Bodybuilding is not just about strength training programs. It also has a whole other aspect attached to it and its called bodybuilding diet. You cant build great muscles just by putting stress on your body; you will need a complementary diet that can help in healing and building muscles. In case you don't know how to make a muscle building diet plan, we are here to help. A diet plan for muscle gain mostly includes foods that contain a high amount of protein. That's because protein is actually the building block of your muscles. The protein provided by bodybuilding food is used in the body for two purposes: first, to heal the stressed muscles and second, to build new muscles. But you will also need many other nutrients like fat and fibre. Here is a list of 13 nutrition-rich foods that you can add to your diet plan for muscle gain:


The first bodybuilding food on the list is the egg. You can eat boiled eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, baked eggs, microwaved eggs, etc. If you are making a muscle building diet plan, you must include eggs in it as not only do they contain proteins but they also contain an amino acid called leucine that is a booster of muscle building.

Protein Shake

Shakes contain mainly two nutritious elements: proteins and carbohydrates. Both of these nutrients are the cornerstone of your diet plan for muscle gain. There are many scientific researches done on the effects of protein shakes on the body. These studies found that this bodybuilding food can stop excessive muscle breakdown, boost protein synthesis, refill the energy stored in muscle, improve the blood flow around your muscles, and much more. In short, protein shakes are a must to be added to your bodybuilding diet. Some tasty and healthy proteins are sattu protein shake, peanut butter banana protein shake, pomegranate protein shake, etc.


If you want a bodybuilding food that can provide you carbs along with protein, you should go for chickpeas. Instead of building bulky muscles, chickpeas help in building lean muscles. To add chickpeas into your bodybuilding diet plan, all you have to do is just replace rice and grain with some chickpeas.


Lentils are one of the most underrated protein foods for bodybuilding. What makes this bodybuilding food the best is how easily you can cook lentils. It takes just 10 minutes to cook lentils and you will be ready to mix them in brown rice or sprinkle them over a feta melon chicken salad.


Another major type of food to be added to your diet plan for muscle gain is nuts. Along with proteins, nuts contain a healthy mixture of fats and fibre. This mixture gives you calories to perform workouts but not enough to add to your waistline. Unlike most other foods, nuts are quite portable too.


Salmon is a bodybuilding food that contains protein and omega-3 fats such as DHA and EPA. These omega-3 fatty acids are capable of stopping muscle breakdown and improving the health of your heart. If you dont like the taste of fish but still want to add its nutrition to your gym diet plan for muscle gain, you can take salmon in the form of a fish oil supplement.


Just like salmon, scallops are also considered high-quality protein foods for bodybuilding. They can add lean muscles to your body and are easy to cook. If you live in a seacoast area or happens to have scallops in your nearby market, you must add them to your bodybuilding diet plan.

Greek Yoghurt

What makes Greek yoghurt a better bodybuilding food than regular yoghurt is its high protein content. Other than that, it also contains gut-bacteria-boosting probiotics. If Greek yoghurt tastes too plain to you, you can add fruits in it. And in case you are buying flavoured yoghurt, make sure that it does not contain a high amount of sugar.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is the type of food that is easiest to add to your bodybuilding diet. Just replace regular rice with brown and you will be good to go. Brown rice is jam-packed with branched-chain amino acids which make them a healthy bodybuilding food.

Fermented Dairy Products

There are many fermented dairy products that are good at muscle building but still unknown to most people. Kefir is one such example. Whenever you are making a blender bomb for your vegetarian muscle gain diet, just replace regular milk with kefir. Since kefir contains probiotics, your body will easily digest it. The probiotics present in this bodybuilding food work all around the clock to break down the food and assimilate calories.


Another healthy food to be added to your bodybuilding diet is quinoa. Some people think of it as a grain but it is technically a seed. Quinoa is one of the best protein foods for bodybuilding as it contains protein along with starch, iron, magnesium, and vitamin B-6. A tasty way to add quinoa into your diet is by making quinoa pumpkin khichdi.

Chia Seeds

By looking at the size of it, no one can imagine how good this bodybuilding food is. Chia seed is a source of both energy and strength. It contains protein, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, potassium, antioxidants, and soluble fibre in high amounts. If you are preparing a vegan bodybuilder diet, chia seeds can be a good ingredient. For example, ground chia seeds can be added to protein atta.


If you cant buy protein powder on a tight budget but still want to have the goodness of protein, fibre, and fat, beans are the perfect bodybuilding food for you. If you have culinary creativity, there are hundreds of ways to add beans to your diet. In fact, its versatility is what makes it such a popular bodybuilding food.From simple boiled eggs to protein pancake, there are many foods to add to your bodybuilding diet. Ensure that you like every food so that it becomes easier to stick to it.

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