread will not get soggy when toppings and sauce will be added to it.)
  7. Apply curd mix and tomato sauce on the bread.
  8. Take a frying pan, add some oil to it, and heat.
  9. Place one bread slice on it in a way that the topping side gets placed downwards and the bread side gets placed upwards.
  10. Cook the bread for a few minutes. Flip and cook on the other side too.
  11. Your healthy bread pizza is ready to be served.

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