Yoga is one of the most impactful and complete exercises that sync mind, body, and soul. Regular yoga also helps a person relax, feel rejuvenated, and get a sense of well-being. The stress levels reduce significantly. The person practising yoga feels physically and mentally stress-free. He feels lighter in the body and enjoys the sense of peace that washes over him. Yoga is also very good for toning and strengthening various body parts. If your butt is the problem area, you can engage in yoga for butt exercises and get toned muscles in this area. Enjoy equilibrium and harmony with regular practising of yoga. Here we bring you some of the best yoga to reduce butt.

Yoga for butt-Some Important Asanas

If you wish to get the perfect yoga butt, there are a few yoga for butt asanas to help you achieve this goal. Regular yoga for bum asanas will give you well-toned, tight, and proportioned butts. 

1. Salabhasana

It is a very popular asana or booty yoga asana that will give you perfect, well-toned butts. Lie on your stomach and lift your legs to the thigs level. Keep your arms back and lift them up. You will be balancing on your stomach. It will not only strengthen your core muscles but also tightens your butt muscles. Hold the position for some time and gradually increase the time. Add this yoga for hip in your daily workout regimen and see the results in some time. This yoga for butt asana has many other benefits.

  • This yoga for hip invigorates your body.
  • It brings a marked improvement in blood circulation.
  • It gives you a healthy spine.
  • This yoga to reduce hip fat gives you well-proportioned butts.
  • It gives excellent toning to your legs, calf muscles, thighs, and hips.
  • The yoga for hip helps you regulate your metabolism and digestive system functioning well.

2. Purvottanasana  

This yoga pose is also known as the upward plank pose. It is another asana of yoga for hip toning and strengthening. In this asana, lie on your back with your palms facing inwards by your shoulder. Now lift your body such that you are on your palms facing upward and heels of your feet. This booty yoga must be done on an empty stomach. This asana of yoga to reduce buttocks is quite effective. The amazing benefits of this yoga for bigger butt includes-

  • It gives an excellent stretch to the whole body and spine,
  • Staying in this position for some time also builds your stamina.
  • This yoga to reduce hip fat also tightens your core muscles.
  • It gives a good stretch to the legs.

3. Anjaneyasana

This yoga for glutes and hips asana is also known as the crescent pose. This stance shows Lord Hanumana, and the pose looks like the crescent moon. This yoga for butt move should also be practiced on an empty stomach. It is a perfect strength and conditioning asana. In this asana, one of your legs is placed in front of you at a 90-degree angle, and the other leg is spread behind you. Only the knee and the toes of your other leg are touching the floor. Now, bend backward with your arms straight above. The benefits of this asana are-

  • This yoga to reduce buttocks is all about arm balances.
  • It gives a good stretch to your hip.
  • This yoga for hip stimulates your digestive system and keeps it functioning properly.
  • This yoga glute also helps in improving the concentration and focus of the practitioner.
  • Add it to your daily workout routine and get toned glute muscles.

4. Virabhadrasana 2  

It is also known as the Warrior Pose 2. It is a pose created by Lord Shiva as per mythological records. To practice this yoga for butt asana, stand straight with your feet at least a foot distance apart. Your left foot is facing the front, and the right foot is facing the right side. Now, bend the right leg and make a 90-degree angle. At this time, your left leg will stay completely straight and stretched out. Your arms will be up sideways with palms facing downward. Your arms will create a 90-degree angle with your head which should be facing right. This yoga for hip will give a good stretch to your glute muscles. Here are the other benefits of this yoga asana.

  • It stretches and strengthens your ankles and legs.
  • Your back gets strong and relieves you from continuous pain.
  • It brings a marked improvement in your stamina and endurance levels.
  • It gives poise and grace to your posture.
  • It gives energy to the tired limbs.

5. Trikonasana

Trikonasana or the triangle pose is another asana for toned yoga glutes. When performing this pose, the practitioner creates a triangle. It improves balance and increases strength. When practicing this yoga move, the practitioner keeps feet a little apart with one foot facing forward and the other foot facing sideways. Now bend down and place your palm flat on the floor. Take the other hand above your head and stretch it completely. Keep your eyes on your stretched palm. The amazing benefits of this asana are-

  • This yoga for hip asana improves your physical stability.
  • After practicing this move for some time, you will experience improved balance.
  • It also helps to keep high blood pressure in check.
  • The digestive system works effortlessly.
  • It also removes extra fat from thighs and waist giving you a trim figure.

6. Ardha Chandrasana

This asana of yoga for hip pain is quite effective. It is also known as the Half moon pose. In this pose, the practitioner one leg and one hand on the floor. The other leg is lifted above, making a straight line with the head and spine. The other arm is straight above the head. This asana must be done on an empty stomach for excellent results. Hold this position for half a minute, to begin with, and gradually increase the time. The other benefits of this asana are-

  • It makes your ankles and thighs stronger.
  • This yoga for hip gives an excellent stretch to the muscles in this area, toning them nicely.
  • It brings a marked improvement in your concentration levels.
  • You will be able to enjoy better body coordination after practicing this asana for some time.
  • Yoga for butt improves digestion and brings a lot of relief from stress.
  • This asana of yoga for hip pain has been found to bring relief to the practitioner.

The above-mentioned yoga for hip toning goals is very effective and impactful. It is important to practice these yoga moves if you wish to shed extra fat from your glutes region. Most of these asanas are done on an empty stomach. Perform this yoga for butt moves under the guidance of an expert and experienced yoga instructor. Doing it on your own with little information can result in an injury. If it is impossible to attend yoga classes, check out impressive yoga for butt videos created by experienced yoga professionals where each move is shown in detail. This way, even beginners can perform them without any harm or injury to their bodies. Add yoga to your daily life and see the difference in your physical and mental health. You will feel more energetic and stress-free. It will also become easier for you to achieve your fitness goals.

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July 26, 2022

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