Are you bored of doing the same cardio exercises and want something fun in your fitness routine? Try the skaters exercise. It is a good cardiovascular exercise that boosts balance and stability, strengthens the legs, and increases the heart rate. However, to get all the benefits of the skaters exercise it is important to do it properly. This article will guide you through what is skaters exercise, the correct form, and its benefits.  

What are skaters exercise?

Skaters exercise is an aerobic exercise where you do lateral jumps to increase your heart rate. It is a great home workout as there is no need for any equipment to perform this. It is called by various names like the ice skaters workout, speed skaters exercise, etc. The skaters workout is a functional 2-in-1 exercise with a focus on strengthening and getting the heart rate up. The primary muscles it targets are the quads and the glutes. It also benefits the inner and outer thighs making it a great lower body toning exercise. It not only tones the body it also ups the metabolism and burns the excess calories. The to and fro movement in this exercise is sure to make you feel the burn!

How to do the skaters exercise?

The skaters exercise move can be quite challenging for beginners and start with a step touch.

Step touch

  • Before starting this exercise, ensure enough space to take side steps. Stand with your feet together and hands on the hips.
  • With your right foot, take a side step, lift the left foot, get together with the right, and tap down on the floor. Now sidestep to the left and use the right foot to tap.
  • Repeat these skaters exercise moves and do the same number of repetitions on either side.

Skater hops exercise

After mastering the step touch, you can now try the skater hops exercise.

  • Crouch on your left leg, take your right leg behind you and lift it. Then, reach down and touch the left foot using your right hand.
  • Move sideways and land on the left foot. Take the right arm back to the side and reach down to touch your right foot with your left arm; pause and jump to the left foot and get back to the start.
  • When jumping sideways, ensure that you lean at 45 degrees to your upper body. The speed skaters workout action should be similar to that of a speed skater moving from side to side.

Speed Skaters Exercise

These are called skater jumps exercises and are plyometric exercises that increase the lower body’s power and strength.

  • Stand with feet placed hip-width apart. Get into a ¼ squat position with the hips and knees slightly bent. Raise your left leg off the floor by placing your weight on the right foot.
  • Push your right foot so that you are bound laterally to the left. Land on your left leg softly and now mimic the action of a speed skater by moving your right arm in front of the body and the right leg behind you.
  • Hold for a second to get stability and jump by taking the left leg off the ground when you land. Then, repeat the skater jumps exercise for the required number of times.

Skaters exercise benefits

When you think of a skaters workout, it sounds fun, but it has many health benefits. Some of them are:

  • Less harsh on the joints: Skater squats exercise when done properly reduces the chances of damaging the joints. Since it has less impact, it is an enjoyable experience like dancing. Additionally, it provides the same health benefits as jogging but with less impact on joints.
  • Helps weight loss: If you are looking for an activity to stay in shape, then ice skaters exercise is great. It helps to burn calories and fat much more quickly than other activities.  
  • Boosts your mood: Add some music, sunlight and do it in groups and you end up in a good mood as the speed skaters workout is all about having fun.
  • Tones your legs and arms: Not only is the ice skaters exercise a fat burner, but it also tones the arms and legs. It works on the glutes and legs while the core and the arms also get a workout. It also builds muscle strength, especially in the lower body.
  • Boosts balance and coordination: Include skater squats exercise in your workout and boost the strength of your core and lower back muscles. Due to muscle strength, there is better coordination and balance in the body.
  • Good for the heart: The ice skaters workout is an effective aerobic exercise that increases the heart rate. A moderate exercise can help the heart rate reach 140 to 160 per minute. When done at high speeds, it can increase to 180 per minute.

Proper technique for skaters exercise

Maintaining form is important whether doing the basic version or the speed skaters exercise in high intensity. Some of the things to keep in mind are:

  • Place the weight on the midfoot and not on the heels or sides of the foot when ice skaters workouts.
  • Keep the ankles, knees, and hips aligned.
  • Keep the spine neutral and not rounded to prevent back injuries.
  • Always do soft landing and on a balanced foot.
  • Do not compromise form for speed.

Alternative to skaters exercise

Creating a workout routine that you like and enjoy by trial and error. Some people simply do not enjoy certain exercises or find them too challenging. However, there is no need to struggle and do them just because they are part of the routine. The good news is that alternative moves target the same muscles. So if you do not enjoy skaters, then there are alternatives to skaters exercise. Some of the bodyweight exercises are:

To get the desired results and the skaters exercise benefits, work on building body strength and incorporate rest and nutrition into your workout program. Also, do not forget to do a proper warm-up and cool down to prevent injuries.

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