Yoga - This term is gaining wide popularity across the globe today. How many of you know how yoga benefits your body and mind? Yoga is a divine flow of energy and awareness that brings in harmony to our lives. The practice of yoga is not confined to a single country. People all over the world have begun adopting the various streams of yoga as part of their lifestyle. And they are all reaping wonderful harvests of mindfulness, positive thinking and utmost happiness. Don't you think its time to bring change in your life too?Here's all the help you need. Let us go slow and steady. Is yoga for flexibility? Most beginners may have this query in mind. Yes, practising yoga helps increase your flexibility. However, the benefits do not end there. Before we start, you have to make sure you possess two things- Will power & Consistency. Nothing is achieved in a single day or a single week. Even a month of practice may not result in the desired result. Do not get disappointed. The minute you decide to take up yoga, you are signing up for a stunning transformation which is going to change your life. Yoga starts its magic internally. The toxins in and around your internal body organs are worked on first. It is a cleansing process. So external results appear gradually. Be patient and know that the magic has started.

Requirements for a Beginner

  • A yoga mat
  • Comfortable yoga pants
  • A breathable yoga top
  • Face Towel

Note: Always start learning yoga with an experienced teacher. If not, you may do more harm than good to your own body. Do not try out complicated versions of yoga poses. Start with the basics.

The Best 10 Poses for Beginners

The beginner poses are meant to stretch and release the strain in all body parts. The tension and stress in the body have to be relieved. The best poses for this are:

Mountain Pose

Also known as Tadasana.

How to do it: Spread out your yoga mat. Stand with your feet placed firmly on the mat. Raise your hands on both sides and clamp them together above your hand. Slowly and steadily lift your toes and hold the position .Count till 10 and gently lower your toes.

Tree pose

Also known as Vrksasana. Great pose for regaining focus and balance.

How to do it: Spread out your yoga mat. Stand with your feet placed firmly on the mat. Lift your left leg and place it sideways against the right inner upper thigh. Lift your hands above and press them together as in prayer. Keep your focus on a single point to gain balance. Hold for 5 counts and repeat with the other leg.

Downward Facing Dog

Also known as Adho Mukha Svanasana. This is an excellent stretch for all your muscles. The blood circulation also increases throughout the body.

How to do it: Spread out your yoga mat. Go down on your fours. Get your hips off the mat and lift it towards the ceiling. Your wrists should be below your shoulders. Keep your toes on the mat and do not bend your knees. Look downwards facing the mat. Hold the pose for 10 counts.

Upward Facing Dog

Also known as Urdhva Mukha Svanasana. It helps to expand your chest and regularise your breath. Also done to give a tight core.

How to do it: Spread out your yoga mat. Lie on your stomach with your toes flipped to touch the floor. Slowly lift your upper body with your hands as support. Tighten your core and look at the ceiling by lifting your head. Curve your upper back as you push your chest upwards.


Also known as Kumbhakasana. This is a great way to tone your tummy.

How to do it: Spread out your yoga mat. Raise your body by lying on your stomach. Tuck your toes to lift your legs and upper body. They should form a straight line, supported by your hands and toes. Hold for 10 counts.

Triangle Pose

Also known as Trikonasana. Excellent for side stretches and opening up the lungs. Its a great pose for toning the entire body.

How to do it: Spread out your yoga mat. Stand with your feet apart, at least a legs distance. Turn your right foot forward. Let your torso tilt forward and touch the right foot with the right hand. The left hand should be extended towards the ceiling with the fingers extended. Look upwards to the ceiling and hold the pose for 5 counts. Repeat with the left foot forward.

Warrior pose

Also known as Virabhadrasana, the Yoga-strength gaining pose. It helps build your stamina and confidence as well. 

How to do it: Spread out your yoga mat. Take a great lunge backwards with your left foot first. Place your left foot forwards at an angle of 75 degrees Stretch your arms upwards and press your palms together. Slightly raise your head and look upwards. Hold, breathe evenly and repeat with your right leg.

Bridge pose

Also known as Setubandhasana. This is the perfect counterpose for a forward bend. It helps to expand your upper regions and gives a great stretch to the body. 

How to do it: Spread out your yoga mat. Lie flat on your back. Your legs should be bent at the knees, with a hip-width distance. Keep your hands straight, parallel to your upper body. Slowly raise your hips and butt with your knees bent. Hold the position for 10 counts and lower your body gently to the mat.

Crescent Lunge

Also known as Utthita Ashwa Sanchalanasana. This poses help to increase coordination and balance. 

How to do it: Spread out your yoga mat. Take a long step forward with your left leg first. Bend the left knee in a perpendicular angle. Keep your right leg straight. Now lift your arms and stretch them towards the ceiling. Hold the pose for 5 counts.

Child pose

Also known as Balasana. The child pose is a counter pose for most asanas. This brings in relaxation and reduces strain. It is a calming posture that tends to heal from within.

How to do it: Spread out your yoga mat. Go down on all fours. Sit on your heels and stretch your body out in a crawling pose. Let your forehead rest on the mat with your arms outstretched. Release the tension within by holding this pose for as long as you want to. As suggested above, yoga should always be practised in the beginning with adequate training from an experienced yoga practitioner. Set a routine for including your yoga practice and begin slowly. It is great if you have the chance to spend time early in the morning for yoga. This helps you stay fresh and active during the entire day.As you learn to hold your breath and focus your mind, you will be able to advance into the next levels. It is believed that even 15minutes of regular yoga helps to rejuvenate the body and bring a glow to your face. Yoga retains the elasticity of the skin and leaves you with a youthful look. Yoga for beginners helps tone the body while gently stretching the muscles and increasing flexibility. Feel your body glowering while you fill up with inner peace and tranquillity!

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July 15, 2022

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