1.   Mushroom galouti

Mushroom galouti, one of the most healthy mushroom recipes, is a variant of the galouti kabab invented for the aging Nawab of Lucknow who could eat only soft food. This delightful vegetarian version, moist and delicious with all the richness and taste of the regular galouti, has the smokiness incorporated to bring in a rustic flavor.

  1. Cheese mushroom omelet

Omelets are a part of Indian cuisine available as street food or as breakfast dishes in hotels and restaurants. This healthy mushroom recipe for an omelette is the perfect start to an energizing day. It's packed with protein and the antioxidants from green, red, yellow bell peppers. A Breakfast mushroom recipe omelet served with a cheese filling alongside herb-roasted potato wedges, 3 bean stew, and toasted baguette slices is an ideal start to the day.

  1. Mushroom garlic toast

Mushroom garlic toast can be part of breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack. Here is one of the quick mushroom recipes made within 20 minutes that is tasty, filling, and loved by all and can be served with any meal or by itself. Sliced into small triangles, they are excellent as finger food.

  1. Mushroom fried rice

Indo Chinese Mushroom fried rice is loved by both young and old. Easy to prepare and with a caloric count of 165, this healthy mushroom recipe has the goodness of bell peppers, shiitake mushrooms, button mushrooms, and spring onions. This simple mushroom recipe goes with side dishes like veg or Gobi Manchurian and chili paneer or had on its own


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