Swiss balls are not as famous as other gym props like ab rollers or skipping ropes, but they offer an equal number of benefits. In fact, one can argue that that swiss ball is more versatile and useful than most other gym equipment. For example, you can do swiss ball exercises for back muscles, core muscles, improving balance, and much more. 

Learning and practising swiss ball exercises can be really fun. Just a dash of creativity and the right form is needed, and even the swiss ball exercises for beginners can help you improve your health. If you are interested in doing stability ball exercises, you have reached the right place. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of doing swiss ball exercises for back, core balance, and much more. We are also going to share the step-by-step guides to help you learn various exercises with stability ball. If you want to plan the perfect swiss ball abs workout for you, read till the end. 

Swiss Ball Exercises Benefits 

Here is a list of the most important swiss ball exercises benefits: 

  • You can increase your body flexibility for intense upper and lower body workout with the help of swiss ball exercises for beginners.
  • It can help you perfect the form of the famous butt exercise called the squat. Place the stability ball between your lower back and the wall, and it will provide support to your back.¬†
  • You can do swiss ball exercises for balance and basic coordination improvement.¬†
  • You can do low-intensity swiss ball exercises for pregnancy and stretch your muscles that you otherwise can not with high-impact exercises.¬†
  • You can do swiss ball exercises for core engagement. Some swiss ball exercises provide support to your back but increase the challenge for core muscles.¬†
  • Various swiss ball shoulder exercises add instability to exercise and challenge your shoulder muscles more. In this way, instability makes your shoulder muscles strong.¬†

The Best Swiss Ball Exercises

There are different types of balance ball exercises that you can do to hit various muscle groups in your body. You can choose swiss ball exercises according to your health goals. Here is a list of the best swiss ball balance exercises:

  1. Swiss Ball Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Counted as one of the best swiss ball exercises, dumbbell shoulder press can target your chest muscles, tripes, biceps, and shoulders. Here is how you can add swiss ball dumbbell shoulder press to your workout for beginners:

  • Take the right-size swiss ball and sit on it.¬†
  • Keep your feet touching the ground and hold dumbbells in your hands.¬†
  • Keep the dumbbells near your shoulder‚Äôs edges, palms facing forward, core muscles engaged, your elbows directly in line with your chest.¬†
  • Breathe out and lift your arms above your head.¬†
  • As you raise your arms, lift the dumbbells and let them touch each other.¬†
  • Breathe in and bring your arms back to the position where you started this exercise.¬†

  1. Swiss Ball Crunches

Looking for swiss ball exercises for core? Well, swiss ball crunches might be the right exercise for you as they can target your upper abs, lower abs, middle abs with other major muscle groups. Here is how you can add these abs exercise to your swiss ball workout:

  • Take the right-size swiss ball and sit on it.¬†
  • Now, walk forward and roll down from the ball.¬†
  • Rest your back on the gym ball and place your fingertips on the side of your head so that your head and neck get supported by them.¬†
  • Keep your neck straight and push the ball with your back.¬†
  • Now, lift your upper body from the ground and do crunches.¬†
  • Get back to the position where you started this exercise and repeat it 10 times.¬†
  • To get the best out of swiss ball crunches, you should do at least 3 sets.¬†

  1. Swiss Ball Arm And Leg Lift

You can also hit your deltoids, lats, and hamstrings by doing exercises with stability ball. Swiss ball arm and leg lift are one of those swiss ball exercises for balance that strengthen your back muscles, chest muscles, and improve your balance. Here is how you do it:

  • Lie on your stomach on a swiss ball and balance your body by placing your palms on the ground.¬†
  • Keep your legs at a shoulder-wide distance to each other, flex your toes, and balance your lower body.
  • Now, raise the right arm and point it forward.¬†
  • Simultaneously, raise your left leg and point the toes outwards.¬†
  • Keep your gaze down, and hold this pose for a second.¬†
  • Get back to the position where you started the exercise and then repeat the swiss ball arm and leg lift, this time raising the opposite hand and leg.¬†

Swiss Ball Workout: Some Common Mistakes

Here is a list of some common mistakes that people do while doing stability ball exercises:

  • Never do swiss ball exercises for pregnancy without consulting your doctor first.¬†
  • Remember that swiss ball abs workout includes more complexity instead of more intensity. So, if you want to hit some particular muscle groups, you are better off doing the actual exercise instead of doing a swiss ball abs workout.
  • Take a rest after doing swiss ball balance exercises if you are feeling fatigued. Otherwise, you will end up doing more bad for your body posture than good.¬†
  • Stop the swiss ball abs workout immediately if it is causing sharp pain.¬†
  • Some people use a swiss ball as a chair instead of doing swiss ball back exercises with it. This can make your sitting posture worse.¬†
  • It is best to avoid swiss ball back exercises if you have spine injuries or spinal disease.¬†
  • If you are doing back exercises, abs exercises, and thigh exercises at home with a swiss ball, you should first read the manufacturer‚Äôs instructions.¬†¬†


Swiss ball exercises can be a really fun way to make regular exercises more challenging. You can do swiss ball shoulder exercises, core exercises, back exercises, and whatnot. Just focus on the form while balance ball exercises and you will be experiencing the results soon. 


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