When a person hears the word Indian food, what usually comes to his or her mind is something very spicy, oily, and indulgent. Generally, we ignore the fact that most common Indian food like chapati, dal, mix veg salad, and raita are not spicy, and oily, in contrast, they are very healthy. If you are a person who has been told to try weight loss recipes and diet, then you must also know the concept of calories. Calories are something that should be not rejected at the face value. Almost every food available on the planet contains energy, and that energy is counted in terms of calories. So, even when you are trying weight loss recipes like lemon detox water and immunity tea all day, you still are having somewhere between 800 and 1500 calories each day. So, in simpler words, calories are not bad; high calories are bad. In such a situation, weight loss recipes with low calories come. These include some keto recipes or oats recipes for weight loss. Once you have started trying weight loss recipes Indian, you can feel that your diet is actually complementing yoga for weight loss. We have prepared a list of weight loss recipes for you. A few of them can be tried for breakfast, a few for lunch, and some for dinner for weight loss. Read on!

Different Weight Loss Recipes

1. Sabudana Khichdi

Among breakfasts for weight loss, sabudana khichdi is a very healthy option. Usually, people know this recipe as it is consumed in the week of Navratri. Apart from its religious value, it also has a lot of nutritious value. Prepared by cooking tapioca pearls, peanuts, and mild spices, sabudana khichdi is perfect for those who want to change their breakfasts for weight loss. Some nutritionists say that you can add a bit of ghee to it. The fat contained in this recipe is good and it can help you in fulfilling untimely cravings for food.

2. Ragi Dosa

If you are planning to change your dinner for weight loss, ragi dosa is the perfect option for you. Unlike other types of dosas, ragi dosa is gluten-free because of its Ragi content. Apart from that, Ragi is also very rich in fibre which makes it a perfect food for people who want to lose weight. Fibres can give you feelings of satiety as it takes a little longer for digesting them. Once you feel that your stomach is full, you tend to eat less food. This way, ragi dosa helps you in losing weight. Coconut chutney and hot sambhar are the perfect options to complement this dosa. So, if you are in the mood to try weight loss recipes, keep ragi dosa on the list.

3. Green Pea Upma

Considered as one of the best breakfasts for weight loss, green pea upma is a very healthy dish. Unlike some other South Indian foods, green pea upma is not nutrient-dense. Hence, it is perfect to be counted among weight loss recipes. Moreover, this recipe contains green pea which is protein-rich. There is a hormone produced in our body called ghrelin which stimulates hunger. The protein obtained from green pea can keep a check on the ghrelin hormone and control our food cravings. This means, you not only get delicious food in your plate but also healthy nutrients in your tummy.

4. Simple Salad

Almost every nutritionist suggests salad for weight loss. Salads actually contain a high amount of fibers. These fibers help in bowel movement and make a person feel full stomach for a long period of time. This way, you will not have food cravings for a long time after having a salad. So, every health enthusiast should try salad for weight loss at least once.

5. Sarso Ka Saag

Indian keto recipes are not as famous as their western counterparts. However, this doesn't mean that they are not healthy enough. Sarso ka saag is a very famous food item in North India, especially in Haryana and Punjab. It contains a very low amount of carbs and calories. Apart from that, it tastes very good when you add ghee (only a little) to it. Its rich and salty taste makes it the best among other keto recipes.

6. Green Smoothie

Filling junk food with fewer calories is not necessarily the best way to lose weight. If you have started taking care of what goes inside your body, you should try green smoothie. With a fresh mixture of dark green leaves and healthy fruits, a green smoothie can make your body healthy inside out. As a bonus, this is also one of the easiest weight loss recipes out there.

7. Muesli

Looking out for some tasty weight loss breakfast recipes? You should certainly try muesli. It contains oats, and oats contain beta-glucan fibre which can reduce the high levels of cholesterol and also stabilizes the blood sugar level. Fibre, as we have already mentioned, is very good for losing weight. For its various health benefits, muesli is considered one of the weight loss breakfast recipes.

8. Boiled Vegetables

You probably do not need to know what boiled vegetables are, but you certainly need to know what they can do. Regarded as one of the best weight loss dinner recipes, boiled vegetables contain almost every nutrient except high calories. Add potatoes, beans, broccoli, peas, and other favorite vegetables filled with fibre and essential nutrients to reduce weight and stay healthy.

9. Sweet Potato Salad

Talking about weight loss dinner recipes, how can we forget to mention sweet potatoes. When added with a pinch of spices, sweet potatoes become one of the tastiest weight loss recipes. Not only do they contain fewer calories, but they also have other health benefits like increasing metabolic rate and regulation of blood sugar level.

10. Mango Lassi Ice Cream

Enough talk of the meals, it is time to add some delicious beverages to the list. The dessert that can fulfill your cravings while making sure you don't end up gulping too many calories is mango lassi ice cream. This low-calorie and sugar-free drink can be made at home in just 30 minutes. Just churn together yogurt, chopped mangoes, and honey in a blender. Deep freeze the mixture in silicone moulds. A few hours in there and you can enjoy the cold and tasty ice cream with a healthy meal.

‚ÄćThe Takeaway

There is no dearth of weight loss recipes Indian. What you will require is a dedication to stick to these weight loss recipes. Before rejecting for not being tasty, try these weight loss recipes by yourself first. If do not like one recipe you can try another. If oats recipes for weight loss seems boring to you, you can try other salad recipes for weight loss. In short, there are a number of weight loss recipes, you just have to stick to them. If you are looking for a perfect guide to help you in preparing the ultimate diet chart for weight loss, turn to Cult.Fit. From healthy recipes to online consultations from the best dieticians, it offers you a complete package for weight loss. You can also learn weight loss exercises and yoga to burn calories faster than ever. Visit the website to know more.

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