Yoga for eyes aids in improving your eye health and enhancing your eyesight. One can do eye yoga for myopia, glaucoma, and various other problems related to the eyes. The best part about yoga for healthy eyes is that they benefit other aspects of your health too.

Doctors and scientists are doing studies on the outcome when people do yoga for squint eyes, puffy eyes, and other similar conditions. While some results are being awaited, there is overwhelming evidence that you can perform yoga for eye pain and eye stress to treat these conditions.

5 Best Yoga For Eyes

There are some asanas that provide multiple benefits. This means that dark circles yoga can also act yoga for eyes to remove glasses if it improves your eyesight. We have mentioned the five best yoga asanas for various eye-related problems:

Rotational viewing

  • Sit down, stretch your legs forward, and place your left hand on the left knee, and your right fist on the right knee.¬†
  • Point your thumb upwards and keep your elbow straight.¬†
  • Keep your head straight and focus on your thumb.¬†
  • Make circles with your thumb without bending your elbow.¬†
  • Make five clockwise and five anti-clockwise circles.¬†
  • Repeat it with your left thumb, close your eyes and relax.¬†

Up and down viewing

  • Sit down and stretch your legs forward.¬†
  • Place your fists on the knees with thumbs pointing upwards.¬†
  • Now, lift the right thumb without bending the arm.¬†
  • Focus on the thumb and follow its movement.¬†
  • Make it reach the maximum height and then bring it down.¬†
  • Keep your focus on your thumb and repeat the whole process with your left thumb.¬†
  • Practice this five times with each thumb and then close your eyes to relax.¬†

Palming (Dark Circles Yoga)

  • Sit down on the ground and close your eyes.¬†
  • Take deep breaths, calm your mind and relax your body.¬†
  • Rub your palms quickly and after a few seconds, they will get warm.¬†
  • Rub your warm palms gently on your eyelids.¬†
  • Feel the sensation when the warm energy is getting transferred from palms to your eyes and then from your eyes to the eye muscles. This sensation will make you feel relaxed.¬†¬†
  • Keel the eyes close, put down your both hands, and relax.¬†
  • You feel that your eyes are getting warm and dryness from them is fading away.¬†
  • Repeat the same process at least three times every time you practice yoga.¬†

Front and sideways viewing

  • Sit down on the ground and stretch your legs.¬†
  • Put your left fist on the left knee and point the thumb in the upward direction.¬†
  • Try to focus on an imaginary point that is right in front of your eyes, at your eye level.¬†
  • Lock your head in the pose where it is right now.¬†
  • Breathe out and move your eyes from the imaginary point to your left thumb.¬†
  • Breath in and shift your focus again on the imaginary point at your eye level.¬†
  • Repeat the whole process with your right thumb, rotating your focus between the imaginary point and the thumb of each side.¬†
  • Once you are done doing the asana on both sides, close your eyes and relax.¬†


  • Sit down on the ground with open eyes.¬†
  • Take a deep breath and start blinking quickly.¬†
  • Stop when you have blinked about 10 times.¬†
  • Close your eyes and relax for about 20 seconds.¬†
  • Feel your breath while you are relaxing.¬†
  • Repeat the blinking asana five times every time you workout.¬†
  • The yoga asana gives you the best results when you do it in the early morning.¬†

Benefits Of Doing Yoga Eye Exercises

Now we have both anecdotal and scientific evidence that practicing yoga for eyes offers many benefits. A few eye yoga benefits are

  • Yoga For Eyesight: Sitting in front of screens and not eating healthy food can weaken your eyesight. Thankfully, you can do yoga for eyesight and get it back to normal.¬†
  • Yoga To Remove Dark Circles: Hyperpigmentation, lack of rest, allergies, and various other reasons can cause dark circles around your eyes. But you can do yoga to remove dark circles. A few examples of such yoga asanas are palming and side viewing.¬†
  • Eye Yoga For Myopia: Also known as nearsightedness, this is a medical condition in which you can see the nearer objects clearly but objects farther away appear somewhat blurry. Practice yoga to improve eyesight and you will gradually start seeing farther objects clearly.¬†
  • Yoga For Glaucoma: This is a serious condition that can even cause blindness if not treated at the right time. You can do yoga for glaucoma and slow down its progress.¬†
  • Yoga For Puffy Eyes: Ageing, genetics, allergies, and a number of other reasons can cause puffy eyes. Thankfully, you can yoga for puffy eyes and make them look less puffy.
  • Yoga For Squint Eyes: Among all the eye yoga benefits, probably the least known benefits is that yoga eye exercises such as rotational viewing, and up and down viewing can correct your squint eyes.¬†

Yoga For Eyes: Precautions & Safety Points

It is undoubtedly quite safe to practice yoga for eye pain or eyesight as most yoga asanas are intensive. However, if you have any medical condition related to your eyes, it is best to first consult a doctor and then practice yoga for healthy eyes.

Avoid doing yoga to increase eyesight if you have undergone eye surgery recently. If you are still adamant to practice yoga to improve eyesight, you should first consult an ophthalmologist. 


If you practice yoga to increase eyesight, you are definitely going to improve a lot of eye-related problems. The best part here is that yoga for eyes is quite easy to learn. Join any online yoga classes and you will master the best yoga for eyes within a matter of weeks.


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