Shockwave therapies have been used for decades to treat pains and aches occurring due to injuries. These therapies have further branched into specialized techniques that focus on the enhancement of your cognitive abilities and reducing stress, known as binaural beats. Binaural beats are an auditory illusion that one experiences when they hear two different tones at different frequencies in each ear. Without an overlay of music, binaural beats sound like a pulsated humming sound.

What are the benefits of binaural beats for the mind and body?

Binaural sounds or beats are increasingly becoming popular as a self-help technique to synchronize, train, and work on brain functioning. Some of the most important benefits of binaural beats include:

‚ÄĘ ¬†Since these beats let your mind focus and prevent it from wandering, binaural beats meditation is increasingly becoming popular.
‚ÄĘ ¬†Improved focus and concentration not only help in binaural beats meditation but also has a great impact on your work. It improves your creativity and makes you more productive.
‚ÄĘ ¬†Many of us wonder about how to control anger and respond better to stressful situations. One of the most important benefits of binaural beats is that they calm your mind to a great extent. This helps in controlling anger and preventing impulsive reactions.
‚ÄĘ ¬†Thinking of how to overcome anxiety? Listening to these almost unearthly sounds helps in reducing stress, panic attacks, and anxiety. This in turn helps in preventing the risk of serious health concerns such as heart diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, etc.
‚ÄĘ ¬†Binaural beats foster a positive mood and a happy disposition. This helps in improving your interpersonal relationships.
‚ÄĘ ¬†By letting your mind feel calmer, binaural beats help you manage pain and healing better.
‚ÄĘ ¬†Wondering how to build self-confidence? Regularly listening to binaural beats helps in freeing your mind of negativities and especially those connected to your self-image. This helps in letting you become more confident about your abilities.
‚ÄĘ ¬†Binaural music is used to tune musical instruments such as organs and piano.
‚ÄĘ ¬†Binaural music and beats help in slowing down the process of neurological decline and prevent conditions like Alzheimers and dementia.
‚ÄĘ ¬†Binaural beats music when used regularly during meditation improves your memory.

Do binaural beats actually work and are binaural beats scientifically proven?

Do binaural beats work? This is a question many of us have toyed with several times. When you listen to two different tones in binaural beats, an illusion of hearing a third sound is created. This fascinating phenomenon that impacts and modifies your brains electrical response to tones, has been a subject of several pieces of research. Several studies have been conducted on participants, both healthy & preoperative patients, to investigate the impact of these beats on their minds. Almost all the entire evidence points to the fact that the participants reported a reduction in their anxiety and stress levels. In fact, binaural beats music is also used in health & wellness outlets, shopping malls, and other businesses that have daily customer interactions.

Are binaural beats harmful or do they have side effects?

Binaural beats are inherently one of the safest auditory techniques to calm your mind and reduce stress. The side effects do not arise from listening to these beats but from the way that you use them. Here are some potential binaural beats side effects that you may face if you follow improper techniques of using binaural beats:

  • Listening to very high sound levels of binaural beats may cause short-term issues such as headaches and palpitations. In the long run, this may cause loss of hearing.

Can binaural beats get you?

There is no scientific backing to the many claims that binaural beats get you high. There is no proof that these beats alter your consciousness or heighten your levels of ecstasy. All they do is that they promote clear-headedness, calmness, and reduce your stress levels.

What are some tips for using binaural beats?

  • People who have epilepsy, seizure disorders, or heart issues and have a pacemaker installed, must never self-start binaural beats therapy without consulting their doctor.
  • People who suffer from psychological disorders and are taking medications should avoid binaural therapy as it changes the brain waves and may lead to worsening of their condition.
  • Children should avoid listening to binaural beats since their brains are not sufficiently developed and to avoid the risk of seizures.
  • Pregnant women should avoid listening to these beats as they may stimulate labor.
  • Since its all about creating an auditory ambiance, the quality of your headphones while hearing binaural beats is very important.
  • Ensure that you listen to binaural beats in a spot thats free of distractions and noise. Switch off your mobile phone and television, especially when you are using binaural beats music for meditation.
  • Start slow and build upon your listening time.
  • Dont have unrealistic expectations from binaural beats therapy i.e. dont expect them to start working from the word go and dont think that they will solve all your problems immediately. Give the therapy time.
  • If during binaural beats meditation, your mind starts to wander, dont discontinue the session or berate yourself. Be gentle with yourself and guide your mind towards a thoughtless and attentive state.
  • Avoid listening to binaural beats while engaged in possibly risky activities or the ones that need your complete attention. These include driving, working, or operating heavy machinery.
  • There are specific frequencies that the binaural beats need to be at for them to work. These are:
  1. Both the binaural beat frequencies need to be less than 100 Hz.
  2. The difference between the two tones cannot be more than 30 Hz.
  3. If your aim is to correct your sleep patterns, use binaural beats in the range of 1-4 Hz.
  4. To reduce anxiety, improve your creativity, and get your mind into a meditative state, use binaural beats in the 4-8 Hz range.
  5. Binaural beats in the frequency range of 8-13 Hz are perfect for promoting positivity, reducing your stress levels, and inducing relaxation.
  6. Binaural beats in the highest frequency range i.e. between 14-30 Hz improve your problem-solving capability, prevent memory loss, and enhance your alertness, responses, and concentration.

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