The hunger pangs of your kids are something that always keeps you on tenterhooks. All mothers will agree on this. You are all the time inventing and rediscovering recipes to suit the palate of your child. You need to balance well on two counts one, the taste for sure, and the second, the nutrition. Noodles are perfect on both of these counts. You can fill them with loads of nutrients green and red veggies while the taste of noodles is incredible beyond imagination.  One thing about noodles is that they are loved universally. This Chinese dish is omnipresent. Be it guests coming over for dinner or a unique weekend noodle recipe that you need to go about discovering by trial and error, the dish never fails to impress your taste buds and those of your kids and guests, too!  Be it a dish of Hakka noodles, garlic noodles, chicken noodles, or egg noodles, you will always find one or the taker for these fabulous dishes. One interesting point about noodles is that they are easy to quick, with most of them hardly covering a few minutes.   Unlike many conventional dishes, you do not have to spend hours standing in the kitchen, stirring and blending spices to get the right taste. Here are some fantastic noodle recipes that will leave everyone impressed beyond words. Get ready to hop on a culinary journey in south-east Asia.

Different Noodles Recipes

1. Chilli Tofu Hakka Noodles

It is a traditional Indo-Thai cuisine that is a vegan dish that blends tastes and flavours with excellent results. The cuisine is marked by distinct spicy flavours of ginger, tamari, and garlic. Most of the ingredients are readily available at home for this simple noodle recipe.  It is a perfect Chinese dish for vegans with cottage cheese replaced with nutritious tofu. You can make this Hakka noodle as spicy as your taste buds permit. It can be a side dish to lo mein or rice. You can also serve Mandarin pancakes with it. The dish can be cooked with ease and fast when you have unexpected guests at home. The Thai condiments have a distinct taste that is loved by kids too. Just make sure that you keep the chillies to their preference when you serve this simple homemade noodle recipe to kids. On the nutritional count, this noodle recipe is full of calories as each serving consists of about 793 calories with the right proportion of fats, carbs, proteins, and fats. The recipe offers instant energy to kids while it is full of essential building nutrients. With an Indian twist, there is nothing that can beat the supreme taste of this fabulous dish.

2. Chicken Curry Noodle Bowl

Another excellent noodle recipe that is simple to make at home is this chicken noodles. As the name suggests, chicken curry with the coconut flavour and fantastic homemade noodles blends the top Asian flavours. The brothy dish consists of a mix of Chinese, Thai, and Indian tastes. The bowl's unique taste leaves kids and adults impressed, satiating their gastronomical desires through and through.  It takes not more than half an hour to prepare this delectable noodle dish. The best part is that the chicken curry noodle bowl can be stored inside a fridge for days together without any taste or nourishment issues. You make noodles at home by putting in an elaborate range of vegetables like ginger, onion, haricot bean, capsicum yellow, bok choy, spring onion, celery, tomato, capsicum red, cherry tomato, capsicum green, carrots, and sweet potato. Since the dish is non-vegetarian, there have to be chicken breasts and raw eggs. On the nutritional front, this noodle recipe is a storehouse of proteins. Plus, it contains fibres and calories with numerous vegetables to make it a full meal for people of all ages. Add coconut milk at the end to add taste with the added benefit of lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.

3. Veg Curry Noodle Bowl

The veg curry noodle bowl is a one-of-its-kind veggie noodle.  A very straightforward method to make this noodle recipe is a one-pot meal. One of the remarkable things about the recipe is that it can be cooked in about 25 minutes so, if you are not too keen to cook an exhaustive meal spread tonight, try this out. Veggie noodles are perfect for growing children, especially if they are fussy eaters. The homemade noodle recipe has the goodness of essential nutrients because it contains all the top nutrition sources. The vegetables that go into cooking this delectable dish are celery, a powerhouse of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. On the other hand, Cherry tomatoes have essential vitamins, while carrots help in fortifying immunity. Bok Choy is extremely good for the lungs, while haricot beans are known to be filled with natural ingredients like B complex and magnesium. Spring onions in this homemade noodle fill the tummy taking care of the dietary requirements of the body.

4. Korean Noodle Soup

This noodle recipe, as the name amply suggests, is one of the most favoured by Koreans. It is a traditional dish of Korea and is served during festivities and events amongst friends and families. The characteristic soup of this simple noodle recipe blends astonishingly well with the long thin noodles. The distinct addition is the boiled eggs that make it one of its kinds of egg noodles. Since the soup is consumed hot, it is highly recommended for chilled winter evenings. Plus, it has some colourful veggies added to it, like zucchini, spring onion, ginger, baby corn, and coriander. Other than these, the Korean noodle soup consists of peanuts, sesame white, pumpkin seed, sunflower seeds, jaggery, vegetable oyster sauce, and light soy sauce. You can also add garlic and button mushrooms to the noodle recipe. Koreans believe that noodles are good for leading a happy life. When you serve this tasty to your guests, they will remember it for a long time. Filled with lean protein, iodine, other minerals, Vitamin D, fibre and folate acid, and phytonutrients add valuable nutrients to the body.

5. Pad Thai Noodles

This noodle recipe is made with exceptional Pad Thai or rice noodles. Besides, it contains garlic, green cabbage, coriander leaves, peanut butter, spring onion, lemon juice, onion, bok choy, ginger, capsicum red, tofu, jaggery, and peanuts.  Toppings include shrimp, chicken, scrambled eggs, and other vegetables. Garlic noodles are the most popular in Thailand. So, if you wish to serve authentic Thai noodles to your guests and amaze them with your culinary skills, then this is the noodle recipe to go for. It is the symbol of Thai noodles. You can make it into vegetarian or non-vegetarian noodles, as per choice and taste. The noodle is stir-fried and is a prevalent dish across the world.  One can enjoy this easy homemade noodle on your visit to Bangkok and Phuket. Add condiments like red chilli peppers, lime wedges, and roasted peanuts. The Pad Thai Noodle has a name of its own in the noodles community. It was voted one of the best 50 delicious foods in the world in 2011 by CNN Go. These are some fantastic noodle recipes for your family and guests to showcase your culinary abilities and leave a fond memory of their taste buds.

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