If you are a fitness enthusiast, you might have learnt about a number of training programs. Every training program is good for a specific goal. And if your goal is to improve your muscular strength and endurance, resistance training is the perfect training program for you.

To build muscles with the help of weight lifting, you should definitely try resistance training. And if you don't know enough about this training program, this article is going to be helpful for you. 

Today, we will discuss what exactly is resistance training, its benefits for your body, and much more. Read till the end to know how you can do resistance training for weight loss and other benefits. 

What Is Resistance Training?

As its name suggests, a resistance training workout involves exercises in which you work against some type of resistance. You can either pull, push, or lift weights in this training program. To put it in the simplest terms, resistance training is a program in which you perform exercises against any force which makes your movement harder. 

The ‚Äėforce‚Äô in resistance training changes from one exercise to another. If you lift a barbell, the force will be gravity or it can be the structural force in the case of band exercises. You can increase or decrease the force either by changing the equipment or the exercise.¬†

The body part that you use in resistance training depends on your goals. You can use your whole body, hands, or legs. Ultimately, it will be your force against the force of any other object. 

Health Benefits Of Resistance Training

Resistance training is a very famous training program amongst health enthusiasts. The reason? Its various health benefits. Here is a list of health benefits of resistance training that are proved by research:

  • It improves your performance in physical activities.¬†
  • It increases your control over bodily movements.¬†
  • It also provides you benefits in daily activities such as a walk by increasing the strength of your leg muscles.¬†
  • It reduces belly fat and gives you a much-desired body shape.¬†
  • Improving your physical performance and changing your physical appearance, also boosts your self-esteem.¬†

There are some bodies of research that also show that resistance training can also offer benefits against diseases and injuries. For example, doing resistance training at home can help you prevent various cardiovascular diseases and even type 2 diabetes. 

Some people do not try a resistance training workout because they think that it might hurt their back. On the contrary, if you do resistance training for beginners the right way, it can actually reduce your lower back pain and other types of pains caused by diseases like arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Why It Is Recommended?

Now comes the big question: why do so many gym trainers suggest resistance training to people who want to build muscles? There are other types of training programs that help in achieving impressive results in muscle building. So, what is so special about high intensity resistance training is that it is liked by professionals and amateurs alike. 

Here is a list of some reasons why your gym trainer might be pushing resistance training for beginners so hard on you:

Sculpted Muscles

It is relatively easier to build muscles but not so easy to build muscles that look tight and more sculpted. The regular strength training programs might be able to bulk you up with some exercises and a highly protein-based diet. However, if you want to look sculpted, not just bulky, you have to go one notch up. 

The resistance training exercises are selected in a way that builds less fat on your muscles. As a result, your muscles look better shaped.

Increases Your Weight (Only Slightly)

Many lean people refrain from going to the gym and lifting heavy weights because they think they will accumulate a lot of fat on their body and it will harm them in the longer run. If you have similar concerns, high intensity resistance training is the right solution for you. 

When compared with fats, muscles are denser. This means that if you build muscles instead of fat, you will not look bulky. Instead, it will give you a trimmed and toned look. Resistance training helps you build lean muscles. Since it adds only muscles and improves metabolism, you can in fact do resistance training for weight loss.

Hits Different Muscles

What makes a training program different from an exercise is that one exercise is going to focus on a single muscle. If you do the same exercise again and again, you are going to harm that particular type of muscle instead of giving it any benefit. On the other hand, a training program (like doing resistance training at home) hits different types of muscles. 

If you join any online fitness classes, you will see that resistance training involves a number of exercises. You can rotate between these resistance training exercises and get your desired result without pushing any one type of muscle. So, what are you waiting for? Buckle up your belt and get ready to lift some weights. 

Different Types of Exercises

As you already know, you need protein powders or supplements to build muscles. But that is true with regular strength training exercises. In resistance training, there are a number of exercises that do not require you to take either supplements or protein powders 

With these exercises, you can just take a healthy diet that contains protein and get the desired result. However, you might need supplements and protein powders if you are on a vegetarian diet. Plant-based proteins do not contain some essential amino acids that are required for building muscles. 


Resistance training might demand some effort from your side but it also delivers unmatchable results. If you want to build lean muscles and get a sculpted body, you should not ignore resistance training. 

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