Meditation is a massage for the mind to train attention and awareness by focusing the mind on a particular thought, activity, or object. Transcendental meditation or TM meditation is a form of meditation wherein a mantra is silently repeated for fifteen to twenty minutes in a day by having the eyes closed. This trans meditation is a widely practised meditation technique for achieving a higher degree of peace and calm in life in a holistic manner. The other sub benefits of transcendental meditation are to seek relief from anxiety and to slow down the quick thoughts of the mind.The late Maharishi Mahesh Yogi found transcendental meditation, and so it is also known as the Maharishi transcendental meditation. Transcendental meditation techniques are to avoid all the distracting thoughts and promote a relaxed state of mind.

Maharishi Effect

According to scientific research in the year 1976, it was found that 1% of the population practised transcendental meditation. This led to a decrease in the crime rate by 16% on average. This phenomenon was coined as the Maharishi Effect. In short, it can be best defined as: "Maharishi effect is the influence of coherence and positivity in all social and natural environments by the practice of transcendental meditation."

How to do Transcendental Meditation?

The stepwise guide on how to perform a transcendental meditation is stated below. The transcendental meditation techniques are easy to follow, but one will master them only on regular practice:

1. Prep yourself for twenty minutes.
2. Choose and sit in a comfortable chair.
3. Close the eyes and take deep breaths five times. This helps to relax the body.
4. Start chanting the mantra.
5. Thoughts arise if we get distracted, and one should stay away from distracting by stopping the unnecessary flow of ideas.
6. Return to the mantra.
7. Focus meditation by concentrating on the mantra only.
8. Keep chanting the mantra for twenty minutes.
9. Then slowly release yourself from the position by moving the tip of the fingers and toes gently.
10. Open your eyes.
11. Stay in the position until you are comfortable.
12. Then continue with your day.

What are Transcendental Mantras?

Mantras for meditation are generally words or phrases that encourage one to stay focused. There is no definite transcendental meditation mantra, and any mantra will provide significant benefits on chanting. They are:

  • They will calm the mind.
  • Mantras will soothe the internal mentalconflicts.
  • They will facilitate self-control values in aperson.
  • Mantras increase will power in an individual.
  • They will help a person to achieve goals byproviding them with more strength.
  • Mantras will unlock all positive feelings. A fewof them are empathy, generosity, and patience.
  • They will help in reducing the tension levels.
  • Mantras help to combat anxiety and stress.
  • They will act as a subliminal message and enterthe mind's most profound areas to create a positive state of consciousness.

What are the Uses of Transcendental Meditation?

The practice of regular transcendental meditation or TM meditation helps an individual in various ways. They are:

  • It helps to improve sleeping patterns and combats insomnia and depression.
  • Transcendental meditation improves pain management, and therefore it is recommended for people with health issues.
  • It increases self-esteem, and hence it develops the personality of a person in a positive way.
  • Transcendental meditation increases concentration, and therefore, all the children are encouraged to perform it. ¬†¬†¬†
  • It turns down the levels of stress.
  • Transcendental meditation improves eating habits and helps a person transform to a healthy lifestyle.

What are the Health Benefits of Transcendental Meditation?

The various health benefits that are associated with transcendental meditation are:

1. It decreases menopausal symptoms in women above the age of 50.
2. Transcendental meditation helps to cure irritable bowel syndrome.
3. It improves the nervous system of the body.
4. Transcendental meditation creates a positive impact on the immune system.
5. It decreases blood pressure in the human system.
6. Transcendental meditation is seen to control cholesterol levels in the body.
7. It is a cure for autism spectrum disorders, which is becoming a prevalent problem amongst most newborns.
8. Transcendental meditation treats Alzheimer's disease.
9. It cures attention deficit problems in kids.

Disadvantages of Transcendental Meditation

The main disadvantage of transcendental meditation is that it tends to put a person to sleep. The twenty-minute session sometimes turns into sleep meditation as most people will not be able to stay focused for such a long time. Yoga Nidra is where one meditates through half-sleep. Therefore, most of the time, a TM meditation transforms into a yoga Nidra before a person has completely mastered it. The other cons of transcendental meditation are:

  • It requires a complete allotment of space andproper setup to practice it.
  • One cannot perform transcendental meditation inany place, and therefore, unlike walking meditation, it is place dependent.
  • It takes most of our time.
  • Transcendental meditation creates the unpleasantenvironment of re-living all the traumatic memories.
  • It might promote negative thinking due todistractions in the middle of the session.
  • In rare circumstances, it tends to change thesensory perception of a person.
  • Transcendental meditation may lead to experiencingphysical side effects like headaches and dizziness.

Final Words According to specific research, TM meditation's practice turns on the whole brain unit holistically and is a common practice among people who excel in business, art, and sports. Contrary to the name, a transcendental meditation technique is simple and easy to perform with less effort. It helps to settle the mind, and great sages state that this particular meditation practice twice a day provides the best results.Finally, transcendental meditation is different from the other meditation practices as it has personalized instruction that has to be taught one-on-one, and it is not a technique that fits all in the same manner. Moreover, it requires no concentrating and no controlling of one's mind. It is guaranteed and highly effective according to hundreds of published research articles and certifications. This meditation is reported to be avoided by people with psychiatric conditions as it will worsen the symptoms. Therefore, patients with mental health issues are requested to consult their physician before starting TM.

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