Tricep kickback exercise is the most focused isolation exercise to work the triceps brachii muscle. Do you know that triceps are the muscles responsible for shoulder, elbow and forearm movements? Therefore, including a tricep kickback in your workout routine will enhance your strength by stabilising the shoulder joints. This makes it easy to perform day-to-day activities efficiently.

When the triceps are strong, you can excel in sports activities like volleyball, basketball, and tennis. All you need to master a tricep kickback is a pair of dumbbells, and therefore, it is popularly referred to as a dumbbell tricep kickback workout. It requires limited space with no other special equipment; it is a perfect workout at home option for people who cannot afford to hit the gym daily.

Benefits Of Tricep Kickbacks

The few advantages of performing dumbbell kickback triceps are:

  • It is highly versatile as you can adjust it to your current fitness level. This exercise has various modifications that use resistance bands, barbells, and cable machines.
  • DB kickbacks build functional strength by improving the flexibility and stability of your arms and shoulders.
  • Tricep kickback workout is the best warm-up exercise for other advanced tricep exercises. For example, you can perform this and then move to a diamond push-up which will be effortless to accomplish.
  • It increases the upper body movement and range, thereby helping you perform your lifting, swimming, boxing, rowing, and other pushing activities efficiently.
  • A dumbbell kickback exercise tones the arms and sculpts them beautifully. It targets the triceps brachii muscle and works the medial, long and lateral heads; therefore, it is comparatively the best isolation exercise.
  • As you age, you need more upper body strength, so you have to build muscle strength right from your younger age. It will eventually support your bone health and prevent problems like osteoporosis in later life.
  • A tricep kickback exercise will help manage health problems like arthritis and reduce the pain and its symptoms.

Ways To Perform Tricep Kickbacks

Start a tricep kickback alternative workout with a 5 to 10 minutes warm-up session so that all your muscles are well relaxed to increase the heart rate. Warm-ups can include jumping jacks, brisk walking and various stretching. Then start to work the muscles safely at a slow pace by engaging the triceps. You can increase the intensity as you advance in your fitness and try staying in the topmost position for two seconds or longer. This exercise is most commonly done with a pair of dumbbells.

DB Tricep Kickbacks

The first step in a tricep kickback alternative is choosing an ideal weight that will be challenging and allow you to complete the entire set in a proper form. If you intend to perform without any strain, opt for 5 to 10 pounds dumbbells and gradually increase the weight. You can create a variation in this dumbbell kickback triceps exercise by just using one arm at a time or doing it in either kneeling or standing posture.


  1. With dumbbells on both hands, have your palms facing each other and initiate the dumbbell kickback exercise with tremendous energy.
  2. Bend your knees slightly and engage the core throughout the entire exercise. This exercise is also known as the standing tricep kickbacks, as you will be taking an upright posture here.
  3. Take care to maintain your spine straight with a slight hinge to the front along your waist.
  4. Your torso must be parallel to the floor and, with the upper arms close to the body, start straightening the elbows.
  5. Exhale and engage the tricep muscles here as you move your forearms.
  6. Pause at the topmost position and then inhale as you return to the starting position.
  7. Try doing the dumbbell tricep kickback for 2 to 3 sets with 10 to 15 reps.

Cable Tricep Kickbacks

Here a pulley cable machine creates a controlled and steady movement to gain better efficiency than the standing tricep kickbacks. A single grip handle is widely preferred as it shows better results.


  1. Stand doing the cable tricep kickbacks by facing the machine.
  2. Your posture must be slightly bent forward along the waist, and the torse must be parallel to the ground. These are mandatory for every tricep kickback workout.
  3. Then by engaging your core, take care to have the spine, neck and head in line with each other. Place one hand on the handle and the other one on the thigh.
  4. Gently exhale and engage the triceps as you extend your arm as far as possible.
  5. Keeping the arms by the side, pause for a few seconds, return to the starting position with a deep inhalation.
  6. Attempt to practice this exercise for 2 to 3 sets with 10 to 15 reps.

What Are The Precautionary Measures To Take With Tricep Kickbacks?

It is essential to follow specific guidelines to prevent injury during a cable or dumbbell kickback exercise. They are:

  • Start every session with a warm-up and finish it with a cold down routine for at least 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Practice a good inhalation and exhalation technique throughout the entire workout session.
  • If you are a beginner, always perform the DB triceps kickbacks under the guidance of a trainer.
  • Make use of the lowest weight while you are still learning to perform it in a proper form.
  • If you have any shoulder, back or neck injury, do not attempt to exercise.
  • Take care to create controlled, flawlessly smooth and steady movements. It is strictly advised to refrain from any aggressive or jerky moves.
  • During the workout, if you develop any discomfort or pain, immediately stop and give time for the body to self-heal and recover. A reasonable recovery period will be somewhere between 5 to 7 days.

Add DB kickbacks in your regular physical activity with other cardio and strength exercises to gain a good body balance and flexibility. Have fun developing your upper body strength with our ultimate guide to tricep kickback exercises and make it more enjoyable with different alternatives. You will see visible results in two months if you are consistent with a supportive diet plan. Make it a point to aspire and dream big! Start today and thank us later!

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