What are side belly fat exercises?

Love handles, spare tires, and side handles, or whatever you may call side belly fat-  and it is prominent around your lower abdomen and hip area. While these fat deposits aren’t dangerous, they indicate obesity, which is the underlying cause of several serious health problems. 

So, what’s the best way to get rid of side belly fat? While eating healthy does make you lose this weight, it needs to be complemented with increased activity levels to make this fat loss faster and permanent. 

This is where side fat exercises come in. Though with these side fat burn exercises, you cannot spot target this weight, you can improve the tone and strength of the muscles in these areas. 

Which are some of the best exercises for side belly fat?

When it comes to losing side belly fat, there is not one side fat exercise that will benefit you. You need to do different side fat burn exercises to target these muscles in different ways. 

We have compiled a list of some of the best exercises to lose side belly fat for you to include in your workout routine:

1. Planks: 

Planks are considered to be one of the best exercises to lose side belly fat since they engage your entire body. This helps in developing your endurance burn more calories faster. Here is how you can do this exercise:

  1. To begin this exercise to reduce side belly fat, lie on the ground on your belly. Your palms must be positioned under your shoulders.
  2. Your feet must be flexed with the bottom of your toes on the floor.
  3. Exhale deeply and press through your palms and lift yourself slowly.
  4. Get into a push-up position as your body makes a straight line from top to bottom.
  5. Draw your navel towards your spine. 
  6. Squeeze your glutes and look at the floor directly while keeping your neck in a stable and neutral position. 
  7. Keep breathing normally and hold the position for at least 10 seconds. 
  8. Lower yourself back to the starting position and repeat this side fat burn exercise. 

2. Bicycle crunches: 

This is a great exercise for side belly fat for males and females. It works on your rectus abdominis along with the internal and external obliques and helps in toning your belly area. Follow these steps to do this exercise to reduce side belly fat:

  1. Lie on your back while bending your knees. 
  2. Place your hands behind your head and lift it slightly.
  3. Twist your body so that your left elbow reaches your right knee. Extend your left leg simultaneously.
  4. Pull your leg back and repeat this side fat burn exercise with the other leg. 

3. Windshield wipers: 

This is an effective side belly workout for females that helps in reducing fat on the sides of your belly. It also strengthens your lower back muscles and rotates your hip flexors, making your lower-body agility better.

  1. To start this side belly workout for females, lie on your back with your knees up at 90-degrees.
  2. Your arms should be at your sides.
  3. Now, rotate both the knees to your right. Lower them till you feel a stretch on your sides. 
  4. Return to the starting position and repeat on your left side. 

4. Plank knee to elbow: 

This is one of the best side belly fat workouts for males and females to increase their metabolism and have a better posture.

  1. Start by getting into a plank position. 
  2. Bring your left knee ahead to contact your left elbow.
  3. Hold this pose for a second and return to the plank position. 
  4. Repeat on the other side.

5. Heel taps: 

This is the best exercise for side belly fat that recruits and tones almost all of your abdominal muscles on the sides of your body.

  1. Lie on your back keeping your knees up and feet flat on the ground. 
  2. Keeping your arms straight, lift your shoulders off the floor. 
  3. Bend your torso to the right to touch your left heel. 
  4. Repeat on the other side.

What are the benefits of side belly fat exercises?

Exercises to lose side belly fat do much more than improve your aesthetics. They have an immense impact on your health and fitness too. Here are some great reasons to include these side belly fat exercises in your workout routine:

  1. Layers of visceral fat are linked to an increased risk of serious health disorders such as cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases. Losing fat through side belly fat workouts reduces the risk of these conditions and helps you lead a longer and healthier life.
  1. Side belly fat exercises, by helping you lose weight, help you sleep better and prevent conditions like sleep apnea and insomnia.
  1. Side belly fat workouts strengthen your core. This improves your balance and prevents injuries. 
  1. One of the best exercises to reduce side belly fat benefits is that it regulates your hormones and prevents hormonal disorders like thyroid. 
  1.  Side belly fat workouts for males and females helps in giving you a toned and athletic appearance.
  1. Just like any other workouts, side belly workouts for females and males release endorphins or happy hormones. It also helps curtail the production of cortisol or the stress hormone. This leads to better moods and reduced stress.
  1. One of the best exercises to reduce side belly fat benefits is that it doesn’t require the use of any equipment or much space. 

How to do side belly fat exercises safely?

Here are some things to keep in mind while doing side belly fat exercises:

  • Learn the correct exercise technique from an experienced trainer. This helps prevent injuries and muscle strain. 
  • Never hyperextend yourself while doing side belly fat exercises. 
  • Follow smooth flowing motions instead of doing jerky movements. 
  • Never start doing side belly fat exercises without talking to your doctor.


Whether it is an exercise for side belly fat for males or females, it has immense benefits. The key to gaining these benefits is to be consistent with your workout and keep it varied. 

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