Weight Loss Maxims for Women

Excessive weight can lead to Chronic illnesses. So, if you are overweight and trying to lose weight, it is not always necessary to lift heavyweights in the gym or do heavy running on the treadmill. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle without compromising on your favourite food and not getting overworked is the apt way for weight loss. Following are the Weight Loss Tips that will slim you down eventually and effortlessly:1. Hydrate Yourself: Water is an amazing ingredient that promotes weight loss. Drinking adequate water will make you full for longer and reduce hunger pangs. Also, it flushes out harmful free radicals and toxins that lead to cell damage.2. Eat Right: Include fruits and vegetables in your diet to Stay Fit and let you avoid unhealthy foods. This adds fibre to your body and is low in calorie yet keeps you full for long.3. Keep Walking: Walking is the most efficient way to lose weight. First, it is easy to implement, you do not require heavy equipment and you can do it during any time of the day even inside your home too.4. Eat Slowly: It takes 20 minutes for your stomach to send a signal to the brain that it is full. So if you eat fast you will eat more. Instead, slow eating will bore you and let you eat less. To focus on your food-plate avoid eating while watching TV.5. Be Active: Keep yourself active all the time. Even playing and running around with children will keep you active and help in reducing stress and improve Heart Health.6. Labels may lieNot all foods labelled healthy are healthy! Do not forget to look at the ingredient list. If a particular food item claims to be healthy but contains sugar or fat is unhealthy.7. Eat Protein: Eating a good amount of protein can help you Lose Weight. This doesn’t mean feasting on a big whole chicken or fish. What you have to do is, include small amounts of protein with every meal. Like eat curd with lunch or include a few eggs in the breakfast. Add more vegetables at lunch and dinner. You can also include small portions of lean protein like fish and chicken. A good amount of protein in your regular diet keeps you full for longer and lets you avoid eating in between meals.8. Eating Rules: Eat on your own rules. Do not eat if you don’t feel hungry. Just because everybody is eating doesn’t mean you also have to stuff yourself up. Also, avoid sleeping or sitting for hours post-eating!9. Eating out of boredom: Do not just start eating out of boredom. Find other ways to cure boredom.10. Avoid Stress: Stop stressing over silly issues. Stress may lead to overeating known as Stress Eating and may cause weight gain!11. Everything you need is within you.Don't think too much about what to wear and how you look when you exercise. While it is necessary to wear comfortable clothes, fitness does not need top-of-the-range gear or athleisure apparel. They dont put in the effort, you do!


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