Hearing a lot about the military diet but do not know what it is? Well, the military diet is a type of diet that reduces your calories intake. It is highly restrictive in nature and helps to lose weight quickly. Some dieticians and nutritionists even suggest that a correct military diet plan can reduce your weight up to 4.5 kg in a single week. 

What sets the military diet apart from other types of weight loss diet is that it includes sets where you have to restrict calorie intake for 3 days and then increase the calorie number a little and then at the last, you can have unrestricted military diet food. Notably, a military diet does not even need any type of supplement. 

What Is The Military Diet?

The Military diet is a diet plan that includes restricting your calorie intake for the first three days with the military diet food and then letting you have unrestricted food for the next four days. This is the most common type of military diet, also known as the 7 day military diet. There are other types of diet plans too such as the 5 day military diet.

You can change the number of military diet cycles and the military diet list according to your desired military diet results. For example, if you want if you haven’t reached your goal of weight loss you can repeat the cycle of a 7 day military diet up to four times and follow the military diet meal plan for one month. You can also repeat the cycle of a 5 day military diet.

Since a military diet plan includes on-and-off restrictions alternatively, some people see a military diet to lose weight as a type of well-known intermittent fasting. As you might already know, just like the military diet chart for weight loss, intermittent fasting also includes alternative periods of calorie intake and calories restriction. 

How Does It Work?

As we just mentioned, the military diet includes two phases: the restriction-on phase and the restriction-off phase. 

  1. Restriction-On Phase: In this phase of the 3 day military diet, there is no place for snacks between your three main meals of the day. For an adult person, a military diet meal plan of 1,100‚Äď1,400 calories per day is set.¬†
  1. Restriction-Off Phase: During this phase of 4 days, you eat a well-balanced balanced diet with no restriction. But you still have to adjust your military diet list and restrict this number to somewhere around 1500 calories a day. 

If you see this military diet chart for weight loss, you will notice that the number of calories does not exceed the number of 1500 calories on any day. Hence, The military diet to lose weight works on the basic principle of calorie deficit. 

Your body needs to burn a certain number of calories so that it can get energy. If the number of calories is higher than the required number, the extra calories will get stored and you will lose weight. On the other hand, if you take calories less than what is needed (as in the case of military diet calories), you will develop a calorie deficit. Your body will burn fats to get the energy and consequently, you will lose weight. 

Military Diet Chart

Here is a brief military diet chart plan:

3 Day Military Diet Plan

There are many options of foods in the military diet food list that you can include in your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here is your 3 days sample military diet menu:

Breakfast Foods

  • Peanut butter
  • Fruits such as grapefruit, apples, or bananas
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Toast or saltine crackers
  • Hard-boiled eggs¬†

Lunch Foods

  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Cottage cheese
  • Toast or saltine crackers
  • Canned tuna fish¬†

Dinner Foods

  • Various types of meat
  • Hot dogs without a bun
  • Canned tuna fish
  • Green veggies such as green beans, carrots, or broccoli
  • Fruits such as apples or bananas
  • Ice cream

If you are a beverage lover, the military diet food list has herbal teas, caffeinated coffee, and tea for you. Sweeteners and creamers are strictly restricted in the military diet for weight loss since they contain a high number of calories. 

Restriction-off Phase Diet Plan

There is no need for a restricted military diet plan in this phase. You can have anything that you want in all three major meals of the day. In fact, you can even take snacks between the three meals (with small portion sizes). But to ensure consistent military diet results, the number of calories intake should not exceed the limit of 1500 calories a day (this is the upper limit of military diet calories) to ensure the working of military diet plan for weight loss.

Is Military Diet Right For You?

A calorie deficit is the principle lying under the efficiency of the military diet. You take calories lesser than the required number and your body will start burning fats. This way, the repeated cycles of the military diet will aid you to lose weight.\

However, this is a very simple way to define how our human bodies work. In reality, we also need nutrients for various purposes. If your diet does not contain those nutrients, you will develop deficiencies. 

Here is a list of conditions in which your body needs special nutrients if:

  • You are recovering from an injury for a medical condition
  • You are a professional athlete
  • You are on medication
  • Your trainer has set pre workout meal and post workout meal for you
  • Your professional includes intense manual work
  • You have developed a deficiency of any particular nutrient
  • If you are pregnant

As we saw, there are a number of conditions in which the military diet plan is not the best way for you to lose weight. In these conditions, you should consult a dietician or a nutritionist before you start the military diet for weight loss. 


A military diet simply restricts your calorie intake with its unique military diet menu. The calorie deficit created by the diet helps you burn fat and lose weight in a week. If this diet seems suitable to you, you can refer to our military diet plan for weight loss.

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December 31, 2021
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