In the past few years, the philosophy of yoga has gone online. You can see people talking about this ancient yet modern philosophy on the latest social media platforms, forums, and whatnot. No doubt that this has benefitted yoga in an immense way, but it has also brought some negative effects with itself. People have started to create myths about yoga. These myths are created mostly by people who have seen yoga only at one glance and have not performed it by themselves. Here is a list of myths that are circling around the internet, and the truth behind them:

Myth: All types of yoga are the same

Truth: It is one of the major myths built around yoga spiritual practice. People who believe this do not understand the subtleties of yoga yet. Every practice of yoga is different from another in terms of how you perform it, and what results does it give. If you perform them like they really should, you will feel the difference in the very first few minutes of performing them. There are seven spiritual laws of yoga and every law show one different aspect of yoga. If you find it hard to understand the subtleties of yoga, you should consider having a mentor. A mentor will explain to you the spiritual science of kriya yoga, the 7 spiritual laws of yoga, and will make you realize how one yoga can differ from the other. From Hath Yoga and Jivamukti Yoga to Yin Yoga and Kundalini Yoga, each style has a different purpose. Depending on your purpose, you can opt for a particular style. For instance, if you want to do yoga for spiritual awakening, Kundalini yoga can be the best style. Other than styles, even your yoga teacher, class, and location can have a totally different impact on you.

Myth: Yoga is nothing but various body poses for stretching out muscles

Truth: It is true that yoga helps you build a great body. It is also true that some yoga poses need stretching of the muscles. But, saying that yoga is nothing but various body poses will be like focusing on a single wall and denying the existence of the home that the wall is a part of. Spiritual human yoga focuses on how to unite your body to the divine and awakening your consciousness. Perform spiritual yoga only for a few hours and you will realize how far this claim is from the truth.

Myth: Since yoga comes from Hinduism and only Hindus should perform it

It is true that yoga was discovered and nurtured in India, and Hinduism is a prominent religion in India for a long-long time. But, that does not mean that everything that has been discovered in India can be used by Hindus only. By the same logic, should Zero be used by Indians or Hindus only? People from every religion have contributed to spiritual warrior yoga actively. Various yoga poses are in fact developed in nations as well other than India, and by people other than Hindus. There is a wave in several European countries for using yoga as a tool for managing emotions. There is no license of religion or nationality that can permit a person to perform it. Anyone can perform yoga for the betterment of emotional health, and physical well-being. If you were holding back yourself from doing yoga just because you happen to come from a different religion or nation, now is the perfect time to give yoga a try and start saying yes to life.

Myth: Perform Difficult Yoga For Better Results.

Truth: Mostly when people, especially beginners, think about spiritual yoga, they are afraid that the poses and postures will be quite difficult to perform. Another myth that gets associated is that the results of yoga depend on how hard the pose is. This is one of the reasons that people take a step back even before trying yoga. Their insecurities about flexibility and body stop them from growing. Yoga helps you understand your inner strengths and unite your body and mind together in perfect harmony. To make sure yoga doesn't become a difficult deed, try to find a spiritual guide and learn the practice professionally. With practice, strength and confidence will come to you naturally.

Myth: Spiritual Yoga Requires a Total Change in Lifestyle.

Truth: While you may need to make a few changes in your lifestyle, a complete transformation is not required in yoga. For instance, a vegan or vegetarian diet is advisable but that does not necessarily mean you have to completely avoid meat and junk food. You can enjoy these food products in moderation. Even a glass of wine on occasions does not do any harm. Other than that, lifestyle changes usually involve paying more attention to your present, being kind to others, and practicing gratitude. So next time you fear that spiritual yoga can be a threat to your eating habits, just dump that thought and just begin yoga for spiritual growth and physical well-being.

Myth: Yoga Is Time Consuming

Truth: Yoga needs commitment but that does not mean you have to put in hours of practice. That thought is far away from reality. In fact, there are plenty of small sessions that are just 10, 15, or 20 minutes long. It takes less time than watching one episode of a web series! We also have audio sessions that don't focus on the time but the quality of the practice. With time, you can extend your session time and reap more benefits. So next time you think that a busy schedule and hectic life won't let you perform yoga, just head to our website or app and look at our sessions.

The Takeaway

Myths get build when there is not enough guidance and information. This is the reason why we say that having a mentor or spiritual guide can make a big difference in your journey of yoga and spirituality. At Cure.Fit, we completely understand your doubts and aim to wash them all. Our special session packs aim to provide you world-class yoga practices from renowned yoga teachers. For instance, our Chit Shakti Meditation is created by Sadhguru and helps you achieve spiritual peace. To know more about our packs and sessions, visit our website or app.

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July 19, 2022

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