You spend one-third of your life sleeping. Yes, and thats around 16 hours per day as an infant and 8 hours per day as an adult. Sounds fascinating, doesn't it?For quite a long time, scientists knew quite little about sleep. But with time, various studies have unearthed strange and mind-blowing facts about sleep. This includes the fact that chronic sleep loss can increase your chances of a heart attack. Millions of people deal with sleep disorders and it is now taking a toll on mental health. But like every problem, sleep troubles too have various solutions with sleep meditation being a great savior among them. And before you think about how to do sleep meditation, here are some amazing meditation techniques to fall asleep deeply. Take a note!

Yoga Nidra: A Powerful Practice

The Sanskrit word Nidra means sleep and yoga nidra is an ancient meditation technique that can help you get amazing sleep. The sleep meditation yoga takes you to a state where you lie between sleep and waking consciousness. It relaxes your body, releases mental stress, and makes you more aware of your body and emotions. For effective yoga nidra, you need to focus on the verbal instructions of the instructor. For instance, you can exercise Yoga nidra by Shobhit Raj where you can have a 45-minutes long session on deep relaxation. These yoga nidra exercises can help in attaining a deeper sleep with a calm and relaxed mind.

Guided Meditation

Just like yoga nidra, guided meditation also involves a guiding voice that can offer prompts for the meditation. At times, it is just a soothing voice that is exactly what you need to fall asleep quickly. So just play the guided meditation on your phone or any other device. There are plenty of audios available at Cure.Fit, especially planned to give you the best experience. From inviting you to a beautiful sandy beach or making you aware of your bodily sensations, guided meditation sessions can be different in their approach. You can select the one as per your desires and start the meditation session.

The Mindful Body Scanning

Another way of getting a good nights sleep is to try a guided body scan meditation. This method helps in preparing your body for a night of deep sleep. You may even find yourself drifting to sleep while performing this meditation. During the meditation, you will have to lie down comfortably on the bed. Then, you will have to take deep and slow breaths. The instructor will then take your attention to different parts of the body such as the neck, shoulders, chest, back, and so on, and help you feel the bodys sensations. The scanning will allow you to be aware of any sensations like vibrations, tingling, coolness, heat, pressure, and heaviness. You will have to let go of all the stress and tension. In case you cannot fall asleep even after the meditation is done, you can listen to sleep stories by Dr. Shyam Bhat to fall asleep quickly.

Play The Picture of Your Day

Remembering everything that happened during your day in detail is like a warm-up before you start the meditation to fall asleep. Begin from getting up in the morning and recall the smallest of moments such as showering, eating your breakfast, the way to work, and everything. Dont just think about the moments but also the conversations you had with people and how did they make you feel. This is a great way to power down before you meditate to sleep. As per your needs, you can also play the pictures of your day backward. You can start by observing what you are feeling at the present moment and then trace back your day from end to beginning. Then visualize yourself falling asleep to rejuvenate your body for the next day.

Gratitude Meditation For Happy Sleep

Expressing gratitude is a practice followed in various religions and cultures. This sleep meditation is known to help decrease depression and improves your perspective towards life. Gratitude meditation is also effective in boosting deep sleep.You can begin with some deep breaths and think about the things that you feel grateful for. They can be anything from people to feelings and places to animals. Even a small cup of hot tea can be your moment of gratitude. The thing you feel grateful for can even be a bad experience that turned out to be a great opportunity to learn something new. Just feel the thankfulness in your heart and focus on things that spark gratitude. Some people also keep a gratitude journal to note down things they feel grateful for. Gratitude is linked to happiness and this meditation can make your dreams sweeter at night.

Other Ways To Improve Sleep Quality

No doubt that meditation is a fantastic way to get good sleep but there are some other factors that are essential for sleeping well on a regular basis. Some of them include:

1. Stick to Routine:

Prepare a sleep schedule and try to follow it regularly. Go to bed and wake up around the same time. This consistency can help your body realize when its time to relax and when to work.

2. Hygienic Environment:

A comfortable and hygienic bedroom is another key to a happy sleep. As per research, cooler temperature supports better sleep. Also, a quiet bedroom can maximize your sleep quality.

3. Physical Activity:

Dont just meditate but also involve in regular exercise. It can be any physical activity like running, walking, yoga, or dancing.

4. Healthy Diet:

Follow a nutritious and balanced diet to get better sleep. Avoid the consumption of caffeine too much. Moreover, drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water to stay hydrated every day.

5. Before Bed Preparation:

The best preparation is to keep technology away at least an hour before sleep. The blue light from devices like cell phones and computer affect your sleep a lot. Other than that, wear comfortable clothing and prepare the bed. You can also write a journal or read a book to bring your mind back to the present.

The Bottom Line

Healthy sleep is not just about the number of hours you sleep. It is about how relaxed your mind and body are during that time. This is the reason why many of us often feel stressed even after having a long sleep. Sleep meditation takes away stress and induces deep sleep. Here at Cure.Fit, we have curated a number of powerful sessions and stories for quality sleep. Whether you want meditation for Yoga Nidra or even guided meditation, you can choose any session as per your choice. Our audio-led sessions can have a profound effect on your body and mind while reducing stress magically. Not just this, we also offer sleep stories for kids by Prasiddha Ramarao to help little ones fall into a happy sleep in no time. To know more, you can visit our app or website.

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