Your universe unfolds as you roll out a yoga mat!The ancient practice of Yoga has traveled around the world and is being celebrated as one of the best gifts to our health, fitness, and well-being. Synchronizing our breaths with bodily movements, holding an intention, will power and strength yoga indeed tests you, transforms you, and opens you up.While anytime you roll out a mat you can practice yoga, it is believed that early morning yoga is one of the best! As the sun shines bright, and the morning breeze greets you, a 10 minute morning yoga flow and stretching can help you begin your day on a positive note. It wakes up your mind, energizes your body, and activates your muscles for an active and indulgent day ahead.If you have been procrastinating your everyday morning practice due to heavy workload, or unable to form a steady routine during the day a quick morning yoga routine can be a great advent to set on. Here are some of the great yoga asanas to cover on a morning 12 mins yoga stretching.

Mountain Pose or Tadasana

A foundational yoga pose for all standing Yoga poses, Mountain Pose helps you start your practice with an intention. Stand strong with your feet wide and routed and your quadriceps engaged. Elongate your spine, bring your shoulder blades together and stand straight to experience the strength and awareness. Stay in the mountain pose to work on your body posture and weight down your bodyweight equally onto the ground.Once you are standing with your chest opened, back straight and neck elongated, take some deep breaths in and out. A mountain pose can be a great Morning yoga for beginners to take some positive affirmations and start your morning with gratitude.

Forward Fold

Forward Fold is a great asana for stress relief, relaxation, and hamstring strength. From mountain pose, you can drop down your hands and bend your body forward to let the hand reach to the feet. Make sure your back is straight and you bend your knees generously to support your back.Hold on to the forward fold for a couple of breaths and let everything go. The reverse blood circulation in this asana helps in brain functioning and freshening your mind. From here you can roll out to go back to the mountain pose or move your practice for a lunge.

Low lunge variation

Opening up your hips, strengthening your quads and hamstrings, and correcting your body posture a low lunge is one of the most powerful asanas in the Vinyasa Yoga Flow. It helps in strengthening the muscles around the knee joint, ankles, and back for people who have knee pain, joint pain, etc. Low lunge is also great for improving focus, body agility, and bringing in positivity.From your forward fold, plant your palms on the floor and swiftly take one leg back resting it on the knees and toes while the front leg bends at a 90-degree angle. Lending support to your front leg and hands while elongating through the back leg, hold on to a low lunge for a few breaths. Stretch and release the pose when you are comfortable.

High Lunge

Strengthening your core, quads, hamstrings, and back muscles a high lunge is a power version of a low lunge where you shift your weight upward with a strong foot foundation. It improves your focus, opens up the heart chakra, and helps you maintain body balance.From your low lunge, curl your toes under and raise your knee as you take your hands off the ground and raise it towards the sky. Pulling up strength from your legs and balancing your body weight you open up the heart chakra towards the sky. Part of Sun Salutations or Surya Namaskar, this asana lets you open up to the bright day ahead and feel the positivity.

Plank Pose

As you return to the low lunge and slowly move your front leg back, you can take a quick plank pose for a full-body muscle strengthening exercise. A plank pose works on your core, glutes, legs, and shoulders while improving your strength, power, and agility. The asana is also known to improve arms strength while helping you evaluate your fitness and stamina levels.Hold on to your plank pose for a good 30 seconds or more if you can and slowly descend to the ground.

Cobra Pose/Bhujangasana

After having worked out on your back and leg muscles for a few minutes, its time to give a few moments of rest and focus on the pelvis muscles. The Cobra pose is a great exercise to break the body stiffness and loosen up the back muscles immediately. Keep your palms on the floor with elbows tucked to the body and push through the pelvis muscles to straighten your hands and lift the upper body.The Cobra pose is a great exercise to tone the pelvis muscles, open up the heart chakra and make some space for the lungs to breathe during the early morning yoga. People with breathing problems can work on this pose to improve air intake.

Cat-Cow Pose

A great practice for improving body posture, back strength, and agility, the cat-cow pose can give you a new perspective towards your own body. Come down to all fours with your bodyweight equally distributed between the arms and legs. Activate your core muscles and make gentle movements to check if there is any stiffness in the body.Now inhale and arch the spine to sink the belly while face and tailbone lifting towards the sky. This is a cow pose. As you exhale, press into your palms and knees to reverse the arch and hollow the belly. Tuck the chin towards the chest and push into your core muscles. This is a cat pose. Cat-cow pose is a part of yoga for flexibility.

Child Pose

Opening up your hips, thighs, ankles, and back- a child pose sends you in a state of relaxation. It isn't just stress-relieving and meditational but also helps you stretch the back muscles, and improve the digestive system. Bring both you're your legs together and push back from your all fours and rest your hips on the feet. Bow your head down while letting your hand loose on both sides.Breathe in this resting position to calm down those muscles and feel peace, contentment, and relaxation.

Yogi Squat

Get past the regular squat. When you are practicing Good Morning Yoga, a yoga squat is a must. Improving strength on the legs, back, hips, and groin the yogi squat helps you work on your core muscles while opening up the heart chakra.Spread your legs as wide as the shoulders and bend your knees to sit on your haunches. Join your hands to Namaste and keep your arms between the legs to stretch the legs and open up the glutes. Keeping your back straight and gaze high take a few breaths. This asana is core strengthening, and muscle stretching while inflicting relaxation at the same time. An early morning yoga routine can be gentle and yet uplifting. As you begin your day checking on yourself and activating your energy channels you are bound to have a happy and joyful day ahead.

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July 15, 2022

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