For those who love to eat, snack time is probably the best time of the day, especially those who eat healthy meals. People stick to their healthy eating regime but somehow, but when it comes to snacks, everyone feels like cheating, at least a little bit. I ate healthy the entire day worked out for an hour today little bit of indulgence will not harm me are few of the most heard excuses before people reach towards the packet of chips, cookies or milkshakes. If you are someone who loves snacks but hates to break their healthy eating regime, don't worry, we got your back. We have some of the best, healthiest and yet the most delicious snacks that you can enjoy at home, anytime. This is a collection of popular snacks in India and in other parts of the world. It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But we believe snacks are equally important. Evening snacks are the buffer meal between two main meals of the day, lunch and dinner. It is important that you eat something healthy and filling for your snacks, something that will keep you going till dinner but not so heavy that you feel like skipping the dinner. If you are looking for some spicy and tangy options for your evening snacks, chaats are your best bets as snacks in India. If you have some boiled potatoes ready in the refrigerator, you can quickly mash them up and turn them into a delectable aloo tikki chaat. You can also put this aloo tikki between two pieces of buns, along with some mayonnaise, lettuce leaves and cucumber to make an aloo tikki burger. Baked katori chaat, veg cutlet, hara bhara kabab or dabeli are some other quick and easy snacks recipes Indian. Have potatoes but they are not boiled, don't worry, you can use those potatoes to make yummy schezwan potato wedges to make a spicy snack recipe. If you had plans of eating healthy or recently made some Asian recipes, and have some sprouted moong in your house, you should definitely turn them into moong dal vada and enjoy these healthy snacks with a bit of fresh vegetables and green chutney. If you are craving some international snacks recipes Indian you can explore the Hawaiian flavours with chicken pineapple bites or the famous American snack recipe chicken panini sandwich. Your tongue can take a culinary trip to the Middle East with hummus and chicken shawarma wrap. If it wants to go a little further to Italy cauliflower crust pizza or healthy pizza without yeast are some great snacks items to explore. If you feel like going a little closer and want to explore Asian snack recipes, try making some gobi manchurian, chilli paneer, chicken schezwan momos, chilli baby corn, whole wheat veg momos, whole wheat chicken wontons, and whole-wheat egg rolls. Their mild flavours make them great snacks for kids. Treat yourself to Mexican snacks items with some baked nachos with Mexican dips, soft shell nutty raisin veg tacos, paprika chicken quesadillas, and chipotle paneer burritos. Expand your horizon from Mexican to Tex Mex snacks with Tex Mex chicken rolls and Tex Mex grilled chicken sandwich.We also have some snack recipes for Indian palates. Chiwda, baked banana chips, healthy bhel puri, khara bun, baked bhakarwadi, are some delicious make-ahead snacks in India. If you are in the mood to cook some snacks, you can always try making some popular and authentic snacks in India such as yummy paneer tikka, zesty paneer, mushroom galouti, dal ke kabab, rava idli, moong dal kachori, corn chat, dahi ke kabab, paneer roll, khandvi, veg stuffed cheela. Give your Indian snack recipes a little twist and make some scrambled paneer, corn cutlet, idli chaat, poha cutlet, quick mug dhokla, masala idli. Non-vegetarians can enjoy some chicken shawarma wrap, chicken nuggets, chicken frankie, chick-a-fill Laos. If you don't eat chicken but love eggs, you should definitely try making some egg pepper fry, fluffy omelette, masala egg toast and tomato chutney, whole wheat egg roll as snacks. These are good snacks for kids, who love non-vegetarian food and are willing to expand their palate and explore new flavours. Kulcha pizza, eggless omelette, bread upma, veg frankie, mushroom garlic toast, beetroot tikki are some great low-calorie snacks. You can also try baked samosa, non-fried pakoras and veg kachori as your other low-calorie Indian snack options. Children can enjoy their evening snacks and eat a very filling plate of kanda poha, healthy bread pizza, dhokla. With their limited palate, parents are often worried about what are the best snacks for kids. If all else fails, you can always serve a seasonal fruit bowl, this low-calorie snack the different colours of cut fruits will catch their attention and will replenish their mineral and micronutrient needs. Of course, we know that eating all this yummy food is going to make you thirsty. But drinking plain water after these healthy snacks, though sounds practical, is also boring. This is the reason why you should wash your snacks down with some flavourful juices such as lychee mocktail or cucumber lemonade. If you need a kick of caffeine for your evening energy boost, lemon iced tea has got your back. And finally, some liquid snacks recipes for Indian taste buds, our very own, humble jaljeera to reduce your bloating and kokum sherbet to help you indigestion. Protein is one of the most essential micronutrients, that helps to build our muscles and tone our body. If you love chaat but don't want to indulge in the high calorie, deep-fried chaats, black lentil chaat, baked dahi vada, high protein tikki chaat and chana chaat are some of the best high protein snacks that are quick and easy to make. You can continue your romance with street food, with these snack items; tofu bhurji, egg muffins, protein-rich sprouts bhel vegan protein sandwich and mixed veg and bean quesadillas. The busybodies, who love snacks but have very little time in the evening to make healthy snacks, can try making some of these make in advance snacks. You can store them in an airtight container and carry them with you to your work or gym or can even snack on them once you are back home. Gluten-free seed crackers, multi-grain lavash and granola bars are easy to make, pack, carry and eat anywhere, any time. If you love cookies and chocolate then you should definitely make some vegan chocolate chip cookies and peanut-pumpkin seed chikki. For those willing to snack at home but are still in a bit of time crunch, should keep some homemade crunchy oats granola and spice roasted mixed nuts at home at all times. Serve crunchy oats granola in a bowl, top it with some curd and seasonal fruits and this high protein snack will keep you full till your dinner, you should also try making matcha chia pudding. Not a fan of sweet things, no problem, take a handful of spice roasted mixed nuts, serve it with some curd and fresh sprouts and vegetables, or just eat a handful of nuts as your evening snacks, as soon as you are back home.

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