Running is much more difficult than it appears. Professional and amateur runners know you can reach a certain peak of efficiency easily but things get a lot harder after that. That is exactly why it is important to get into the finer details and know how to get better at running.
Getting better at running becomes easy when you learn certain tips for runners. These tips offer small changes but when these positive changes accumulate, they produce a lot better result. 
If you are a budding runner, running tips for beginners might also help you. Incorporate these tips into your routine and your fellow runners will soon start asking about your secret behind success. Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at these tips for new runners.

13 Tips For Runners

We have curated the 13 best tips to run faster. It is not necessary to incorporate all these tips into your routine at once. Start gradually and within months you will be able to get benefits of all of the following tips for new runners:

Rest Your Body With Walks

The best running tips are also the simplest ones. For example, one of the most effective running tips for beginners is that you should take time to walk during long runs. It might sound a little counterintuitive but it actually helps in resetting your body for the next session of a run. 

Trick Yourself For Consistency

If you are asking how to get better at running as an absolute beginner, consistency is the answer for you. And one way to be consistent is by tricking your mind. Put all your running gear in a frequently visited area of your home so that it stays on the top of your mind. 

Add Strength Training In Your Workout

This is probably one of the best tips to run faster. While other exercises might help you in building stamina, strength training will build your leg muscles and help you run faster. If you are interested in knowing nutrition tips for runners, you can modify this tip accordingly. What we mean is that you can have a proteinous diet that will help you build muscles. 

Pick The Right Shoes

Don’t worry, not all tips are about workout at home or gym. Some include equipment too. You might not guess it but picking the right shoes is actually one of the best running technique for beginners. But a pair of properly fitting shoes will help you not just in the stride but also in recovery. 

Change Your Route Frequently

The best running tips are those that help you run both in physical and mental terms. Changing your route frequently is actually one of those tips for runners that help you prepare mentally for a running session. If you choose the same route every day, you will get bored after a few days. As we have already mentioned, being consistent is the best way to become a better runner. 

Do Negative Splits

Yes, you might be reading all the exercises and nutrition tips for runners to pace up but that should not come at the expense of your body comfort. If you feel any day that you can't conquer your first mile at a fast pace and then complete your run within the ideal time, you can do a negative split. Give yourself a little relief and run 20 to 30 seconds slower than your regular mile time. 

Go With Medium Intensity Runs

If you are finding tips for overweight runners, here is a great one for you: always go with medium-intensity runs. The biggest concern of overweight people is that they might put a strain on their joints, muscles, or tendons. However, this concern gets solved automatically when you go for medium-intensity runs. 

Avoid The Naysayers

This is another one from our list of best tips for overweight runners: always ignore the naysayers. They might say that you can't sustain it or you should try other forms of exercise. If you like to run, you should go for a run. After all, no one can actually say that running is not a weight loss exercise.

Maintain Your Diet

One of the best running tips for weight loss is to not increase your carb intake just because you have started burning calories. If you start taking extra carbs for energy, what will be the benefit of losing all the extra pounds, then?

Measure Your Burn

Now, it is time for some hydration tips for runners. Always measure your weight before and after a long run. Many veteran runners advise that you should drink 20 to 24 ounces of water for every pound lost in running. 

Drink Before, During, And After A Run

Some people believe that you shouldn’t drink water before a run, others believe that you should drink water after a run. However, if you ask a professional for some hydration tips for runners, they will tell you that you should drink water all three times: before, during, and after a run. 

Increase Your Intensity

From hydration tips, it is time to return back to some running tips for weight loss. Although almost all tips for runners tell that you should start slow, the key to losing weight lies in high intensity. So, the next time you see ‘run slowly’ in the list of best running technique for beginners, don’t think that you have to follow it blindly. You can also choose to run fast if you want to lose weight. 

Rest Is important

Most tips for runners talk about how you should push yourself to increase efficiency but you should also remember that without proper rest, your body will not be ready for the next run. So, take at least one day’s rest in a week if you want to become a better runner. 
Read all the tips for runners? Now, it’s time to tie your shoelaces and go for a run. 

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