Workouts offer both to us a fit body and a calm mind. They improve our sleep cycle, reduce anxiety, help in maintaining weight, and much more. Almost everyone knows these benefits of workouts, yet only a few people do exercises to stay fit. Why? People give a number of excuses not to exercise. They have a tight schedule, they don't know how to do it, and the foremost excuse is they do not have money to spend on gym subscriptions or buy equipment at home. But, you do not need either a gym membership or equipment to exercise. We promise that you can do a full-body home workout; no equipment is required. Here is a list of 10 types of exercises that you can try at home:

1. Yoga

If you are doing exercises without equipment, Yoga should be your first preference. You will ask why? For every need, there is a yoga move out there to help you. There are a lot of gentle stretches yoga for beginners. For people whose requirements are more intense, they can try power yoga that gives strength. The only equipment you will need is a mat. But, you do not need to go to the market to buy one. Pick any carpet from your home that supportive and soft enough. Even a large-sized towel will do the job.

2. Dancing

Before you start asking us if dancing is even considered a workout or not, let us clarify. Depending on the style, one hour of dancing can burn up to 250-500 calories. Apart from that, it helps in improving memory and most importantly, and it helps in increasing your mind-body balance. As we promised, it doesn't require extra equipment. Any speakers big or small at your home will do the job. Just tune in to your favorite music app and start grooving. It will be best you also take your partner along with you. Various dancing styles like salsa and swing involve two people and can act as full-body workouts.

3. Barre

At first glance, barre may look like an easy and gentle exercises. But one feels only such until he or she really tries it. Barre is the kind of workout that helps you strengthen core muscles, improve cardiovascular endurance, and increase your balance. Some tutorials of barre say that you need some kind of equipment for barre, but you don't. If you need some support, you can take a dining chair. For weights, you do not need to buy actual weights. Literally, anything with similar weights will work. Once you start doing it, you will know that whether you use weights or not, your muscles will burn.


High-intensity interval training (HIIT), is the perfect strength training at home without equipment because it can do magic in the shortest period of time. All you need to do is go as hard as possible for a quick period and then take an even shorter break. For example, try doing as many jumping jacks your body allows you to do in a minute, then take a rest of 30 seconds and then do as many pushups you can do in the next one minute. Many scientific studies have shown that people enjoy HIIT more than moderate-rate activities. Not only that, but HIIT also improves your heart-rate variabilities.

5. Strength Workouts

You can enjoy various workouts anytime, anywhere that enhances your muscle stability. These strength workouts include full-body conditioning and core strength workout, butts, and thighs workouts. The one good thing about these workouts is that you do not have to search here and there on the internet to find the methods on how to do them properly. You can check the strength workouts page on Cure.Fit's website.

6. Pilates

Pilates exercises are mainly of two types: those that require equipment and those that require only a mat. You can do the mat one easily at home by yourself. If you do not have a mat at home, use a soft towel instead. You can easily learn pilate's from the internet. The best thing about workout without equipment is that you just have to learn the techniques once at home. After that, you can perform them anytime, anywhere.

7. Lean muscles exercises

There are a number of body movements that help in building lean muscles. They include bodyweight movements and a few weighted movements. The trainer might ask you to use dumbbells and kettlebells to perform exercises. But you can replace it with any kind of weight that is easily available to you at home. You can check the Building Lean Muscle pack on our website.

8. Cardio

Probably the most famous of the lot, cardio is the best at home workout plan without equipment. Also known as aerobic exercise, it helps your heart to pump the blood faster. With faster pumping of blood, your body will get more oxygen and body organs will remain healthy. Some beginner cardio exercises to start with high knees, butt kicks, lateral shuffles, speed skaters, etc. You can take cardio classes in our special CARDIO pack.

9. Walking upstairs

No matter where you are stuck at, no matter how are weather conditions or even if you have a towel or not, the least you can do to get fit is walk on the stairs. If just walking up down sounds too boring to you, you can even spice things up. Step up and down on the first step. Try to do it as quickly as possible. You get bored by that, change the side of your face. Another thing you can do exercise one minute with walking upstairs and then change the exercise with cardio or pushups for another minute, then get back to walking upstairs again. You can get more creative to get better results in a fun way.

10. Jumping, Plank, and Others

One of the easiest exercises to do without equipment is jumping jack. To do this, stand with your legs straight and both arms at your sides. Jump and spread your legs hip outward. While jumping, touch your hands by moving them above your head. Return to the normal position and repeat the process as many times as you want. Do the exercise as quickly as possible to get better results. There are other exercises like plank, sit-ups and knee-ups that you can try easily at home. We have a training pack Get Strong Beginner to get you along with these exercises. The pack includes many exercises like sprawl, quick feet, and others.

Final Words

If going to the gym is a challenge to you for reason, these exercises are more than to get in you in perfect shape. And not just body, doing exercise also keeps your mind in a good health. And it is not that these exercises are not somehow enough, or they are only beginner-level exercises. We have mentioned bodyweight chest workout, bodyweight arm exercises, workouts that build up your core, and many others. A financial commitment is not needed for these exercises, but a strong will for the better is a must.

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July 15, 2022

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