New Mexican cuisine is often confused with the Mexican cuisine that is popular across the world. The New Mexican cuisine is a perfect blend of Spanish, Anglo, and Native American foods. Though the food has the same shades as that of Tex-Mex and Mexican cuisine it is yet distinctive. The main ingredient that goes into the making of New Mexican food is Chile and mostly found in North America. ‚Äć

Here are some traditional new Mexican cuisine dishes to try

1. Fry Bread Tacos

It was the staple food that the Navajos had for survival during the Navajo walk. It is delicious, crispy, and chewy and should be part of your must-try in Mexican cuisine list. It is the Bruschetta of New Mexican food.

2. Calabacitas

This is one of the Mexican cuisine lists, as it is a popular side dish that is a healthy mix of all vegetables. It has a large quantity of green chile, squash, corn, zucchini, and more. Traditionally these are soft and not soggy and give a refreshing flavor which is best served in winter or autumn. It is a great part of the Mexican dinner ideas.

3. Carne Adovada

This is among the many New Mexican dishes that are had for breakfast. It is similar to the tacos of Mexican cuisine. It is similar to stew and can be served as an entree too. The Adovada means marinated in Spanish and is cooked in adobo sauce which is primarily made of chiles.

4. Blue Corn Atole

It is a sweet porridge that is a standard breakfast item in a new Mexican home. It is made from cornmeal and can be flavored with cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate, etc, and thinned by milk. It can be had along with Egg Ramen Bowl.

5. Breakfast Burrito

Similar to Mexican cuisine, New Mexican cuisine cannot do without a burrito. The main ingredients are the egg, potatoes, and cheese along with other addons.

6. Posole

It makes it to the list of traditional new Mexican cuisine dishes as it a comfort food and a holiday dish. It is more of a stew and made of pork, hominy, and red or green chile. This is a dish that will be part of a grandma's Mexican dinner ideas and not found easily in restaurants. Have it with Chicken Hakka Noodles and make it a complete dinner.

7. Frito Pie

Another popular dish with many names and variations. There are many Mexican cuisine recipes of this dish and are part of the family culinary recipe. For a multi-cuisine experience, opt for a Pumpkin Risotto.

8. Enchiladas

Another of the many traditional Mexican cuisine dishes that come in many varieties. It can be in a stacked style or the rolled version and is usually spicy.

9. Biscochitos

It is known as Christmas cookies and is a staple in December. There are many variations of Mexican cuisine recipes that give heavenly cookies and can be had with a cup of hot coffee.

10. Pinon Coffee

This is made from Pinon nuts. Have it with a breakfast burrito and experience the New Mexican cuisine style.

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