How you hold your body in a conversation can tell a lot more than just words. Imagine delivering a thunderous motivation speech stumped over a microphone? You get the picture. Slumping, slouching, hunching over and other poor body positioning and alignment can also cause a range of health problems like constipation, heartburn, poor balance, back and neck pain, and more. If you are wondering how to improve your posture correctly, scroll down to know everything about postures:

A Good Posture

Posture is the positioning of a persons body when sitting, lying down, or performing a job. A good posture is one that puts the least amount of stress on the musculoskeletal system. The key to a good posture is the position of the S-curved spine being in a neutral state. To improve posture, one must maintain the three natural curves on the spine including neck, mid-back, and lower back. This not only ensures a healthy spine but allows the rest of your body to function optimally.

Who can Benefit best from a Good Posture?

Everyone, the first step is to be aware of your current body posture. Are you hunched forward as you are reading this? Perhaps even sunk in deep into your couch with low or no back support? We often get so busy with the task in hand that we stoop right in forgetting our body alignment. There are many benefits of claiming a better posture:

  • Less back pain: Maintaining the natural spine curve reduces stress on disks and vertebra in the spine.
  • Less fatigue: Conserve more energy when using muscles efficiently.
  • Optimal circulation: Encourage easy blood flow through blood vessels and vital organs standing or sitting tall.
  • Effective breathing: Allow your lungs to expand fully when you take a deep breath in with a better posture.
  • Reduced headaches: Research shows a poor posture of head dropping and shoulders drooping can increase the chances of headaches. Reduce this through a mindful posture
  • Increases confidence levels: Take a step to improve posture during a task and notice how a shift in mood and overall health can occur.
  • Look younger: Standing in poor posture affects our connective tissues, especially at joints, making you feel aches as you age. Being alert to improve posture and standing tall not only keeps you flexible but can possibly make you look younger!

With all these benefits and more, its worth learning the skill of how to improve body posture properly.

Tips to Improve Body Posture

There are many ways to overcome the habit of a bad posture, check out some tips on how to improve posture the right way:

1. Exercise

Doing a combination of different exercise routines can not only strengthen the overall body but is perfect to improve posture. If you are wondering how to improve posture, well simple exercises like walking, running, core strengthening and aerobic exercises are great ways to maintain alignment when on the move. The most helpful of all, however, are the ones that correct lower back posture, the back, buttocks, and abdomen. Plan a daily exercise routine that targets each area.

2. Ergonomic seating

Want instant results when trying to improve your posture while seated? Follow these:

  • Sit upright with shoulders open and relaxed
  • Avoid crossing legs when sitting
  • Choose a chair height that allows your feet to rest on the floor comfortably
  • Ensure knee levels are slightly higher than hip level.
  • Support the spine with optimal back support
  • Keep ears aligned with shoulders
  • Prevent neck from excessively bending forward or backward
  • Use footrests to create overall balance and alleviate pains

3. Yoga

If you thought yoga was just for meditation or weight loss, think again. When practiced regularly, yoga is known to improve body posture gradually. This age-old practice has a series of poses like the tiger pose, cat-cow pose, cow face, and more that can reverse bad posture over time. It brings overall awareness to the body helping you notice when you are slouching. Furthermore, practice yoga for flexibility and be assured a mobile, active life ahead.

4. Limit wearing heels

We all love a pair of heels to boost confidence levels. However, save these for a special night out as opposed to wearing them every day to work. Wearing stilettos thrust the base of your spine forward adding stress over your back. Instead, improve your posture by wearing chunky or lower heels as daily wear.

5. Beware of dropping necks

In the age of digital messaging, its so easy to immerse yourself head down into a smartphone. Instead, hold your phone up to eye level, reducing the strain on the neck. In addition, take frequent breaks to stretch and release any tensions in the neck and back. A good posture isn't something that needs attention once in a while. It includes the times you drive to work, do a task, sleep or even relax watching TV, its ongoing. The secret is to stay active, be alert, and most important to remember, old habits die hard. Create new ones that improve body posture, your body will thank you.

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July 21, 2022

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