Planks are one of the most loved exercises of gym trainers. From beginners to experienced gym-goers, trainers suggest doing planks to everyone. The reason behind this choice is obviously a large number of advantages of plank. 

If you are planning to add an exercise to your workout that can hit your core but engage other muscles too, the plank is the perfect exercise. In this article, we are going to cover 10 unbelievable benefits of doing planks everyday. Read on. 

10 Benefits Of Plank

Down below, we have described the 10 most important benefits of doing planks in detail:

1. It Can Improve Body Posture

One of the well-known plank workout benefits is that they can convert your lousy posture into an upright one. If you are someone who has to sit on a chair or couch for long hours for professional purposes, you should definitely try planks. This exercise corrects the posture in two ways: relieving the tension from your spine and strengthening all the muscles that are responsible for keeping your back upright. 

2. It Can Improve Body Balance And Coordination

An improvement in coordination and body balance is also one of the major health plank benefits for females and males. Even when you are not a professional athlete, this coordination is required for regular tasks. For example, when you are riding a bicycle, your body needs to be balanced with the help of core muscles. Now, planks are the exercise that helps in tightening your core muscles.

3. It Makes Your Body Flexible

If you have a flexible body, your chances of getting injured get reduced. Along with that, flexibility is also required to do day-to-day tasks in the office or the home. One of the best plank benefits for males and females is that you can improve your flexibility just by doing planks a few minutes a day. When you practice planks, you extend a number of major muscle groups such as the hamstrings, collarbone muscles, shoulders muscles, and so on. If you add side planks to your workout, you can also stretch your oblique muscles. 

4. It can Improve Your Body Alignment

At one point or another, we all suffer from pain in the lower back. This pain can be mild or severe, but it is going to decrease the quality of life in any case. Thankfully, one of the many side plank benefits is that they can improve body alignment and aid in getting relief from lower back pain. Whenever you are sitting on a chair or couch for long hours, you should take 5 to 10 minutes and practice the planks exercise if possible. This small exercise session will release the pressure off your neck, shoulders, and back.

5. It Can Strengthen Your Core

Yes, it is true that strong core muscles look visually appealing. However, you should also know that strong core muscles are much more than a plain show. A strong core can be utilized for various purposes. Its best use can be doing high-intensity strength training exercises in the gym. Most beginners can not lift heavyweight in the gym because of weak core muscles. If you are facing the same problem, you can first strengthen your core muscles by doing planks and then jump to other intense exercises. 

6. It Can Help You In Losing Weight

Thanks to the modern lifestyle, most of us do not perform any intense physical activity during the whole day. A lack of physical activity can slow down our metabolism and then can further lead to weight gain. But if you add the regular planks or their various variations to your workout, you will activate your metabolism and burn a lot of calories. In short, one of the best benefits of plank is that it can help you lose weight. The trick to losing more weight with planks is just by increasing the number of reps in your workout. 

7. It Can Improve Your Mental Health

The list of plank exercise benefits goes beyond physical health. Various studies conducted on the effects of doing planks on our bodies revealed that when you do planks, endorphins get released in your body which makes you feel better. Another reason why doing planks leaves a calming effect is that while doing planks and their variations, you mostly engage stressed areas of your body such as the back and neck. So, if you want to get rid of anxiety and depression that is caused by stress, you should definitely add planks to your workout at home or at the gym.

8. It Decreases The Risk of Back Injury

Yet another bad by-product of the modern lifestyle is the weakening of the back muscles. When you sit all day, your back muscles sustain the pressure of your upper body to maintain the posture. Thankfully, you can strengthen your back muscles and reduce your risk of back injury just by doing plank exercises a few minutes a day. 

9. It Has Many Variations

Till now, we just talked about the various health benefits of plank. But there is another aspect that makes plank such a famous exercise - it has many variations. If you ever get bored of doing the same type of exercise (regular planks, in this case), you can try many variations such as the High Plank, Forearm Plank, Plank Pulse, Reverse Plank, Side Plank Crunch, and so on. The benefits of these variations are similar to the benefits of plank.

10. It Is Easy To Implement

Unlike most other bodyweight exercises, a plank is an adjustable exercise that can be inserted anywhere in your workout routine - the beginning, middle, or the end. If you are doing the easy version of plank exercises, you should add it to the beginning of the workout. Similarly, if you are doing hard versions of planks, you should add them towards the end of the workout so that your body becomes flexible enough for it. 

Benefits Of Plank - Summing It Up

The list of benefits of plank is huge to convince people to add this exercise to their workout at home. The best part - despite its benefits, this exercise is quite easy to practice. 

While it is true that learning and practicing the planks exercise is easy, you also don’t have to forget the key to reaping all the benefits of plank lies in practicing it with the right technique.

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June 27, 2022

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