Dry fruits are a great source of numerous micronutrients. No matter which dry fruit you choose, you will find that they are loaded with protein, vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, etc. Though eating a handful of dates, nuts and raisins is the easiest on the go dry fruit recipe, it's not always the most interesting one, enter dry fruits recipes. One of the biggest advantages of Indian cooking is it uses complementing ingredients, ingredients that when used together enhance each other's flavours and nutritional value. Here are 5 best dry fruits recipes that are not only tasty but also healthy.

Dry fruit cake:

Dry fruit cake is packed with flavours and texture. Often made around Christmas holidays, this festive cake is a perfect dry fruit recipe to enjoy throughout the winters. Traditionally, dry fruit cake is made a few weeks before Christmas. Before baking the cake, the dry fruits are soaked overnight in a shot of alcohol and once the cake completely cools down, it is fed with alcohol over the next few weeks. However, if you are looking for a healthier non-boozy version of dry fruit cake, you can replace the alcohol with orange juice or cranberry juice. The complementing mix of spices in the dry fruit cake, adds a hint of flavour and warmth in it, making it perfect for the cold winters. If you want, you can top the cake with a drizzle of orange juice, mixed with honey and cinnamon.

Dry Fruit Laddoo:

If you are more of a traditional person with a sweet tooth, then you might prefer the variety of laddoos that Indian kitchens offer. If you are tired of eating the same basan or nariyal laddoos, dry fruit laddoo is a great new recipe you should definitely try. All you have to do is roast the dry fruits in a spoonful of ghee to unlock their flavour, fragrance and nutrients. Roasting dry fruits in a little bit of ghee, enhance their properties and inherent warmth, making them a perfect dessert for cold winters. You can also add gond or gum in these dry fruit ladoos to make them even healthier. If you are making this dry fruit recipe in winters, you can replace the sugar with jaggery.

Dry Fruit Chikki:

Whenever anyone thinks about recipes with dry fruits, dry fruit chikki is the first thing that comes to mind. Made with melted jaggery, this Indian dessert has an abundance of flavour, texture and of course, nutrients. Perhaps it is also the most favourite dry fruit snack that is also extremely healthy. The variety of nuts and seeds in the Dry fruit chikki gives it a bite and hence, a very interesting texture. When made properly, it has an amazing snap that quickly breaks between the teeth and then melts in the mouth. Apart from dry fruits, you can use sesame seeds and coconut to enhance the flavours of your dry fruit chikki. If you want to give a twist to your regular chikki, you can also try making choco dry fruit barfi. Made with cocoa powder, this healthy barfi is an amazing dry fruits recipe that derives its sweetness from dates, figs and raisins along with a little bit of jaggery, making it healthy. So next time you are craving something chocolaty but are not willing to give up on your healthy eating regime, you should definitely indulge in choco dry fruit barfi.

Dry Fruit Halwa:

Dry fruit halwa is a very popular South Indian delicacy that is quick to make and is very flavourful along with being one of the famous dry fruit snacks. Made with a variety of dry fruits, cornstarch and Indian spices such as cardamom and saffron, this Southern dry fruit recipe is cut in cubes, making it easy to eat. This recipe requires very little ghee and the refined sugar can be easily swapped with jaggery. However, there are more than one ways of making dry fruit halwa. If you are not a fan of corn starch, sugar or jaggery this other version of dry fruit halwa might be your next favourite thing. All you have to do is cut nuts of your choice into small pieces, you can also blitz them in a mixer. Finely chop dates and figs and blend them with milk and ghee, until smooth. Now add all the chopped nuts and blended dates and figs in a hot pan with ghee, and mix them well till all the ingredients start separating from the pan. Serve the halwa as it is in a bowl or set it in a pan, cut square shapes and enjoy once cold. One another, similar but great variant for dry fruits recipes is dry fruit sewaiyan. You can either make the wet and milky version of seviyan or try your hands on the drier lactose-free version. Made using ghee roasted, whole wheat vermicelli, cashew nuts, almonds and pista and flavoured with cardamom, coconut and jaggery, this dry fruit recipe will put you in a festive mood, satiate the sweet cravings of your tummy while keeping your waist slim.

Apple and Dry Fruit Smoothie:

Smoothies are the new in┬Ł thing. Made with a variety of ingredients and flavours ranging between sweet and savoury, smoothies are trendy, quick and easy breakfast or snack fix. They are also a very convenient way of consuming your fruit portion for the day. Apple and dry fruit smoothie is made using apple (obviously!) and gets the smooth texture from banana. The added dry fruits such as cashew nuts and almonds add a bite along with lots of micronutrients in this recipe. Instead of refined sugar, this dry fruit recipe gets its sweetness from jaggery, dates and raisins, making it extremely healthy and filling. Speaking of smoothies, lets not forget our original Indian smoothie, commonly known and loved as lassi. Slim dry fruit lassi is made using skim milk and low-fat yoghurt, which gives this lassi the same great taste, but much fewer calories. Flavoured with rose water, honey, cashew nuts and almonds, simplicity is the key to this extremely popular North Indian drink. If you like, you can also add seasonal fruits such as mangoes or chikoo to this lassi, to make it more nutrient-dense and tasty.These dry fruit recipes are very tasty and packed with nutrients. Having these delicacies regularly will regulate your body's nutrient intake. This will make you stronger, healthier and fitter from the inside and tone your body and glow your skin on the outside. So next time you get a sweet craving try one of these amazing dry fruit recipes. Make it at home and share your love for healthy food with your friends and family.


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